Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the old church yard (kirkyard) at Anwoth.

Monumental Inscriptions at Anwoth New Kirkyard

Inscription 1.01
Erected by James Hamilton in loving memory of Jane Carson his daughter (Jeannie late of Boreland) who died at Bush o’ Bield Anwoth 14th June 1902 aged 30 years. Isabella Sproat his wife who died also at Bush o’ Bield 7th Jan 1903 aged 57 years. Gavin Hamilton his son died at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 10th October 1907 aged 30 years. James Hamilton his son died at Ekalaka, Montana, U.S.A. 25th May 1909 aged 33 years. James Hamilton the erector died at Portville, Gatehouse 1st October 1914 aged 70 years. Frank Wilson youngest son of the erector who died at Limerick, Saskatchewan, Canada 31st Oct.1918 aged 33 years. George Alexander his son died in London 8th Oct.1939 aged 62 years. Margaret his daughter widow of William Milne died at Linlithgow 22nd Oct.1949 aged 66 years. Janette Hunter Walters their daughter died 19th June 1961 cremated at Worth Surrey “Blessed are the pure in heart.” Mary Agnes Kerr their daughter died 23rd July 1959 aged 78 years. Cremated at Watford.


Inscription 1.02
In loving memory of James McClellan who died 26th Sept 1906 aged 42 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Agnew Shedden who died 28th Jany 1946 aged 84 years. Also his eldest son James Shedden who died 3rd Feb. 1952 aged 62 years. Also his son Harry Allan M.M. who died 5th Jan.1966 husband of Janet Campbell who died 25th Sepr 1970.


Inscription 1.03
In loving memory of John Davidson Monro who died at High St. Gatehouse Novr 29th 1906 aged 67 years. Also Annabella, eldest daughter of the above who died at Mildmay Cottage Hospital London, April 2nd 1897 aged 25 years. “Peace perfect peace”. Also Jane Curtis widow of the above who died at High St. Gatehouse March 24th 1928 aged 85 years. Also Jane Monro their daughter and wife of Alex Montgomery who died Dec. 1st 1962 aged 84 years. Also Euphemia their daughter and wife of Arthur Barton who died Jan. 30th 1968 aged 87 years.


Inscription 1.04
Erected by Roger Walker in loving memory of his youngest son John William, born 22 January 1894, died 13 December 1900. Also his eldest daughter Hannah, born 27 September 1878, died 30 March 1907. Also his second son Roger, born 12 October 1884, died 17 October 1914. Roger Walker the erector born 10 May 1839, died 20 November 1916. Andrew Rome eldest son died 28 Aug 1948 and is interred in Barrow-in-Furness. Janet Rome widow of the erector died 17 Feb 1950. George third son died at Barrow-in-Furness 4 June 1972. Margaret Walker elder daughter died 10 February 1974 in her 94th year. Jessie Rome Walker younger daughter died 24 April 197[9] aged 86 years.


Inscription 1.05
In loving memory of Agnes Grace Little beloved wife of Alexander Muir, who died at Arkland 1st September 1907 aged 42 years. Mary Ramsay his daughter died at Davington, Eskdalemuir 19th Septr 1905 aged 17 years. Elizabeth Logg his daughter died at Arkland 18th April 1912 aged 20 years. Janet Harkness his daughter died at Arkland 22nd Jany 1917 aged 27 years. Also Alexander Muir died 26th January 1958 in his 97th year. Also Wilhelmina Little, his daughter, died 14th April 1979 aged 83 years.


Inscription 1.06
In loving memory of Isabella wife of Robert Graham who died at Hardcroft 1st Dec. 1910 aged 56 years. Also Mary daughter of the above died at Hardcroft 25th Oct. 1907 aged 21 years. Also the above Robert Graham who died at Hardcroft 19th May 1913 aged 56 years. Also of Thomas who died in infancy 1898. Also George Graham, died 22nd June 1957 aged 75 years. Also Mary Acheson wife of the above George Graham who died 13th Oct. 1968 aged 85 years.


Inscription 1.07
In loving memory of James Maltman who died at Bridge Terrace, Gatehouse on the 20th December 1907 aged 70 years. And Mary Forteath his wife who died at Bridge Terrace 11th March 1916 aged 79 years. And their daughter Agnes Johnston Campbell who died 25th January 1962 aged 87 years.


Inscription 1.08
In memory of Margaret McTaggart who died at Old Land 22 Sept. 1902 aged 79. Sarah McTaggart who died at Fleet St. Gatehouse 18 Feb. 1908 aged 88. William McTaggart who died at Fleet St. Gatehouse 12 Nov. 1909 aged 82.


Inscription 1.09
In memory of James Hyslop who died at Glen 2nd April 1909 aged 70 years. Isabella Walker his wife died at Glen 28th Jany. 1913 aged 73 years. Robert, grandson, who died in infancy.


Inscription 1.10


Inscription 1.11
In loving memory of James McCreadie beloved husband of Mary McCreadie who died at Millmark, Anwoth, Gatehouse 3rd November 1910 aged 47 years. Mrs Mary McCreadie, widow of the above James McCreadie who died at Little Boreland, Gatehouse 20th August 1932 aged 64 years. Their beloved son William J. McCreadie who died at Helensburgh 31st August 1992 aged 87 years.


Inscription 1.12
Erected by Alex Montgomery in loving memory of his wife Jane McCreadie who died at Kirkbride 4th May 1[9]21 aged 67 [years]. And the said Alex Montgomery who died at Gatehouse 29th January 1928 aged [6]5 years.


Inscription 2.01
In loving memory of Jasper A. Proudlock (Sandy) died the result of an accident 23rd August 1999 aged 57 years, dearly loved husband of Christine Stewart.


Inscription 2.02
In loving memory of Lorna Wormald 1913 – 1999 beloved wife of the late Stanley Wormald late of Ilkley.


Inscription 2.03
In loving memory of Jean Miller Picken nee Bannatyne who died 25th March 1999 aged 84 years, dearly loved mother of Anne & Marylyn and wife of the late Kerr Picken.


Inscription 2.04
In loving memory of John Andrew McInally who died 5th April 2000 aged 80 years, dearly loved husband of Irene Shaw.


Inscription 2.05
Hugh Younie Wishart born Glasgow 1921 died Gatehouse 1999 beloved father of Madge and Susan, dearly loved husband of Trudi.


Inscription 2.06
In loving memory of Neil Campbell dearly loved son of Bobby and Helen, who died 9th Dec. 1998 aged 41 years. Also the above Robert James Campbell (Bobby) who died 8th Nov. 2005 aged 78 years.


Inscription 2.07
In loving memory of Sheila N. Brown born 15th July 1930 died 4th December 1998.


Inscription 2.08
Louise Jane Wright 22.12.1904 – 01.12.1998