Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the old church yard (kirkyard) at Anwoth.

Monumental Inscriptions at Anwoth Old Kirkyard

Inscription 1
In loving memory of Jessie Loraine Hamilton, (née Veitch), who died at Edinburgh on 15th July 1982, and whose ashes were scattered here on 26th July 1982. Beloved wife of Alexander Yuill Hamilton of Edinburgh. Who died on 27th April 1999 and whose ashes were scattered here on 8th May 1999.


Inscription 2
Post 1918.

Inscription 3
In remembrance of Thomas Fell who died at Anwoth 28th September 1901 aged 86 years.


Inscription 4
Sacred to the memory of George Candy Aitken who died at Gatehouse of Fleet the 13th December 1900 aged 58 years. Also his wife Janet Corson Wield who died at Viewforth, Annan 21st January 1952 aged 85 years. Interred in Annan Cemetery. “We must th


Inscription 5
In Memory of Agnes Gordon, wife of John Carson, who died 6th Octr.1928. Also Maggie Jane his beloved daughter who who died 28th Feb.1930 aged 52 years. Also the said John Carson who died 22nd Dec.1930 aged 79 years.


Inscription 6
To the dear memory of John Gordon Jameson, advocate, Sheriff Substitute of the Lothians and Peebles at Haddington. Second son of Andrew Jameson, Lord Ardwall and Lady Ardwall. Born in Edinburgh 13 April 1878. Died in that city 26 February 1955. “"Good and faithful servant"/p>


Inscription 7
Erected by Janet Kennedy in memory of Isabella Kennedy widow of John Kennedy who died at Killygowan, Anwoth 13th October 1861.


Inscription 8
Erected by her daughter and granddaughters in loving memory of Annabella McAdam wife of James McLauchlan who died at Garden Street, Gatehouse 21 Nov 1890 aged 83 years. James McLauchlan her husband who died at Garden Street in 1874 aged 73 years. Isabella their daughter who died at Garden Street 30 August 1887 aged 50 years.


Inscription 9
Sacred to the memory of Nicholas McCoskrie the beloved wife of Wm. Carson who died at Castle-Douglas 28th Jany 1878 aged 39 years. Also Jane their daughter who died in infancy.


Inscription 10
Sacred to the memory of James Gardiner who died at the Cottage Hospital, Anwoth 5th May 1881. Also Mary Glendinning wife of the above who died at Dumfries 9th Octr 1883.


Inscription 11
Erected by a beloved wife and family. In remembrance of James Carson their father who lost his life by accident at Cally Mains 11th October 1875 aged 61 years. Also Mary Carson his daughter who died at Jennoch 15th Oct. 1853 aged 14 years and 6 months. Also Jane Carson his daughter who died at Gatehouse 1st October 1868 aged 8 years and 6 months. Also Elizabeth Paterson his wife who died at Gatehouse March 5th 1907 aged 88 years. Also Agnes their daughter who died at Gatehouse 29th July 1925 aged 80 years.


Inscription 12
Sacred to the memory of James Hamilton, Farmer Laggan who died 16th Feb 1837 aged 57 years. Ann Grierson his wife who died at Laggan 5th October 1840 aged 57 years. Jane his daughter died at Laggan 24th May 1832 aged 3 years. John Grierson his brother-in-law died at Laggan 15th October 1841 aged 54 years. Thomas Hamilton his son, Farmer Laggan who died there 20th August 1869 aged 51 years. Elizabeth Dickson wife of Thomas Hamilton who died at Penkiln 10th Jany 1908 aged 75 years. Jeanie Hamilton their daughter who died at Sheffield 24th Jany 1875 aged 17 years. James Hamilton their son who died at Penkiln 21st Jany 1932 aged 75 years. John Hamilton their youngest son died at Creetown 16th July 1943 aged 80 years.


Inscription 13
Sacred to the memory of James Hunter, Farmer, Mossyard who died 26th March 1866 aged 73 years. Also Grizel Grierson his wife who died at Mossyard 28th December 1890 aged 93 years. Thomas his son who died at Mossyard 1st November 1832 aged 5 years. David Grierson his brother¬-in-law died 14th Feb 1873 aged 85 years. Also his son John Hunter who died at Fleetbank, Gatehouse 11th May 1908 aged 79 years. James Hunter his son, Farmer in Mossyard who died 26th May 1911 aged 78 years.


Inscription 14
In memory of Jessie daughter of Anthony & Agnes McCarmick who died at Pulcree 4th of June 1869 aged 1 year & 9 months.
“To those who for her loss are grieved,
This consolations given,
Thus from a world of woe relieved,
And blooms a rose in heaven.”

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Inscription 15
In memory of William Gordon who died in Fleetside 16th July 1813 aged 81 years. Also Nicholas McWhae his spouse who died 31st Decr 1797 aged 62 years. Also Mary their daughter and wife of John Gordon who died in Gatehouse 23rd March 1825 aged 53 years. Also the said John Gordon who died in Gatehouse August 5th 1830 aged 65 years. Jennet Blyth spouse of the said John Gordon who died in Gatehouse 2 March 1832 aged 38 years.


Inscription 16
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Robertson who died 1st January 1819 aged 45 years. Andrew McCormock Robertson his son who died 12th April 1810 aged 1 year. Also Thomas Robertson his son who died April 4th 1814 aged 2 years. Henrietta Robertson his spouse who died Feb 22 1851 aged 79 years. Also his two sons, George Robertson who died in Louisville, Kentucky, A.D. 1840. William G. Robertson who died in Jamaica Dec 20th 1847.


Inscription 17
This stone was erected by Mary Petters in memory of Andrew McCormick who died in Orchard Septr 25th 1806 aged 86 years. Also his spouse Agnes Douglas who died April 8th 1802 aged 60 years. The erector died at Edinburgh the 11th December 1843 aged 58 years.


Inscription 18
Erected by Samuel Murphy late of the Inniskilling or 6th Dragoon’s in memory of Sarah McCormick his spouse who died at Lanefoot of Cardoness 25th April 1824 aged 63 years. Also Samuel their son who died in infancy.


Inscription 19
Here lyeth Archibald Faulds, Gardiner at Bardarroch from 1703 to 1719, born of creditable parents at Inverary and careful, honest and faithfull servant, very expert in his own trade knowing also in husbandry and housekeeping, some tyme abroad in Flanders and Germany during ye wars of the Glorious King William as ane affectionat husband and kynd parent. William Archibald and Nicholas his children ly also here has left three sons John, Archibald and David with Mary Campbel his spouse dyed at Woodend in August 1724 aged 50.


Inscription 20
Here lyeth Thomas Irving born of honest and religious parents in the parish of Egldphechan in Annandale, was a good christian and careful, honest & faithfull servant for 16 years both while abroad during the wars of the glorious King William and at Bardarroch until his death in October 1711 aged about 44.