Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the church yard (kirkyard) at Borgue.

Monumental Inscriptions at Borgue Kirkyard

Inscription 1
In affectionate remembrance of William Hood, farmer, late Chapelton, Borgue, and Balmae, Kirkcudbright, who died at Dumfries, 28th Dec’r 1932, aged 74 years. Also Norman Cecil, his younger son, who died at Auckland, N.Z., 26th Feb’y 1927, aged 36 years. Also Ellen Eliza Abrahall, his wife, who died at Dumfries, 9th Oct’r 1935, aged 71 years. Also William Abrahall Hood, his eldest son, who died at Birkenhead, 13th May 1956, aged 68 years.


Inscription 1a
In loving memory of Edward G (Ted) Prentice, B.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., died 22nd September 1965, aged 61 years. Beloved husband of Eliza E (Elza) Fletcher, died 10th February 1992, aged 78 years. Much loved by the children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.


Inscription 2
(Front) Sacred to the memory of James Houston, late of Blackcraig, who died 18th Oct’r 1878, aged 62 years. Also of Helen Houston his daughter, who died 12th April 1885, aged 26 years. Also of John Houston, who died at Rothesay, 1st January 1909. aged 82 years.
(Rear) Sacred to the memory of John Houston, who died at Overlaw, Rerrick, 25th August 1891, aged 40 years. Not dead, only asleep. Also Adam Gray, his son, who died at sea, 6th October 1908, aged 23 years. Jane Gray, wife of John Houston, who died at Overlaw, 7th September 1924, aged 74 years.

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Inscription 3
Erected by William Raffle, in loving remembrance of his wife Jane Domekin, who died at Kirk Andrews on the 6th July 1895, aged 64 years. Also the above William Raffle, who died at Liggates, Borgue, 12th March 1906, aged 72 years. Also George Benson, beloved husband of Jane Raffle, who died at Mile-end, 8th Oct 1936, aged 77 years. Also Jane Raffle, wife of the above G Benson, who died at Borgue, 28th Aug 1945, aged 74 years.


Inscription 4
(East) In loving memory of William Hood, Chapelton who died 19th Feb 1868 aged 49 years. His wife Margaret Mitchell Dick died 16th Oct 1907 in her 84th year. Their sons Henry Fernie died 8th Feb 1857 aged 5. James Dick died 3rd Feb 1882 aged 31. Their daughter Maggie, died 1st May 1884, aged 23. Erected by their daughter Jessie in 1910.
(South) Also Jessie Hastings Hood their daughter who died at Wellpark House, Ayr 1st March 1934 aged 69 years.


Inscription 5
In memory of William Hood, Chapelton, who died 19th Feb’y 1868, aged 49 years. Also his son James Dick Hood, who died at Fernleigh, South Norwood, London, on the 3rd Feb’y 1882, aged 31 years. Also his daughter Maggie Hood, who died at Corigal Hills, Otago, New Zealand, on the 1st May 1884, aged 23 years. Also in loving memory of Margaret Mitchell Dick, widow of William Hood, who died at Greenlaw, Ayr, on the 16th October 1907, in her 84th year. Peace perfect peace. With loved one far away in Jesus keeping we are safe and they.


Inscription 6
Erected to the memory of Barbara Jane Thomson, wife of Robert Burgess, who died at Moat Brae Nursing Home, 2nd June 1925, aged 69 years. Also the above Robert Burgess, who died at Castle Douglas, 7th Feb’y 1949, aged 93 years. Also Robert their son, who died 18th Oct’r 1890, aged 4 years.


Inscription 7
In memory of George Muir, who died at Renton, 3rd March 1900, aged 65 years. Margaret White his wife, who died at Littleton, on 29th March 1898, aged 45 years. James their son, who died at High Borgue, 18th October 1890, aged 15 years. Robert their son, who died at Castle Douglas, 19th July 1961, aged 83 years.


Inscription 8
Erected by Archibald H McNaught, Plunton Mains, in memory of his children, viz:- James, who died at Lesmahagow, 27th Oct’r 1865, aged 27 years. William, who died at Greenock, 10th May 1868, aged 31 years. Hugh, who died 28th June 1875, aged 30 years. Janet, wife of Joseph Harkness, who died at Crossleys, Hollywood, 1st June 1876, aged 35 years. Jane, wife of John Couper, who died at Coatbridge, 28th July 1880, aged 26 years. John, who died at Plunton Mains, 14th April 1885, aged 42 years. Also of Janet Craig, his wife, who died at Plunton Mains, 26th November 1892, aged 76 years. The said Archibald Hamilton McNaught, died at Plunton Mains, 17th August 1893, aged 83 years. Also Robert McNaught, his son, who died 6th January 1907, aged 58. Joseph Craig McNaught, youngest son, accidentally killed at Shannavon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 28th January 1917, aged 61 years. David Craig McNaught, died at Deanston, Coatbridge, March 1925, in his 73rd year.


Inscription 9
In loving memory of David Rogerson, who died 18th July 1912. Agnes Helen, his wife, died 19th June 1930. Mary Helen, their daughter, died in infancy.


Inscription 10
Erected by William Rae, to the memory of Agnes, his daughter, who died at Loch Roy Cottage, 4th of March 1862, aged 1 year & 9 months. Also Mary Agnes Hamilton, his grand-daughter, who died at Dalbeattie, 4th Dec 1885, aged 2 years. Also Agnes Smith his wife, who died at Bridge-end, 6th June 1891, aged 72 years. Also the above William Rae, who died at Bridge-end, 8th June 1907, aged 84 years. Also Agnes Jane Rae, wife of John Birney, who died at Kirkconnel, 20th Sept’r 1951, aged 76 years.


Inscription 11
Sacred to the memory of Mary Barr, wife of James McAllister, who died at Gled Park, 29th April 1866, aged 48 years. Also Joseph their son, who died at same place, 11th July 1871, aged 26 years. Also Mary Ann, their daughter, wife of George Brown, who died at Castle Creavie, 27th April 1887, aged 33 years. Also the said James McAllister, who died at Craigmullen, Rerrick, 26th August 1902 aged 79 years.


Inscription 12
(Centre) In memory of William Candlish, of Knockmullock, Borgue, who died on board ship ‘Wanata’, Dec 11th 1862, in 8° 30’ N. Lat, 31° 37’ W. Long, aged 26 years. Also of Alexander Candlish, who died at Knockmullock, Borgue, April 12th 1868, aged 19 years. And of Robert Candlish, their father, who died at Knockmullock, Borgue, Nov 10th 1871, aged 67 years.
(Left) Erected by Margaret Wood, in memory of Samuel Brown Candlish, Sheffield, her beloved husband, who died April 2nd 1870, aged 32. And of Robert and Elizabeth Brown their children. “These have gone to be with Christ which is for better”. Hugh Wood Candlish, his son, born 19th June 1867, died 28th April 1891. Margaret Wood Candlish, wife of the above Samuel Brown Candlish, born 28th May 1838, died 22nd January 1898.
( Right) In memory of Mary Candlish, who died at Kirkcudbright, 4th February 1870, aged 63 years.

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Inscription 13
In affectionate remembrance of Margaret Dickson, aged six and a half years, who died at Barharrow, on 12th Dec 1869. Charlotte Agnes McMillan, the beloved wife of Charles Dickson, died at Barharrow, 19th May 1878, aged 54 years. Also of the said Charles Dickson, who died at Barharrow, 6th June 1885, aged 68 years. And of their grand-children, Mary Gardiner, who died at Dalbeattie, on 3rd Dec 1893, aged 5 years and 8 months, and of Sarah Jane, who died at same place, on 5th Dec 1893, aged 4 years and 3 months, daughters of Charles Dickson.


Inscription 14
(Fallen on face and not read. Transcript from MSC survey, for information)
Sacred in affectionate remembrance of Sibella Grainger Johnstone, wife of James Walker, who departed this life, September 6th 1870, in her 62 year. Also the above James Walker, who died at Maxwelltown, 11th Oct 1876, aged 72 years. At Leyton, Essex, on December 1902, Christopher Walker, eldest son of the above, aged 67 years. Mary, third daughter of above, who died at Glasgow, 29th August 1921, aged 81 years.


Inscription 15
In memory of John Milroy, farmer, Knockmullock, died 23rd November 1899, aged 71.


Inscription 16
Erected by the congregation and friends, in loving memory of the Revd George Ogilvy Elder, M.A., who was for 32 years minister of the Free Church in this parish. Born at Kirkbuddo, Forfarshire, 9th Feb 1840, died at F.C. Manse, Borgue, 1st Aug 1899. “He giveth his beloved sleep”. Also his wife Margaret Stalker Crichton, who died at Limetree Cottage, Borgue, February 27 1920, aged 80.


Inscription 17
In affectionate remembrance of Jane Edgar, wife of William McMinn, who died at Borgue Village, 4th Jan’y 1890, aged 53 years. Also Jane Edgar Samways, grand-daughter of the above, who died 15th Dec’r 1900, aged 7 years. Laid to rest in Fazakerly Cemetery, nr Liverpool. “Suffer little children to come unto me”. Also the above William McMinn, who died at Liverpool, 17th April 1902, in his. 78th year, and was interred here. Also Margaret, eldest daughter of the said William McMinn, who died 8th Jan 1923, aged 64 years, interred in Fazakerly Cemetery, Liverpool. Also William McMinn, their eldest son, who died in Australia, 28th August 1935, aged 67 years. Also Helen McMinn, their youngest daughter, who died at gatehouse, 1st June 1941, aged 66 years.


Inscription 18
In loving memory of Agnes Caesar, wife of James Ferguson, who died at Borgue Village, 15th September 1900, aged 86 years. The said James Ferguson, who died at Borgue Village, 26th December 1903, aged 81 years.


Inscription 19
In loving memory of Isabella McMinn, beloved wife of James Hogg, who died at Gatehouse, 24th October, 1938, aged 79 years. Also the above James Hogg, who died at Catherine Street, Gatehouse, 18th November 1943, aged 83 years. Peace, perfect peace.