Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the church yard (kirkyard) at Kirkandrews in Borgue Parish.

Monumental Inscriptions at Kirkandrews Old Kirkyard

Inscription 1
In loving memory of William Adams, died 27th Dec. 1958, aged 74 years. Also his wife Agnes Jane Cain, died 21st Sep. 1958, aged 68 years.


Inscription 2
In loving memory of Elizabeth Imrie, beloved wife of Charles Craig, who died at Craig Cottage, Roberton, 8th May 1954. Charles Craig, beloved husband of Mary Boyd, died 23rd April 1962.


Inscription 3
Erected by Samuel Hyslop, in loving memory of his wife Bessie McCartney, died at Cairniehill. 1st Nov 1952, aged 69 years. Also the above Samuel Hyslop, died 9th Dec. 1959, aged 71 years.


Inscription 4
In loving memory of Capt. James McNish, M.N., died 8th July 1950. And his wife Sarah Leonard McNish, born 1st April 1883, died 5th February 1977.


Inscription 5
Erected in memory of Mary Haugh, relict the late William Cart(er) who died very suddenly at (Ingles)ton of Borgue, December (pieces missing) A true friend and faithful servant.


Inscription 6
Erected by Thomas & Jane Cannal, in memory of Edward their son, who was drowned in Douglas Bay, Isle-of-Man, 13 July 1848, aged 11 years, and is interred here.


Inscription 7
In memory of William Carson, who was unfortunately drowned near this place, 24th Oct 1826, aged 21 years.


Inscription 8
Erected by the Parishioners of Borgue, in memory of Thomas Brown, James Duffy, Albert Gough, and Frank White, who lost their lives by the wreck of the Steamer “Truda”, on Barlocca Island, on 27th February 1903.


Inscription 9
Here lies the corpse of William Reid, who died Feb’r 5th 1776, aged 65. Also Agness Kennan, his spouse, who died Feb’r 1765, aged 62 years.


Inscription 10
No marks found.


Inscription 11
No marks found.


Inscription 12
In memory of William Manson, who died at Risk in 1858, aged 67 years. Nicholas Houston, who died at Risk in 1830, aged 63 years. David Manson, his son, died at Madras, 26 August 1844. Elizabeth Manson, died 27 Nov’r 1877, aged 87 years.


Inscription 13
In memory of John Carson of Auchengashel, who died 1st Aug't 1836, aged 78 years. Also his spouse, Jane Mitchell, who died at Auchengashel, 14th May 1859, aged 75 years. Also his daughter Nicholas, who died 6th Aug't 1830, aged 22 years. Also of his son John Carson, who died at Auchengashel, 14th March 1851, aged 39 years. Isabella Carson, daughter of the above, died March 5th 1884, aged 77 years.


Inscription 14
In memory of Archibald Mansen, who died in Knockmulloc, June 7 1813, aged 73 years. William. Mansen, his son, who died in Jamaica, June 4th 1817, aged 25 years. Also John Mansen, who died Sept. 1 1797, aged 9 years. Also David Mansen, who died March 7th 1795, aged 18 months. Also John Mansen, who died 8th Nov’r 1823, aged 21 years. Also Margaret Johnston, widow of Archibald Manson, who died at Chapelton Village, 18 Feb.1846, aged 86 years. Also Margaret Manson who died in Gatehouse of Fleet, 25 June 1867, aged 67 years. Erected by Margaret Johnston.


Inscription 15
(Top) Memento Mori
(East) Alexander Johnston, brazier in Borgue, died Oct’r 16 1733, aged 47 years. William, his 2d son, died Feb. 9th 1733, aged 21 years. Barbara, died Sept. 9th 1734, aged 15 yrs. This stone erected by John Johnston, 1749.
(West) Also Marion McCor’k, died 1758, aged 5.


Inscription 16
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Ferguson. who died at Newton Stewart, 21st May 1865, aged 73. Also his spouse Ann McKinna, who died at Kirkandrews, 14 June 1867, aged 80. Mary Clure, died at Kirkandrews, 1st April 1898, aged 73 years. Peter Ferguson, her husband, died 20th January 1903, aged 77 years.


Inscription 17
(Front) Here Alexander Dobie lyes, ane earthly saint beneath this stone, who freed from labour, care and toile, to happy rest is gon. Seven short weeks time a married man, a faith
Rear) full spouse and friend, industrious artist of his trade, industrious to the end. Now hees with kings and counsellours, in balance eqwll leed, by him who levels with an(e stro)ke, the sceptre and the spade.

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Inscription 18
Erected by John McKean, in memory of his children viz; Janet, died 30th Sept'r 1841, aged 14 months. Mary, died Jan’y 1842, aged 17 years. Agnes, died July 1844, aged 17 years. David, died 17th July 1856, aged 25 years. Eliza, died July 1844, aged 35 years. Also Janet Payne his wife, died 26th Feb’y 1873, aged 77 years. Also of the said John McKean, who died 15th August 1873, aged 85 years.


Inscription 19
Here interred the corpse of William McGaw, who departed this life 31st Jan’y 1797, aged 37 years. He was born in the Parish of Kirkmaiden, in the Shire of Wigton. From a Principle of maternal affection to the memory of her deceast son, this stone is erected by Janet McGaw, his surviving mother.


Inscription 20
In memory of Jannet Campbell, spouse of James Hutchison, Meickleisle, died 28th Sept’r 1831, aged 75 years. Also Andrew Hutchison their son, who died in Ohio State, America, 18th Feb 1826, aged 34 years. Also Isabella their daughter, who died 12th July 1841, aged 52 years. Also the said James Hutchison, who died the 27th Aug’t 1848, aged 86.