Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the church yard (kirkyard) at Buittle.

Monumental Inscriptions at Buittle Kirkyard

Inscription 1
In memory of Thomas Porter, who died at Meikle Knox, 4th Feb'y 1878, aged 64 years. Also Thomas, son of John Porter who died at Meikle Knox, 7th May 1893, aged 6 years & 4 months. Also John Porter, who died at Meikle Knox, 17th Nov. 1895, aged 45 years. Also Agnes Davidson, wife of the above Thomas Porter, who died at Cordorcan, Newton Stewart, 5th August 1902, aged 89 years. Also Margaret McKinnel wife of the above John Porter, who died at Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, 20th May 1931 aged 72 years. Also Agnes, daughter of the above John & Margaret Porter who died at Dumfries, 25th July 1963. Grace Gordon, youngest daughter, widow of William McCubbin, who died 25th Dec'r.1966. Also Margaret, who died at Thornhill, 29th May 1969, last member of the above family


Inscription 2
No Inscription.


Inscription 3
In memory of George Thomson, who died the 23rd May, 1810, aged 20 years son of John Thomson, carpenter in Dalbeattie. And also of Shusannah Hyde, his wife, who died the 23rd June 1820, aged 63 years.


Inscription 4
Erected by William Halliday to the memory of Robert his brother who died at Dalbeattie, on the 2nd day of September 1820, aged eleven months. Isabella his sister, who died on the 29th September 1847, aged 17 years. Also James Halliday, his father who died at Dalbeattie, 19th March 1858, aged 74 years. Mary Patterson, spouse to the above James Halliday, who died at Dalbeattie, on the 30th May 1861, aged 71 years. Also Robert Brown their son-in-law, who died at Haugh of Urr, on the 29th of May 1859, aged 39 years. Also the children of Robert Brown:- Mary died 1 Dec 1847, aged 1 year. Jane, died 1 Dec. 1853, aged 3 years. William, died 7 Dec. 1853, aged 8 years. Agnes L. died 2 June 1873, aged 15 years. Also Mary Halliday, wife of the above Robert Brown, who died 3rd October 1891, in her 68th year.


Inscription 5
In the memory of Barbra Heuchan, spouse to John Sloan, who died at Cullinaw, July the 8th 1831 aged 62. Also of their children James, John, George and Ann Sloan's. Also the above John Sloan, he died the 7th of April 1853, aged 80 years.


Inscription 6
In memory of James Drew, who died in Dalbeattie, Jan. 10th 1795, aged 78 years.


Inscription 7
Erected by Joseph McAllister, in memory of his daughter Hellen, who died at Breoch, 4th October 1846 aged 7 years. Also Isabella his daughter, who died 26th Dec'r 1847, aged 15 years. Also Margaret his daughter who died 16th Feb'y 1853, aged 26 years. Also Janet Thomson, his wife, who died at Standing Stone, Kelton, the 15th of May 1859, aged 64 years. Also of the above Joseph McAllister, who died at Barwhillinty, Parish of Parton, 20th Aug't 1877, aged 80 years. Also Isabella Thompson, the beloved wife of Samuel McAllister, who died at Standing-stone, 26th Dec'r. 1897, aged 61 years. Also Andrew, son of Samuel McAllister, who died at Combination Hospital, Castle Douglas, 7th July 1904, aged 27 years. Also the said Samuel McAllister, who died 6th July 1908, aged 81 years.


Inscription 8
Sacred to the memory of James, son of John Hanning, who died at Meikle Knox. on the 10th day of April, 1840, aged 2 years. Also of Mary Ann, his daughter who died at Balmae, on 20th day of April, 1844 in the 8th year of her age. Also of Ann Margaret his daughter who died at Skipmyre, on the 21st day of May 1849 aged 1 year and 8 months. Also the said John Hanning, who died at Skipmyre, Parish of Tinwald, 10th of Dec. 1856, aged 64 years. Also Jane Black, his wife who died at Chapelcroft, Lochmaben, 24th Nov'r. 1885, aged 72 years.


Inscription 9
In memory of William Gillespie, son of Thomas Gillespie, who died at Gelston, June 1834, aged 5 years. Also John Gillespie, who died at Allanbank, 13th November 1869, aged 36 years. Also of the said Thomas Gillespie, who died at Dalbeattie, 10th October 1874, aged 77 years. Also of Henrietta Cannon, relict of the said Thomas Gillespie who died at Dalbeattie, June 4th 1882, aged 80 years. Also Margaret Gillespie, who died at Dalbeattie on the 8th Dec. 1883, aged 39 years. Also Isabella Gillespie, widow of James M. Helm, who died at Dalbeattie, 13th May 1911, aged 83 years. Mary Gillespie, who died at Edinburgh on the 30th June 1915, aged 77 years. Elizabeth Gillespie, who died at Dalbeattie on the 17th December 1915, aged 80 years. Jessie Gillespie, who died at Edinburgh, 20 May 1924, aged 78 years.


Inscription 10
Sacred to the memory of Alexander McRobert, who died at Dalbeattie on the 5th of December 1849, aged 84 years. Also of Janet Copland, his spouse, who died at same place on the 25th October 1854, aged 89 years. Also of John McRobert their son who died at Clonyard, in this Parish, 10 Sept. 1865, aged 75 years. Also of Janet, daughter of John McRobert, who died at Clonyard 10th July 1867, aged 46 years. Also of Janet Johnston, wife of John McRobert, who died at Clonyard, 14th Jan 1869, aged 78 years. Also William McRobert, son of the above John McRobert, who died at Clone, 23rd April 1886, aged 56 years. Jane Brown, wife of the above William McRobert, died 24th March 1907, aged 64 years.


Inscription 11
In memory of John Armstrong, who died at Buittle Place, 10th Feb. 1842, aged 60 years. Also of Elizabeth Armstrong, his daughter, who died at Ipswich, County of Suffolk, 29 Dec'r 1854, aged 30 years. Also of James Armstrong, his son, who died at Buittle Place 30th May 1855, aged 43 years. Also of Robert Armstrong, his son, who died at Buittle Place 17th Dec'r. 1863, aged 48. Also of Sarah Wright, spouse of the above John Armstrong, who died at Dalbeattie on the 20th April 1865, aged 73 years.


Inscription 12
Sacred to the memory of Thomas William Graham, son of Robert and Mary Graham, late in West Linton, Cumberland, who died at Cockleaths in this Parish, 27th June 1860, aged 11 years. Robert Graham, their son, who died 25th May 1872, aged 19 years. Also the above Mary Graham, who died at Dumfries, 28 March 1891 aged 77 years.


Inscription 13
(Here lies) the corpse of Jane -----y, spouse to George Riddick, who departed this life the 22nd of ----, 1722, aged 38 years. And of Robert Riddick, son to George Riddick, who departed this life Feb'y 8th 17--.
Note. There is a further inscription at the foot, which seemingly relates to a James Riddick in Dumfries. either the body of, or erected by, him.


Inscription 14
In affectionate remembrance of Isabella, wife of James Mitchell, who died in the prime of life at Little Knox, on 29 July, 1858.


Inscription 15
In Memoriam. Margaret Carter, wife of Archibald Marchbank of Little Knox, who died 2nd April 1927, aged 54 years. Also the above Archibald Marchbank, who died at Castle Douglas, 11th August 1955.


Inscription 16
Erected by William Gibson, in memory of Thomas Gibson, who died at Liverpool, on his way home from New York, N. America, on the 9th Nov'r. 1829, aged 22 years. A.H. Gibson, late teacher at Rhonehouse, who died on the 17th of December 1839, aged 23 years, his sons. William Gibson, his son, who died at Illinois, U.S. America, on 12th Aug. 1848, aged 48 years. Also Henrietta Charters, his grand-daughter, who died on the 8th Jan. 1857, aged 12 years. Also Agnes Henry, his spouse, who died 11 Jan. 1858, aged 78 years. Also the said William Gibson, who died at Carlingwark Cottage, 12th May 1868, aged 88 years. Also James Gibson, his son, who died Bushy-park, Middlesex, 17th Dec'r 1872, aged 70 years.


Inscription 17
Erected by Robert Gibson, Standingstone, Borgue, in memory of Margaret Hanning, his wife, who died 6th January, 1877, aged 78 years. Also the above Robert Gibson, who died at Pine Rock, U.S.America, 2nd July, 1887, aged 79 years. Also Ann H Gibson, his daughter, and wife of Samuel Jolly, who died at Drumore, Kirkcudbright, 12th June 1874, aged 37 years. Also James Gibson, his son, who died at Torrs, Kelton, 26th January 1901, aged 63 years. Also Mary Ann Hanning Gibson, eldest daughter of the above James Gibson, who died at Torrs, Kelton, 28th June, 1902, aged 33 years. Margaret Anne Gibson, his youngest daughter who died at Castle Douglas 11 Feb. 1909, aged 31 years. Also Jessie Gardiner, his spouse who died 13th May 1909, aged 73 years.


Inscription 18
Joseph Ireland, died 30th May MDCCCLXIII. "Jesus cried and said l am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth in me should not abide in darkness." St. John XII, 44th & 46th.


Inscription 19
Sacred to the memory of Agnes Wilson, wife to George McKnight, who died at Palnackie, the 29th of April 1846 in the 27th year of her age. The said George McKnight, died at Amherst, Nova Scotia, the 10th of November 1852, aged 35 years.


Inscription 20
Erected in memory of William Smart, Farmer, Corbieton, who died 6th January 1870, aged 48 years. Also John Smart, his father, who died at Crossford, Glencairn, 12th October 1871, aged 80 years. Also Jane Johnstone, wife of John Smart, who died at Blackpark, Kirkpatrick Durham, 1st August, 1875, aged 80 years.