Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the cemetery (kirkyard) at Buittle.

Monumental Inscriptions at Buittle Cemetery

Inscription 1
In loving memory of Lorenzo Dias Coupland, Boghall, Pilot Officer, R.A.F., born in Tierra Del Fuego, 22-2-20, killed on active service 3-11-42, interred in Montgomery, Alabama.


Inscription 2
In loving memory of Mary Ann Paterson, beloved wife of Joseph W. Muir, late of Milton Park, who died at 12 Maxwell St., Dalbeattie, 24th Aug. 1937, aged 68 years. Also the above Joseph Wilson Muir, who died at Strathurr, 24th Nov. 1944, aged 81 years.


Inscription 3
In loving memory of Isobell R. Fergusson, beloved wife of James Ritchie, who died at East Logan, 26th April 1944, aged 25 years.


Inscription 4
In loving memory of Martha M. Sturrock, wife of James Millar, Barchain, who died 20th July 1940, aged 49 years. Also the above James Millar, died at Dumfries 21st July 1965, aged 76 years.


Inscription 5
In loving memory of Agnes Brydson Millar, dearly beloved wife of Andrew G. Callander, who died 22nd Jan'y 1939, aged 34 years. Also the above Andrew G. Callander, who died at Graham Cottage, Mossdale, 1st Oct'r 1973, aged 73 years.


Inscription 6
In loving memory of my dear husband John Sturrock, who died Nov. 2nd 1938, aged 79 years. Also our dear children; George, killed in action in France, at the battle of The Somme, July 14th 1916, aged 19; Alice (Mrs. Richardson), died in Canada, June 19th 1931, aged 36; Martha (Mrs. J. Millar), died at Barchain 20th July 1940, aged 49; Elizabeth (Mrs. Sharp), died in Canada, 25th March 1946, aged 61 years; Williamina (Mrs. Chevous), died in Canada 14th April 1947, aged 60 years. Also Isabella Millar, wife of the above, died 29th April 1964, in her 99th year.


Inscription 7
In loving memory of James Wilson, who died at Orchardton Mains, 31st August 1937, aged 82 years. Judith S. Sproat, beloved wife of the above, who died 4th March 1947, aged 79 years. John Sproat Wilson, who died at Bow House, Palnackie, 13th March 1969, aged 67 years. Janet Livingston Wilson, who died at Clifford House, Palnackie, 30th Dec'r 1998, aged 90 years.


Inscription 8
In loving memory of Martha Isabel Dawson, who died 10th July 1985, aged 68 years. Beloved wife of Nicol Frederick Paterson, who died 26th March 1993, aged 88 years.


Inscription 9
In loving memory of Sarah McCall, beloved wife of Nicol F. Paterson, who died 6th Feb'y 1938, aged 31 years.


Inscription 10
In loving memory of Marie Theresa Winifred, only daughter of John & Helen Halliday, Port House, Palnackie, who died 6th March 1938, aged 10 years. Also their son Samuel Paterson Halliday, beloved husband of Patricia Neish, father of Colin and Lorna, died result of an accident 25th Aug. 1962, aged 27 years. Also the above Colin, died result of an accident, 29th Feb. 1988, aged 29 years.


Inscription 11
In loving memory of Betsy Gow, the beloved wife of Andrew McFauld, who died at Driffield Hospital 25th July 1939. Also Andrew J. McFauld, who died at The Green, Cranswick, Driffield, 16th May 1955, aged 84 years. Late of Munches Gardens.


Inscription 12
In loving memory of Janet Hamilton, beloved wife of Charles Neilson, died 19th Feb. 1940, aged 53 years. Also the above Charles Neilson, died 25th Aug. 1974, aged 91 years. Also his second wife Nellie Innes, died 27th Jan. 1975, aged 82 years. "Asleep."


Inscription 13
In loving memory of John Hunter, chauffeur at Munches for many years, who died at Craignair House, 7th Jan. 1941, aged 64 years. And of his wife Elizabeth King, who died 8th Oct. 1944, aged 70 years.


Inscription 14
In loving memory of Agnes Halliday, wife of James Thomson, who died at Palnackie 29th July 1941, aged 69 years. Also the above James Thomson, who died at Fairgirth, Colvend, 24th Sept. 1944, aged 74 years.


Inscription 15
In loving memory of Jessie Agnes McCartney, died at Creetown 26th Nov. 1947, aged 72 years. Also Robert McCartney, Palnackie, died 25th Jan. 1948, aged 85 years.


Inscription 16
In loving memory of my dear husband, and our dear father, Thomas Paisley Niven, who died suddenly at Glenhelen, Palnackie, on the 3rd January 1948, aged 56 years. Also Helen McMaster, dearly beloved wife of the above, and very dear mother of Tom, Jim, Doreen and John, who died at Glenhelen, Palnackie, on 6th March 1963, aged 72 years. Also the above Doreen Helen Niven, who died at Lyart Craig, Palnackie, on 5th December 1983, aged 58 years. Cherished beyond words by her husband Douglas Johnstone, and her children Helen and Douglas.


Inscription 17
Erected by Theresa Adams, in loving memory of her husband Alexander McClune, who died at Cloneyards, 2nd July 1948, aged 56 years. "Asleep."


Inscription 18
In loving memory of of my dear husband George Lettimer Halliday, died at Rambler Cottage, Palnackie, on the 22nd March 1949, aged 79 years. Also his dear wife Margaret Crosbie, died 23rd April 1958, aged 86 years. Also Mary Jane Thomson, died at Orotava, Palnackie, 20th December 1982, aged 71 years, dealy beloved wife of George L. Halliday Jnr. who died at Clifford House, Palnackie, 27th August 1999, aged 85 years.


Inscription 19
Erected by Thomas McWilliam Murray, in loving memory of his wife Margaret Craik Stewart, died 10th May 1949.


Inscription 20
In loving memory of Helen Mary Moffat, beloved wife of James Irving, who died at Glen Road, Palnackie, 18th Aug. 1949, aged 72 years. Also the above James Irving, who died at 4 Glen Road, Palnackie, 28th Nov'r 1956, aged 74 years.