Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the cemetery (kirkyard) at Girthon.

Monumental Inscriptions at Girthon Cemetery

Inscription 01.01
Erected by William McNeil in memory of Elizabeth, his daughter who died 29th June 1874, aged 4 years. Lauchlin, his brother who died 20th July 1877, aged 17 years. Rebecca, his daughter who died 4th July 1889 aged 7 years. William, his son who died 3rd Nov. 1893 aged 26 years. Janet Capstick, his daughter, and wife of Thomas Edward Worral, who died 13th Jany 1898 aged 32 years. John, his fourth son, died 10th Octr. 1915, aged 31 years. William McNeil, the erector died 12th Feb. 1919, aged 77 years. Janet McGee Walker, wife of the erector, died 19th Jany. 1932, aged 89 years.

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Inscription 01.02
Sacred to the memory of John Coyle died 27th July 1885 aged 60 years. Also his wife Jane O’Donald, died 14th May 1891 aged 64 years. Also his two children died in infancy. Also his daughters Mary aged 19 years, Elizabeth aged 70 years, Agnes age 70 years. Also his sons Peter aged 43 years, John aged 70 years.

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Inscription 01.03
Erected by James Stewart in memory of Peter Coyle aged 90 years, and Margaret his wife aged 92 years who both died 23rd Feby 1922. Peter Coyle, their grandson, died 13th July 1929 aged 43 years. William Davenport, their grandson, died at Royton, Lanc., 10th Novr 1940 aged 55 years. Agnes Davenport died 9th March 1944. James Stewart died 11th July 1945.

01.03 01.03 01.03

Inscription 01.04
In loving memory of Laughlan McQuarrie 1840 – 1908, his wife Margaret Hastings 1843 – 1922, their sons John McGaw 1874 – 1959, David 1879 – 1959, Albert 1882 – 1939, Algernon Stewart 1884 – 1955. Erected by Sir Albert McQuarrie KB, K.S.J. son of Algernon Stewart McQuarrie.


Inscription 01.05
In loving memory of Elizabeth Peters, wife of David McKie, who died at Drumlane, Balmaghie, 24th Sept 1909, aged 54 years.

01.05 01.05

Inscription 01.06
In loving memory of Robert Proudlock, died at Meikle Beoch, Shawhead, 22nd Jan.1940, age 65 years. Also his wife Elizabeth McKie, died at Meikle Beoch, 7th Aug.1940, aged 60 years. Also their daughter Gertrude, died at Dumfries Infirmary, 6th Dec.1957, aged 52 years. Also their son Robert, born 1904 – died 1981.


Inscription 01.07
Sam McMinn born 20th Nov.1870, died 25th Dec. 1954. Also his wife Winifred Pemberton, born 2nd Jan.1885, died 27th Jan.1979.

01.07 01.07

Inscription 01.08
Annie Currie.


Inscription 02.01
In memory of James Charters who died at Gatehouse on Fleet December 1st 1866. Also of Janet Charters, wife of Alexander Johnston who died at Gatehouse on Fleet, September 19th 1873 aged 69 years. Also on October 3rd 1880 at Gatehouse on Fleet, Alexander Johnston, aged 85 years. Also William Johnston his nephew who died 13th Decr 1910 aged 52 years. Also Mary Milligan his wife who died 8th Feby 1910 aged 48 years.
With Christ which is far better.
Also Mary Johnston their daughter who died 2nd July 1978 aged 85 years.

02.01 02.01

Inscription 02.02
Erected by William Macaulay painter in memory of his three children William, Elizabeth & Henrietta who died young. Also Mary Allan his mother who died at Gatehouse 6th April 1866 aged 77 years. Henry Macaulay his father died May 1846 aged 62 years and is interred in Minnigaff. Mary Allan Macaulay his daughter who died 27th January 1869 aged 20 years. M.B. Dalling wife of George Macaulay who died at Gatehouse 8th January 1885 aged 25 years. Ellen Macaulay, wife of the erector, died 27th June 1897 aged 72 years. William Macaulay the erector died 30th Sept 1907 aged 83 years. May daughter of the above who died at Broomhill, Kirkentilloch on 1st August 1914 in her 59th year.

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Inscription 02.03
In memory of Jessie Kelvie who died at the Masons Arms, Gatehouse, 24th Oct. 1904 aged 82 years. Also her grandmother Janet McMinn, who died at the Masons Arms, Gatehouse 7th April 1868, aged 82 years.
Erected by John and Christina Rodgers.

02.03 02.03 02.03

Inscription 02.04
Erected by William Cairns in memory of his wife Mary Grier who died 11 August 1863 aged 80 years. William Cairns died 13 April 1868 aged 84 years. Also Minnie Cairns wife of William Coltart who died 9th Sept 1889 aged 66 years and is interred in Kelton Cemetery. Also Mary Cairns widow of the late Andrew Coltart, Liverpool , who died 11th Sept 1889 aged 71 years. Also Anthony Kelly died at Kirkcudbright, March 9th 1906, aged 81 years. Also Margaret Cairns his wife who died at Kirkcudbright, 13th Nov. 1907 aged 79 years.

02.04 02.04 02.04

Inscription 02.05
Philip James MacDonell Kt. P.C. M.A. B.C.L. Oxon. Judge of Northern Rhodesia 1918-27. Chief Justice of Trinidad 1927-30, and of Ceylon 1930-35. Born January 10th 1873. Died December 15th 1940. And of his wife Alexandrina Sutherland Campbell MacDonell. Born January 1st 1871. Died October 21st 1956.

{N.B. P.C. = Privy Counsellor, B.C.L. = Bachelor of Civil Law}

02.05 02.05 02.05 02.05

Inscription 02.06
Erected by James & John Henderson in memory of their mother Janet Johnstone, who died in Gatehouse 5 July 1858 aged 46 years. Also Jessie their sister who died in Gatehouse 20 Aug 1872 aged 20 years.

02.06 02.06

Inscription 02.07
In memory of Samuel Archer who died at Gatehouse 8 May 1868 aged 58 years. Also Margaret Hughs his wife who died at Gatehouse 24 March 1874 aged 61 years. John Stewart their son in law who died 2nd January 1900 aged 47 years. Margaret Archer died 28th Dec. 1914 aged 89 years. Jane Dalrymple Archer, their daughter, wife of John Stewart died at Drawbridge 20th Dec. 1931. Margaret Jessie their daughter died at Memory Lane 27th Nov. 1948. Elizabeth their daughter died at Bencairn Bromley Cross, Bolton July 1953.


Inscription 02.08
In loving memory of my mother and father Mary Bennett died 17th Oct 1946 aged 76 years. Edward Bennett died 15th March 1912 aged 40 years. Their son William died 1st April 1903. Their son James died 1st March 1909. Their son Edward died 20th Aug.1953 aged 58 years. Jean Harkness 1889 – 1984. Dearly loved.


Inscription 02.09
Erected by David James Ewart, solicitor, in sacred remembrance of Jessie Gordon, his wife, who died at Gatehouse-of-Fleet on the 22nd day of May 1863, aged 30 years. Margaret Gordon, her mother died 3rd August 1867, aged 56 years. Also William Gordon, her father, who died at Altona, Knox County, United States, on the 4th day of May 1869, aged 65 years.

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Inscription 03.00
In memory of John Aitken who died at Grobdale, Balmaghie on the 25th day of November 1866 aged 70 years, son of Alexander Aitken, late tenant in Drungans, Troqueer.

03.00 03.00

Inscription 03.01
In memory of the Rev. John Stewart, M.A. Minister of Girthon, 1901 – 1937, who died 24th June 1937, aged 68 years. And his wife Jessie Hendrie, who died 28th March 1915. Erected by his Congregation and Friends.


Inscription 03.02
In loving memory of George McWhan, died March 1943. Also his wife Agnes Jane McGeorge died Dec.1914.