Family History Resources for Genealogists and Family Tree Research in Kirkcudbrightshire

Some sources for people researching their family tree in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. This page contains full details of all gravestones - Monumental Inscriptions - and photographs of the stones, within the old church yard (kirkyard) at Girthon.

Monumental Inscriptions at Girthon Old Kirkyard

Inscription 1
Erected by Alexander Whan in memory of Janet Walker, his wife, who died at Flerrick 25th Jany. 1842 aged 43 years. Also their son Alexander, who died 14 Nov 1843 aged 1 year and nine months. Alexander Whan, the erector who died at Flerrick 24 May 1879 aged 86 years.


Inscription 2
Erected by Samuel Gordon in memory of his son William, who died 14th Oct. 1856 aged 20 years. Also Alexander who died at Kirkcudbright 26th Augt 1868 aged 34 years. Also Isabella, his sister who died at Girthon Kirk 27th Nov 1868 aged 63 years. Also Samuel Gordon the erector who died 28th Aug 1879 aged 71 years. Also Janet Halliday wife of Samuel Gordon who died 20th January 1897 aged 91 years.


Inscription 3
Sacred in memory of Robert Stewart, farmer, Old Girthon Kirk who died 1 March 1853 aged 74 years. Also Margaret Ewart wife of John Stewart who died at Old Girthon Kirk the 28 March 1854 aged 19 years. Also Isabella Halliday, spouse of the above Robt Stewart who died near Mitchell, county of Perth Ont. Canada, 7th March 1867, aged 70 years, and is interred in the Scotch cemetery there.


Inscription 4
(Large stone in shape of casket)
Here rest the remains of Mary Kennedy Stuart, daughter of William Stuart of Liverpool, and neice of Mrs Yorstoun of Carstramont, who died 16th October 1842, aged 17 years.

4 4

Inscription 5
Erected by William McGaw, builder in memory of his children. Robert & Jane who died in infancy. John Maxwell his father-in-law who died 25th Decr. 1862, aged 89 years. Janet McAdam, wife of John Maxwell, died 14th March 1848 aged 65 years. William McGaw, the erector died 29th Jany. 1885 aged 78 years. Jane Maxwell, wife of William McGaw, died 16th March 1887 aged 74 years.


Inscription 6
In memory of John Cairns builder Gatehouse who departed this life 29 December 1857 aged 53 years. Also Jean McGaw his wife who died 25 November 1856 aged 51 years. And their children John Alexander and Thomas who died in infancy. Elizabeth died 2nd June 1910 aged 76 years. William died in Australia 15th August 1912 aged 72 years.

Erected by a grateful and affectionate family to mark and hold sacred a father and mother’s grave. J. Glaister Wt. Haven.

Also in memory of William Ferguson son of John Cairns one of the erectors who died 29th May 1867 aged 3 years & 7 months. Also Robert, fourth son of John who died at Gatehouse, 29th April 1871, aged 1 year & 1 month. Also John Cairns father of the above children, who died at Gatehouse 20 August 1871, aged 40 years.
Universally respected & deeply regretted.

6 6

Inscription 7
Sacred to the memory of James Bell who died 21st July 1816 aged 61 years. Jannet Macnaught, his wife, who died 11th Septr 1820 aged 57 years. Jean Bell, their daughter, who died 2d Octr, 1820 aged 21 years. This stone was erected by their affectionate son Samuel Bell, Birmingham.

Adieu my wife, and my children dear; In time seek out that Heavenly path,
Friends, and relations all; Which always was my aim,
I hope you will not grieve for me, When death betakes your lives away,
Nor let your tears down fall. We may in Heaven reign


Inscription 8
Erected by Alexander McMiken. In memory of James, his brother who died at St. Lucia, West Indies, 10th Feby. 1842, aged 24 years. George, his brother who died at Upper Drumwall, 15th August 1850, aged 26 years. William McMiken, his father, died at U. Drumwall 20th July 1854, aged 72 years. Jane, his sister, died at U. Drumwall, 23rd Novr. 1854 aged 27 years. Also Grace Houston, his mother who died 15th August 1871 aged 84 years.

8 8

Inscription 9
Erected by Thomas McCormick. In memory of his wife Hannah Wylie who died at Gatehouse, 25 March 1850 aged 35 years. Also an infant.


Inscription 10
Sacred. In memory of James Campbell, draper in Gatehouse, who died VII October MDCCCXLIX aged L years. And of Joan Mactier, his wife who died at Liverpool 27th Nov. 1877 aged 76 years, and is interred there. Her end was peace.


Inscription 11
Erected by Henry Foster, Murray’s Arms Inn, Gatehouse, in memory of his infant son who died XXX April MDCCCLIII. David Foster, his son, who died at Disdow on the XXI June MDCCCLX, aged IV years. Henry Foster, the erector, died at The Murray Arms, Gatehouse, X June MDCCCLXIV, aged LIII years. Mary Waugh, his wife, who died at Disdow, XXX November MDCCCLXXI, aged LII years.


Inscription 12
Sacred to the memory of Janet Hannah spouse to William Carson, merchant in Gatehouse, who departed this life 23rd April 1816, aged 51 years. John their son, who died 17 Sept, aged 17 months, and Grizal, their daughter, who died 19th April 1801, aged 6 weeks and 1 day, and also the said William Carson, who died 7th May 1823, aged 56 years. James their son, who died Sept. 5th 1824 aged 32 years. Margaret Gardiner, wife to the above who died 22d Octr 1845 aged 65 years.


Inscription 13
Erected by John Robertson, Inland Revenue Officer, in memory of his wife Anna Harriet McCracken, who died at Gatehouse, 7th November 1850, aged 38 years. Also Harriet Grace Stewart, their daughter who died 1850, in infancy.


Inscription 14
In memory of Jane Young Veitch who died at Girthon Kirk, 29th June 1871 aged 28 years. John Veitch died at Ingleston Borgue 30th Oct 1853 aged 5 years. John Veitch fourth son died at Girthon-Kirk, 4th May 1898, aged 44 years. Margaret Tait their mother died, 25th May 1898, aged 79 years. Andrew Veitch, their father, died at Gatehouse, 3rd April 1902, aged 89 years. Catherine Davidson, widow of the above John Veitch, who died at Gatehouse, 25th May 1939, aged 75 years.


Inscription 15
Erected by Jane E.O.T. Clement, in memory of her husband James Gordon who died in Gatehouse, 19th August 1853, aged 45 years. Also the said Jane E.O.T. Clement who died 1st May 1894, aged 81 years. Alexander her son, died in infancy. John died 29th Nov. 1856, aged 4 years. Also of their son William, who died at Gelston Village on 15th Dec. 1906, aged 61 years.


Inscription 16
In memory of Samuel Baileff, who died 24th June 1868, aged 67 years. Anna, his daughter, died 4th March 1851, aged 8 years. John, his son, died 28 October 1867, aged 18 years. Mary, his daughter, died 25th Dec. 1916, aged 78 years.


Inscription 17
Erected by Mary Grierson, in memory of her husband John Armour, who died at Gatehouse, 8 April 1825, aged 43 years. Also their children Elizabeth, died 16th April 1827, aged 10 years. James died at Antigua, West Indies, 30th Dec. 1842, aged 36 years. David, died at same place, 19th Oct 1844, aged 25 years. John, died at Kirkcudbright, 7 Dec. 1849, aged 38 years.


Inscription 18
Sacred to the memory of James Thomson, Junr. Merchant in Gatehouse of Fleet, who died on the 20th day of January 1797, aged 32 years. And also Elizabeth Baxter who died 21st October 1828 aged 65 years.


Inscription 19
In loving memory of Joseph Tait, Painter, Gatehouse, who died 19th January 1886, aged 85 years. And Mary Sproat, his wife, who died 26th Sep 1888, aged 83 years. And of their children, Andrew, died 18th Aug. 1851, aged 20 years. James, died 9th Jan 1869, aged 40 years. Joseph, died 27th March 1873, aged 27 years. Jane, died 27th June 1885, aged 41 years. Rebecca, died 7th Oct. 1888, aged 61 years. Also of Elizabeth Sproat (Auntie Betts), who died 16th June 1864, aged 66 years.


Inscription 20
Erected by Joseph [Erving] in memory of Mary [McClune] his daughter, who died June 4th 1793, aged one year. And also here lies the corpse of Mary McClune, his spouse who died June 1st 1795, aged 45 y. And also here lies the corpse of the [erector] Joseph Erving, who died March 17th 179— aged 49 years.