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Monumental Inscriptions at Parton Kirkyard

Inscription 216
In loving memory of Thomas Black, who died at Barwhillanty Farm, on 17th January 1999, aged 63 years.


Inscription 217
In loving memory of Henry Davidson, Harry, born Glasgow 1916, died Dumfries 1993. And Gwendoline Banks, Gwen, born Manchester 1919, died Dumfries 1999.


Inscription 218
In loving memory of Mary Wardhaugh, beloved wife of James Aitken, died at Monigow, Castle Douglas, 18th Jan’y 1948, aged 77 years. Also the above James Aitken, died at Monigow, 5th Oct’r 1952, aged 82 years. Not dead, but sleepeth.


Inscription 219
In loving memory of Elizabeth Craig, beloved wife of John Black, died 19th Jan’y 1951, aged 76 years, of Hillside. Also John Black, died 18th April 1951, aged 79 years. Their son, Samuel Black, died 18th Sept. 1978, aged 73 years. Beloved husband of Elizabeth Dunlop Kennedy, who died 19th September 2000, aged 92 years. Also their first daughter, born asleep 12th March 1937.


Inscription 220
In loving memory of Annie MacDonald, died 18th March 1983, in her 90th year. Beloved wife of Archibald MacDermid, died 22nd April 1986, in his 91st year. Beloved parents of Betty.


Inscription 221
In loving memory of Elma Amy Yerburgh, born 30th July 1864, died 6th December 1946. “And the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”


Inscription 222
In loving memory of Samuel Callander, blacksmith, dearly loved husband of Catherine Jane Gibson, who died at Parton Smithy, 8th June 1951, aged 53 years. Also the above Catherine Jane (Nina), who died 31st July 1971, aged 69 years.


Inscription 223
In loving memory of Jane Drennan, beloved wife of Anthony Welsh, died 23rd Sep. 1962, aged 94 years. Also the above Anthony Welsh, died 14th March 1966, aged 82 years.


Inscription 224
In ever loving memory of Bobbie Drennan, dear husband of Anne, who died 28th Feb’y 1985, aged 58 years. Sadly missed by his family and all who knew him.


Inscription 225
In loving memory of Kenneth Stevenson Brown, who died 25th December 1991, aged 57 years.


Inscription 226
In loving memory of Dorothy Helen Wedderburn Maxwell, born 20th August 1892, died 1st December 1970.


Inscription 227
In loving memory of Maud Wedderburn-Maxwell, younger daughter of Major J.A.C. Wedderburn-Maxwell of Glenlair, and Helen Mary Godfrey, his wife, born 11 Oct 1895, died 4 Dec 1961.


Inscription 228
The Lord is loving unto every man. In loving memory of James Andrew Colvile Wedderburn-Maxwell, of Middlebie & Glenlair, born 5 February 1849, died 28 December 1917, aged 68. Helen Mary Godfrey Wedderburn-Maxwell, wife of the above, born 14 July 1856, died 20 July 1946, aged 90. The path of the just is as the shining light , that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” James Wedderburn-Maxwell, 2nd Lt. King’s Own Scottish Borders, youngest son of the above, born 22nd March 1899, fell at Ledechem, Belgium, in his first action, 1 October 1918, aged 19½., buried at Dadizeele. “Faithful unto death.” “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”


Inscription 229
In loving memory of Henry Godfrey Wedderburn-Maxwell, beloved husband of Christina O’Conner, died 4th December 1971, aged 74 years. Also the above Christina O’Conner, died 15th February 2001, aged 81 years. Rest in peace.


Inscription 230
In loving remembrance of John Landsburgh, dearly loved husband of Christina Matthews, Glenlaggan Cottage, Parton, died 14th Jan’y 1942. Also Gracie, dearly loved daughter of the above, died 23rd May 1949. Also Christina, dearly loved wife of the above, died 16th Sept. 1961. Also Rachel, dearly loved daughter of the above, died 28th Jan’y 1981. God is love.


Inscription 231
In loving memory of Anna R Paterson, who died 8th March 1984, aged 83 years.


Inscription 232
In loving memory of Robert Clenahan, who died 16th Jan 1951, aged 69. And of his wife Annie Clenahan, who followed him 31st Jan. 1951, aged 77.


Inscription 233
Sacred to the memory of Eva, beloved wife of George Whittaker, of Barwhillanty Garage, who died 21st Oct’r 1940, aged 51 years. Also George Whittaker, who died 8th Nov’r 1941, aged 55 years. United at peace. The sweetest wife and mother dear, a friend to everyone sleepeth here, great is the loss that we sustain, but hope in Heaven to meet again.


Inscription 234
In loving memory of Robert Watson, gamekeeper, Tintum, who died 28th Nov’r 1926, at Castle Douglas Cottage Hospital, aged 73 years. Also his wife, Sarah McBride, who died at Castle Douglas, 22nd August 1934, in her 81st year. Also their son, Serg’t Samuel Watson, 1st KOSB, killed in action 6th June 1915, aged 29 years. Also their son L/Cpl Adam Skirving Watson, 3rd Scottish Horse, killed in action, 31st Jan’y 1917, aged 29 years. Also their son, James Watson, who died at Carnearie, 29th March 1959, aged 76 years. Also Jessie L.G. Brand, wife of the above James Watson, who died 17th Nov’r 1958, aged 72 years.


Inscription 235
In loving memory of William Blair Crosbie, beloved son of James R Crosbie, who died at Barwhillanty Cottage, Parton, 9th June 1934, aged 23 years. Also the above James Rae Crosbie, died 14th Oct’r 1956, aged 79 years. Also Violet Johnstone, wife of the above James R Crosbie, died 15th Dec’r 1971, aged 80 years.