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Monumental Inscriptions at Dundrennan Abbey

Inscription 1
Erected by William Harper to the memory of William his son, who died at Port Mary, 24th Feb. 1858, aged 20 years. Also the said William Harper, who died at Gowan Bank, Crossmichael, 4th May 1873, aged 70 years. Also Margaret McClune, his wife, who died at same place, 15th Nov’r. 1878, aged 68 years. Also Nicholas, daughter of the above William Harper, who died at Gowan Bank, Castle Douglas, 19th April 1894, aged 52 years.


Inscription 2
Erected to the memory of David McClune, who died at Trostrie on the 10th of May 1829, in the 64th year of his age. And John his son, who died in Loch Fergus in 1810, in the 16th year of his age. Ann Milligan, wife of the above David McClune, who died at Twynholm Village, 11th Feb. 1851, in the 81 year of her age. James, his son, who died at Orroland, October (illegible) aged (illegible) years. William his grandson who died in infancy. David his son who died at Ingleston of Borgue, on the 1st of October 184(5), aged (illegible) years. Jane his granddaughter, who died at Boreland of Borgue, 19th January 1841, aged 19 months. Also Elizabeth Smith, wife of the above James McClune, who died at Dundrennan Village, 13th Aug’t 1860, aged 61 years.


Inscription 3
In memory of James, the beloved and only son of Andrew Adamson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne who died 11th Aug’t 1857, aged 13 years.
The silent dust that sleeps beneath this sod,
Whispers to youth, prepair to meet thy God,
My sun went down and life had reached its noon
And what mine did remember thine may soon.
Seek Christ, delay not least thy time be near,
And thou be laid my next companion here.
Also in loving memory of his niece, Agnes Harper, who died at Gowan Bank, Castle Douglas, 28th March 1900, aged 69 years.


Inscription 4
(a) Sacred to the memory of Helen Bradshaw, the beloved wife of Lieut. Colonel George Johnston of Balcary, who died at sea on her passage from India, on the 18th of August 1852.
Heu quanto minus est cum reliquis versari quam tui meminisse.
(b) Flat stone – illegible.

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Inscription 5
In memory of John Kissock in Calnaughtry, who died the 11th of June 1801, aged 81. Also of Janet Milligan, his wife, who died the 21st Nov’r. 1813, aged 78. Also their son Thomas Kissock of Thorn, who died April 28th 1840, aged 83 years. Janet Watson, his spouse who died March 22nd 1839, aged 84 years. Jane, daughter of the above Thomas Kissock and Janet Watson, she died September 1813, aged 26 years. Also Johns Hyslop, grandson of the above Thomas Kissock, who died at Thorn 15th Oct’r. 1866 aged 61 years. Also Margaret, daughter of the above Thomas Kissock who died at Thorn, 22nd Sept. 1878, aged 89 years.


Inscription 6
In memory of William Kissock, who died at Laigh Borgue, 13th July 1813, and Helen Kissock, his wife, who died at Lake, Kirkcudbright, 27th July 1851, Also of their children namely John, who died 17th July 1813, Janet, who died 2nd Nov. 1831. Mary, who died 14th May 1833. William, who died at Liverpool, 24th August 1862; Margaret who died 7th May 1860; James, who died at Lake, 3rd Nov. 1886, aged 78 years. Erected by James Kissock.


Inscription 7
Sacred to the memory of James McAdam, who died at Craigraploch, 14th July 1880, aged 70 years. Also of his wife Marion Clement, who died at Craigraploch, 12th January 1883, aged 73 years. Also their son Robert, who died in infancy in 1841. “Prepare to meet thy God.”


Inscription 8
Erected by John Tait in Craigmollan, in memory of Mary Thomson, his mother, who died 30th March 1813, aged 91 years. And of William Tait his father, who died 13th May 1814 aged 90 years. Also their children William, Jannet and James. Also the said John Tait, who died 1st Oct’r. 1834 aged 79 years. Also of Margaret Tait, his sister, who died 11th September 1849, aged 89 years.


Inscription 9
Here lies the body of Samuel Bell, who died ye 20th of December 1775, aged 71 years. And also Margrat Dunbar his spouse, who died 19th Dec’r. 1793, aged 80 years.
Farewell frail world, I’ve seen enough of thee,
Nor do I care what thou canst say of me,
Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I dread,
My heart lies easy, and at rest my head,
Grieve not for me my wife nor children dear,
For tis the will of God, that I lie hear.


Inscription 10
Erected by William Bryce in memory of his father Alexander Bryce, late tennant in Midpark, who died 7th Dec’r 1833, aged 80 years. Also Mary Kirkpatrick, spouse of the above William Bryce, who died at Dalbeattie, 17th March 1867, aged 80 years. Also William Bryce his son, late in Midpark, who died at Dalbeattie, 13th Jan. 1876, aged (illegible) years.


Inscription 11
Erected by Herries Fergusson, in memory of her husband James Fergusson, late in Park, who died 29th March 1841, aged 65 years. Elizabeth his sister, who died 6th Feb’y 1835, aged 63 years. Ann Grant, of Park, his aunt, who died 6th May 1825, aged 80 years. Also the above Herries Fergusson, who died at Rerrick Kirk, 23rd June 1865, aged 73 years.


Inscription 12
Heir lys Edward Cultane, sumtime maltster in Gill who departed this life the (15) day of September, and of his age (5)6 and the yeire of God 1667.


Inscription 13
Sacred to the memory of Isabel Milligan, widow of Samuel McColm of Park, who died 7th September 1801, aged 68.


Inscription 14
Erected in memory of Jane Fergusson, who died 20th Jan’y. 1863, aged 79 years. Also her husband James Leishman, who died 22nd July 1812, aged 33 years.


Inscription 15
Sacred to the memory of James Welsh, Esquire, Advocate, Stewart Substitute of Kirkcudbright, youngest son of the late Robert Welsh Esquire of Collin, born at Collin, 31st Dec. 1799, died at Janefield, near Kirkcudbright, 14th Nov. 1845.


Inscription 16
Here lies the body of Robert Welsh of Collin, who died the 18th March 1751, aged 68. Memento Mori.


Inscription 17
Sacred to the memory of David Gibson, late Pastor of the Baptist Church at Auchencairn, who fell asleep in Jesus the 22nd Oct’r. 1853, aged 75 years. By the Grace of God, he was an apostle of Christ, known and read of all men, 37 years he itinerated, preaching the Gospel. He rests from his labours, and his works do follow him. Also Sarah McMinn, his spouse, who died at Auchencairn, 23rd August 1886, aged 96 years.


Inscription 18
In loving memory of James Cannon, who died at Castle Douglas, 12th March 1895, aged 82 years. Also his wife Mary Fraser, who died at Castle Douglas, 3rd February 1885, aged 71 years. Also their son William Crosbie, who died 25th October 1859, aged 14 years. Also their daughter Janet, who died 4th June 1850, aged 9 years, interred in Parton Churchyard. Also their daughter Janet, who died at Dumfries, August 1918, aged 66 years.


Inscription 19
In memory of Sam’l Thomson late in Auchengool, who died Febr’y 1800, aged 84 years. And Hellen Smith his wife, who died in the year 1759, aged 29. Erected by their son Jno. Thomson, Merch’t. in New York. In testimony that neither time nor foreign clime should remove filial affection.


Inscription 20
Erected by James Woodrow in memory of his son William, who died in Dundrennan Village, 22nd April 1848, aged 6 years. “How lov’d, how valu’d once, avails thee not.” Also his daughter Elizabeth, wife of James Payne, who died at Dundrennan on 10th May 1857, aged 32 years. Also said James Woodrow, who died on 12th June 1859, aged 63 years. Also, and interred here, George Caird Woodrow, his son, died at Crosshill, Glasgow on the 25th April 1862, aged 24 years. Also Margaret Woodrow, his daughter, who died on the 23 Nov. 1863, aged 29 years. Also of his wife, Janet Caird, who died on the 5th September 1869, aged 71 years.