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Monumental Inscriptions at Tongland Kirkyard

Inscription 001
In memory of George Edgar, Kirkcudbright, who died 31st October 1841, aged 51 years. And Mary Edgar, his spouse, who died 11th October 1865, aged 73 years. Also of their children, Helen, who died 10th March 1826, aged 8 months. Barbara who died 11th July 1844 aged 23 years. George who died 1st March 1862, aged 30 years. James, who died 11th October 1865 aged 31 years. Annie who died 19th May 1895, aged 78 years. Sarah Ann, who died 7th Dec’r. 1901 aged (blank) years. Mary, who died 1st February 1917 aged 88 years. Jeannie, wife of Thomas Caton, who died at Carlisle, 18th April 1903.


Inscription 002
In memory of Joseph, son of Walter Edgar, who died at Queenshill, on the 17th of September 1840, aged 8 years.


Inscription 003
In memory of John, son of David Thompson, born 1801, died 1825, in S. Carolina, U.S. Jane, his daughter, and wife of William Belford, born 1805, died 1834, in Upper Canada. Thomas, his son. born 1791, died 1834, in Upper Canada. Margaret, his daughter, wife of Rob't Gibson, born 1797, died 1847, at Kirkcudbright. Catherine, his daughter, and wife of A. McTaggart, born 1808, died 1873 (or 5), in Liverpool. Also of Joseph his son, who died at Kilterliltie, Tongland, on 11th Jan'y 1884, aged 73 years, and is interred here.


Inscription 004
God my redeemer of lives,
And ever from the skies, looks down,
And watches all my dust,
'Till he shall bid it rise.
In memory of David Thompson, late of the excise, who died at Greenhill, 29 May 1841, aged 31 years. Mary, his daughter who died 12th June 1839, aged 2 years. Jane McMieken, his mother, died 6th Feb. 1846, aged 72 years. David Thompson, his father, who died 1st July 1846 aged 73 years.


Inscription 005
Erected by Catherine Anderson in memory of John Anderson, her father, who died at Ringford, on the 1st of Nov. 1828, aged 75 years. And of Mary McNish, her mother, who died on the 28th of Oct. 1832, aged 81 years. Also the said Catherine Anderson, who died on the 30th of November 1835, aged 36 years. Robert Anderson, her brother, died at Ringford, 15 Feb. 1845, aged 66 years. Mary Anderson, her sister and spouse to Alex Millar, who died at Laurieston, 8th July 1856, aged 69 years. Marion, daughter of the above Robert Anderson, died at Tongland Village, 7th July 1877, aged 65 years.


Inscription 006
In memory of Eliza Napier Mitchell, died 22 September 1873, aged 42 years. Also Nicholas Mitchell, sister of the above, who died 17th May 1877, aged 60 years. Also Nicholas McMinn, wife of John Mitchell, who died 11th July 1879, aged 89 years. Also the said John Mitchell, who died 27th November 1881, aged 92 years. Jane Mitchell, their daughter, died 16th July 1904, aged 86 years.

Reverse: Alexander Mitchell, died 5 May 1835, aged 11 years.

006 006

Inscription 007
Erected in memory of William Murray, farmer in High Clauchan, who died 24th Oct’r. 1832, aged 65 years. And John, his son, who died at High Clauchan, 28 Feb. 1850 aged 29 years. Also Grace Minnoch, his wife who died the 7th June 1862 aged 87 years. Also William, his son, who died 26 April 1864, aged 51 years. Also Jane, his daughter, who died 23rd Oct’r. 1874, aged 70 years. Also Mary, his daughter, who died 21st July 1877, aged 79 years. Also James, his son who died at Liggattcheek, 12th August 1882, aged 72 years. Also Elizabeth, his daughter, who died 8th Feb. 1893 aged 80 years.


Inscription 008
In memory of Janet Robison, spouse of Samuel Whitewright, who died at Cullwha, the 19th of March 1828 aged 73 years. Also the said Samuel Whitewright, who died at Barnolas on the 20th May 1831, aged 79 years. Also of Agnes Whitewright his daughter, who died at Lyndin, U.S. America, on the 20th September 1867, aged 73 years. Also of Janet Whitewright, wife of William Thomson, who died at Kilquhanity on the 29th July 1866, aged 66 years.


Inscription 009
In memory of William Shaw, who died at Ringford, 10th Sept. 1859, aged 81 years. Also Mary Coltart, his spouse, who died at Ringford, 26 June 1864, aged 87 years. Also Margaret Shaw, his daughter, who died at Fludha, 9th June 1870, aged 71 years. Also Mary his daughter who died at Kirkcudbright, 21st June 1879, aged 79 years. Also Elizabeth, his daughter, who died at Kirkcudbright, 14th July 1887, aged 79 years.


Inscription 010
In memory of David McMinn, born 1800, died at High Clauchan 1839. Also Mary Thompson, relict of the above, who died at Killerlittle on the 25th September 1881 aged 85 years.

Reverse: Also in memory of David McMinn, thier son, who died in Ardmillan Terrace, Edinburgh, 2nd February 1892, aged 54 years.

010 010

Inscription 011
Sacred to the memory of William Brown, High Street, Kirkcudbright, born 20th September 1806, died 1st January 1866, aged 60 years. Richard Brown, son of the above, born 19th June 1833, died at 37 Amwell Street, London, 6 November 1858, aged 25 years. Jane Brown, daughter of the above William Brown, born 9th January 1842, died 27th April 1862, aged 19 years. Mary, wife of William Boyle, died at Merthyr Tydvil, 2nd June 1869, aged 30 years. Alexander died at Maidstone, 30th Sept. 1873, aged 33 years. William, died at Kirkcudbright, 28th Oct. 1871, aged 38 years. Mary Brown, relict of William Brown Senior, died at Kirkcudbright, 4th August 1883, aged 77 years. Margaret Brown, daughter of the above, who died 28th January 1915, aged 80 years. Erected by Mary Sproat, his beloved wife.


Inscription 012
In memory of John Robison, who departed this life April 22nd 1849, in the 76th year of his age. Also Margaret Crosbie, relict of the above who departed this life 1st Feb. 1859, in the 75th year of her age. Also James Dalling, his son-in-law, who died at Bridge of Dee, Nov. 22nd 1874, aged 61 years, and his infant son William, who died in 1842. Also Jane K. Robison, relict of James Dalling, who died the 14th Nov. 1890, aged 79 years. Also Jane, youngest daughter of James Dalling, who died 21st Sept. 1929, aged 86 years. Also Margaret Dalling, who died at Bridge of Dee, 18th Sept. 1944, advanced in years.


Inscription 013
Erected by Mary Richardson, in memory of her husband William Watson, blacksmith, who died 9th Feb, 1833, aged 62 years. Also their son John, who died in infancy. The above Mary Richardson, who died 9th May 1854, aged 84 years.


Inscription 014
In memory of Thomas Milroy, who died at Kelton Mill, the 12th February, 1823, aged 44 years. Also of Jane, his daughter, and wife to Samuel Ewart, merch., Whitehaven, who died there, 19th of May 1837, aged 29 years. Also Jane McBurnie, his wife, who died on the 31st of July 1838, aged 56 years. Also of Euphemia Milroy, their grand-daughter, who died on the 2nd of April 1840 aged 1 year. Also James Milroy, their son, who died on the 5th of April 1840, aged 34 years. Eliza McMinn, who died at Station Road, Dalbeattie, 15th Dec. 1899, aged 95 years.


Inscription 015
In loving memory of James Webster, who died at Whinnieliggate, 20th June 1941, aged 66 years. Also Jane Cunningham, his wife, died at Dumfries 8th April 1955, aged 83 years. Also George Webster, his father, died at Tongland 12th March 1902, aged 76 years. Also Janet Kirk, his mother, died at Tongland, 12th April 1903, aged 86 years.


Inscription 016
In memory of John Donaldson, late of Wolverhampton, who died at Castle Douglas, 6th March 1819, aged 34 years. Elizabeth Donaldson, his sister who died at Dunjarg, Parish of Crossmichael, 10th of March 1821, aged 27 years. Also Elizabeth Wilson Donaldson, spouse of James Donaldson Esq., of Valleyfield, who died 5th August 1844, aged 61 years.
Jesus can make a dying bed,
Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breath my life out sweetly there.


Inscription 017
In memory of Jean Whiterow, spouse of John Donaldson, who died at Valleyfield, Parish of Crossmichael, 17th of March 1824, aged 71 years. Samuel Donaldson, their son, who died at Valleyfield, the 17th of June 1821, aged 34 years. Also the said John Donaldson, who died at Valleyfield on the 20th of May 1828, aged 75 years.


Inscription 018
Here lyes John McGown of Bogrough, who died April 17th 174-, (plus more, illegible).


Inscription 019
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Houston, wife of Alex. Hay, blacksmith, who died at Culdoch Smithy on the 30th of April 1842, aged 38 years. Also the above Alex. Hay, who died at Culdoch Smithy, 24th Sept. 1896, aged 87 years. Also Nicholas, his eldest daughter, who died at Culdoch Smithy, 12th Nov. 1912, aged 77 years. And Elizabeth, his daughter, wife of Robert Henderson, who died at Glasgow, 12th March 1913, aged 76 years. Also James his son, who died at Helensburgh, 5th Feb. 1888, aged 48 years. Also Mary Hetherington Ireland, wife of Alexander Hay Jun’r., who died at Tongland, 12th January 1920 aged 66 years. Also the said Alexander Hay Jun’r., who died at Tongland, 21st Sept. 1921 aged 79 years.


Inscription 020
Erected in memory of Adam Gray, who died at Barstibly, on the 29th day of May 1843, aged 64 years. And of Margaret McClymont, his spouse, who died at Lodge of Kelton on the 24th day of June 1846 aged 49 years.