This is one of two websites building into a resource containing a variety of information to assist people researching their family trees where their ancestors came from the Stewartry (or County) of Kirkcudbright, or the local history of the county, as it existed prior to 1975 when county boundaries were removed and it became part of Dumfries and Galloway. Our sister website, which contains a comprehensive gazetteer of the county and lots of history and genealogy articles and links, can be found at www.kirkcudbright.co.

Monumental Inscriptions (M.I.’s)
During 2001 and 2002 all inscriptions on gravestones in the following parishes were transcribed and the gravestones photographed; Borgue, Buittle, Colvend, Parton, Rerrick, Tongland and Twynholm. In 2006/7 the inscriptions in Anwoth and Girthon parishes were photographed.

In the drop-down menu beneath the About menu item above there are 2 pages to allow search of the whole index. All inscriptions can also be viewed and searched for by selecting the relevant parish from the menu above.

Surnames beginning with Mc (eg. McCartney) often appeared in old documents in the form M’ (eg. M’Cartney). This website commonly converts M’ to Mc to assist search engine to retrieve relevant surnames.

Publication on the Internet
Should you be fortunate enough to find information on your ancestors here and use that information on your website, blog, forum, Facebook etc, or even if you just found it interesting, then a link back to this website – http://www.kirkyards.co.uk/ would be very welcome.

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