Anwoth New

This page lists transcriptions of the 271 visible and readable monumental inscriptions which were found in the New Kirkyard at Anwoth, near Gatehouse of Fleet, when it was surveyed just after the year 2000, accompanied by photographs of each monument. Use the search box, below right, to search this listing.

1.01Erected by James Hamilton in loving memory of Jane Carson his daughter (Jeannie late of Boreland) who died at Bush o’ Bield Anwoth 14th June 1902 aged 30 years. Isabella Sproat his wife who died also at Bush o’ Bield 7th Jan 1903 aged 57 years. Gavin Hamilton his son died at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 10th October 1907 aged 30 years. James Hamilton his son died at Ekalaka, Montana, U.S.A. 25th May 1909 aged 33 years. James Hamilton the erector died at Portville, Gatehouse 1st October 1914 aged 70 years. Frank Wilson youngest son of the erector who died at Limerick, Saskatchewan, Canada 31st Oct.1918 aged 33 years. George Alexander his son died in London 8th Oct.1939 aged 62 years. Margaret his daughter widow of William Milne died at Linlithgow 22nd Oct.1949 aged 66 years. Janette Hunter Walters their daughter died 19th June 1961 cremated at Worth Surrey “Blessed are the pure in heart.” Mary Agnes Kerr their daughter died 23rd July 1959 aged 78 years. Cremated at Watford.
1.02In loving memory of James McClellan who died 26th Sept 1906 aged 42 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Agnew Shedden who died 28th Jany 1946 aged 84 years. Also his eldest son James Shedden who died 3rd Feb. 1952 aged 62 years. Also his son Harry Allan M.M. who died 5th Jan.1966 husband of Janet Campbell who died 25th Sepr 1970.
1.03In loving memory of John Davidson Monro who died at High St. Gatehouse Novr 29th 1906 aged 67 years. Also Annabella, eldest daughter of the above who died at Mildmay Cottage Hospital London, April 2nd 1897 aged 25 years. “Peace perfect peace”. Also Jane Curtis widow of the above who died at High St. Gatehouse March 24th 1928 aged 85 years. Also Jane Monro their daughter and wife of Alex Montgomery who died Dec. 1st 1962 aged 84 years. Also Euphemia their daughter and wife of Arthur Barton who died Jan. 30th 1968 aged 87 years.
1.04Erected by Roger Walker in loving memory of his youngest son John William, born 22 January 1894, died 13 December 1900. Also his eldest daughter Hannah, born 27 September 1878, died 30 March 1907. Also his second son Roger, born 12 October 1884, died 17 October 1914. Roger Walker the erector born 10 May 1839, died 20 November 1916. Andrew Rome eldest son died 28 Aug 1948 and is interred in Barrow-in-Furness. Janet Rome widow of the erector died 17 Feb 1950. George third son died at Barrow-in-Furness 4 June 1972. Margaret Walker elder daughter died 10 February 1974 in her 94th year. Jessie Rome Walker younger daughter died 24 April 197[9] aged 86 years.
1.05In loving memory of Agnes Grace Little beloved wife of Alexander Muir, who died at Arkland 1st September 1907 aged 42 years. Mary Ramsay his daughter died at Davington, Eskdalemuir 19th Septr 1905 aged 17 years. Elizabeth Logg his daughter died at Arkland 18th April 1912 aged 20 years. Janet Harkness his daughter died at Arkland 22nd Jany 1917 aged 27 years. Also Alexander Muir died 26th January 1958 in his 97th year. Also Wilhelmina Little, his daughter, died 14th April 1979 aged 83 years.
1.06In loving memory of Isabella wife of Robert Graham who died at Hardcroft 1st Dec. 1910 aged 56 years. Also Mary daughter of the above died at Hardcroft 25th Oct. 1907 aged 21 years. Also the above Robert Graham who died at Hardcroft 19th May 1913 aged 56 years. Also of Thomas who died in infancy 1898. Also George Graham, died 22nd June 1957 aged 75 years. Also Mary Acheson wife of the above George Graham who died 13th Oct. 1968 aged 85 years.
1.07In loving memory of James Maltman who died at Bridge Terrace, Gatehouse on the 20th December 1907 aged 70 years. And Mary Forteath his wife who died at Bridge Terrace 11th March 1916 aged 79 years. And their daughter Agnes Johnston Campbell who died 25th January 1962 aged 87 years.
1.08In memory of Margaret McTaggart who died at Old Land 22 Sept. 1902 aged 79. Sarah McTaggart who died at Fleet St. Gatehouse 18 Feb. 1908 aged 88. William McTaggart who died at Fleet St. Gatehouse 12 Nov. 1909 aged 82.
1.09In memory of James Hyslop who died at Glen 2nd April 1909 aged 70 years. Isabella Walker his wife died at Glen 28th Jany. 1913 aged 73 years. Robert, grandson, who died in infancy.
1.11In loving memory of James McCreadie beloved husband of Mary McCreadie who died at Millmark, Anwoth, Gatehouse 3rd November 1910 aged 47 years. Mrs Mary McCreadie, widow of the above James McCreadie who died at Little Boreland, Gatehouse 20th August 1932 aged 64 years. Their beloved son William J. McCreadie who died at Helensburgh 31st August 1992 aged 87 years.
1.12Erected by Alex Montgomery in loving memory of his wife Jane McCreadie who died at Kirkbride 4th May 1[9]21 aged 67 [years]. And the said Alex Montgomery who died at Gatehouse 29th January 1928 aged [6]5 years.
2.01In loving memory of Jasper A. Proudlock (Sandy) died the result of an accident 23rd August 1999 aged 57 years, dearly loved husband of Christine Stewart.
2.02In loving memory of Lorna Wormald 1913 – 1999 beloved wife of the late Stanley Wormald late of Ilkley.
2.03In loving memory of Jean Miller Picken nee Bannatyne who died 25th March 1999 aged 84 years, dearly loved mother of Anne & Marylyn and wife of the late Kerr Picken.
2.04In loving memory of John Andrew McInally who died 5th April 2000 aged 80 years, dearly loved husband of Irene Shaw.
2.05Hugh Younie Wishart born Glasgow 1921 died Gatehouse 1999 beloved father of Madge and Susan, dearly loved husband of Trudi.
2.06In loving memory of Neil Campbell dearly loved son of Bobby and Helen, who died 9th Dec. 1998 aged 41 years. Also the above Robert James Campbell (Bobby) who died 8th Nov. 2005 aged 78 years.
2.07In loving memory of Sheila N. Brown born 15th July 1930 died 4th December 1998.
2.08Louise Jane Wright 22.12.1904 – 01.12.1998
2.09Alexander James Gunn born Edinburgh 11.12.1912 died Castle Douglas 28.05.1999 loved husband of Margaret Salisbury.
2.10In loving memory of Winnie Bremner who died 25th April 1998 aged 77 years. Loved wife of John Shaw who died 22nd March 2004 aged 84 years.
2.11In loving memory of A. Rennie Stenhouse born at Stepps 15th February 1911 died at Gatehouse of Fleet 5th February 1998.
2.12In loving memory of Rachael Wyatt Tingley 1926 – 1997 and Benjamin “Pete” Tingley 1925 – 2002.
2.13In loving memory of Norman Ramsay 1916 – 1999.
2.14In loving memory of our dear mother Jean Hyslop McKie who died 18th June 1997 aged 83 years.
2.15Ian Garnett Maclaren DFC TD 24.8.1915 – 16.2.1997. Also his beloved wife Annette Mary Birtwhistle 31.7.1921 – 6.3.2006. Requiescant in Pace.
2.16Edward R.R. Fingland born Moffat 1909 died Gatehouse 1996.
2.17In loving memory of Edith Agnes Davison who died 17th October 1996 aged 89 years beloved wife of Harry Dyson who died 12th March 1997 aged 88 years. Both formerly of Bradford.
2.18Marion Elizabeth Haldane. May the Lord love you as much as we miss you. 20/6/1939 – 8/10/2003, loving mum, sister and granny.
2.19William Alexander Shields 13.3.47 – 1.7.06
2.20In loving memory of Diana Frances Thom (nee Malim), 19 July 1916 - 29 October 1996. And William Francis John Maxwell Thom, 19 August 1915 - 16 November 2007. At Peace.
3.01In loving memory of Jeanie Pettigrew who died at Holecroft, Gatehouse 10th July 1909 aged 22 years. Also David Pettigrew who died at Hinton, Anwoth 12th August 1906 aged 1 year and 11 months. Also Helen Pettigrew who died 17th November 1909 aged 31 years. Also Christina Pettigrew who died 3rd February 1910 in her 59th year.
3.02In loving memory of Alexander Logg who died at Goatend Cottage 20th March 1906 aged 76 years. Margaret Logg his daughter who died in infancy. Elizabeth Ramsay, his wife, died at Little Boreland 23rd March 1912 aged 86 years.
3.03In loving memory of Hugh, second son of Hugh and Mary Thomson who died at High Auchenlarie 26th Novr 1905 aged 21 years. Also John, eldest son, who died at Johannesburg, South Africa, 11th July 1919 aged 36 years. Also Mary McKie, wife of Hugh Thomson, Auchenlarie, born 4th July 1866, died 24th April 1922. Also the above Hugh Thomson, born 1851, died 30th August 1933.
3.04In loving memory of James Muir who died at Little Boreland 21st November 1905 aged 71 years. Also his grand-daughter Mary Muir who died suddenly at Little Boreland June 18th 1909 aged 28 years. Maggie, eldest daughter of James Muir, died at Little Boreland 9th Dec. 1921 aged 63 years. Mary Ramsay his widow who died 11th May 1925 in her 96th year.
Erected by his son John Muir.
3.05In loving memory of Robert McDonald born at Gatehouse Sept. 8th 1826 died at Kirkclaugh Novr 30th 1903. For 62 years the faithful friend and servant of the McCullochs at Ardwall and Kirkclaugh. “Well done good and faithful servant”. Matthew 25.23. Also Jane Milligan, his wife, born 7th Jan. 1826 died 6th Oct. 1907. “Peace Perfect Peace”. Also Jane, their daughter, died 20th Sept. 1935 aged 83 years.
3.06In loving memory of Joseph Johnstone who died at Boreland 18th Sept. 1903 aged 52 years. Wilhelmina his daughter died at Boreland 6th August 1903 aged 26 years. Elizabeth his daughter died at Dumfries Infirmary 8th Nov. 1908 aged 20 years. Elizabeth Dempster, his wife died 11th Jany 1923 aged 68 years. James his son died at Standingstone, Borgue, 27th March 1973, aged 79 years.
3.07Erected by Henry Bertram in loving memory of Agnes Satterthwaite his wife who died at Boatgreen, Gatehouse on 1st July 1902 aged 77 years. Also the erector who was born 18th July 1825 and died at Catherine Street, Gatehouse, on the 3rd March 1906. Also Robert youngest son of the above and beloved husband of Susannah Bertram who died at Digby Street, Gatehouse Oct. 21st 1908 aged 45 years. “Not my will but thine be done”.
3.08In memory of Thomas Ponton for over 40 years gamekeeper at Cardoness. Died June 4th 1902 aged 73 years. Also Elizabeth Ponton his wife who died at Boatgreen, Gatehouse 11th March 1905 aged 74 years. 1. John V.11 This stone is erected by Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness to mark his appreciation of a valued and faithful servant. Also Margaret Jane their daughter who died at Durban, S.A. 25th Jan. 1943 aged 76 years.
4.01In loving memory of John Waugh who died at Boatgreen, Gatehouse, April 22nd 1912 aged 71 years. Elizabeth Kelly wife of the above who died at Boatgreen, Jany 16th 1929 in her 87th year.
“At Rest”.
4.02In memory of Patrick, youngest and dearly beloved son of Patrick Kinnel died 26th June 1913 aged 25 years. Also his daughter Janet died 18th Sept. 1878 aged 6 years and 7 months. The said Patrick Kinnel who died 19th Oct. 1916 aged 63 years.
“At Rest”.
4.03In loving memory of John Sproat who died at Laggan, Anwoth, 17th November 1913 aged 42 years. Also his son John, Capt R.A. killed in action in Italy 21st Jany 1944 aged 29 years. Also John, son of James & Mary Sproat, Laggan, died in infancy 4th April 1944. Also Esther W. McAdam wife of John Sproat, Laggan, died at Gatehouse on 2nd February 1965 aged 85 years.
4.04In loving memory of Peter Boyle who died at Laundry Cottage, Cardoness, Gatehouse of Fleet, 2nd Jany 1914 aged [6]5 years. Margaret Hill his wife who died at Creetown 25 Jan. 1937 aged 82 years.
4.05In loving memory of Robert Stevenson who died at Skyreburn 19th Oct. 1914 aged 78 years. Also [Joan] Stevenson [his wife] who died 18th Jan. 19-2 aged 88 years
4.06Erected by James Campbell in loving memory of Jessie Hume his wife who died at Brewery Cottage 21st August 1916 aged 44 years. Also the above James Campbell who died 31st May 1950 aged 81 years.
In loving memory of Robert Stevenson, who died at Skyreburn 19th Octr 1914, aged 76 years. Also Jane Stevenson, his wife who died 19th Jan. 1930 aged 88 years.
4.07Erected by James Orr in loving memory of his wife Hester Martin Campbell died 2nd May 1948 aged 51 years.
5.01In loving memory of John K. Johnstone died 1st Dec. 1991 aged 54 years. Dear son of Susan and David Johnstone, Heck, Lockerbie, and belove husband of Catherine Wyllie.
5.02Andrew Christie, papermaker, born Glasgow 13th August 1911 died Gatehouse of Fleet 2nd March 1992.
5.03In loving memory of Delia Munro Kerr born at York 8th February 1914 died 29th March 1992 and of her husband John Martine Munro Kerr born at Stirling 25th October 1910 died 7th April 1996.
May love and perpetual light shine upon them.
5.04Ann born 9th September 1923 died 8th October 1992 beloved wife of Colin Rowsell of Lagganmullan, Major, Coldstream Guards, born 2nd January 1919 died 29th February 2000. R.I.P.
5.05Graeme McGill Duncan Duncan born 8th April 1926 died 27th June 2007. Sadly missed and not forgotten. Catherine Duncan.
5.06In loving memory of Anne Rosemary Harvey, born Sadler, 21st April 1933 – 24th May 1993 wife of Thomas Colin Harvey much love mother of Thomas, James and Emma.
God be in my head and in my understanding, God be in mine eyes and in my looking, God be in my heart and in my loving, God be at mine end and in my departing.
5.07In loving memory of Margaret D. Jeffrey who died 15th September 1993 aged 39 years beloved wife of Charles M. Jeffrey loving mother of Alan Paul.
5.08In loving memory of David John “Jack” Wood born 3.11.25 died 6.11.93. Also his wife Eileen Wood born 28.4.26 died 4.8.94.
5.09In loving memory of Alexander (Sandy) Baird 1939 – 1994 beloved husband of Isabel.
5.10Cedric Arthur Spivey Ariba, Longacre, Boreland Wood, 1911 – 1994 and his beloved wife Alice 1907 – 1999.
5.11In loving memory of Kenneth Robson “Ken” who died 14th Dec. 1994 aged 63 years, dearly loved grandson of the late Ken and Mina Robson much loved by Peggy. Sadly missed.
5.12Treasured memories of “Bob” a much loved Dad & dearly loved Husband Robert H.G. Fairbairn died 3rd February 2005, aged 67 years. R.I.P.
5.13In loving memory of Caroline Dowell born Oct. 18th 1916 died April 20th 1996.
Here let me lie in this chosen plot where through my slumbers the Solway Sea will croon her song eternally. Cradled below the quiet hills where gushing silver sparkling rills send lasting peace to me.
5.14HOLMES. In loving memory of Hamish Holmes J.P. died 7th September 1998 aged 68 years. Dearly loved husband of Molly Hutton.
5.15In loving memory of Thomas Blain Dalziel born 6 ------ ---- travelled the World and died ----- ----- -----.
5.16Erected by William Irvine in loving memory of his wife Mary Smylie Griffin died 13th Aug.1948 aged 60 years. Also her mother Mgt J Hanlon died 9th Jan.1949 aged 87 years. Also the erector William Irvine died 25th March 1957 aged 69 years.
5.17C : In loving memory of John Campbell beloved husband of Hannah Coulthard died at Merok, Twynholm 2nd Jan.1947 aged 78 years. Also Hannah Coulthard, died at Merok, Twynholm 5th Dec.1950, aged 78 years, his beloved wife.
5.18In loving memory of our dear parents Thomas Airdrie Davidson 17.10.1909 – 18.6.1946. And his beloved wife Jane Dalling Sneddon 21.7.1907 – 9.4.1974.
5.19D : In loving memory of Thomas C. Dunning, Fleet Street, Gatehouse, born 16th May 1871, died 20th March 1946. Also his beloved wife Mary A. Moore who also fell asleep in Jesus on 27th July 1947. Also Letitia McEwan Dunning elder daughter of the above who passed to her eternal rest on 5th October 1969. Also Janet Carmichael Dunning younger daughter of the above who also fell asleep in Jesus on 16th January 1992 aged 90 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”
5.20In loving memory of Lilias Rodan beloved wife of James Johnston, who died 12th March 1945 aged 70 years. Also the above James Johnston who died 16th June 1949 aged 77 years.
6.01McC : In loving memory of Samuel McCreadie who died at Kirkbride Cottage 24th June 1942 aged 84 years. Also Margaret Hogg his wife who died at Kirkbride Cottage 12th Feby 1944 aged 77 years. Also their daughter Robina Jane who died 23rd March 1992 aged 92 years.
6.02H : In loving memory of John Holmes, Boatgreen, beloved husband of Elizabeth Helen Ireland died 6th July 1943 aged 67 years. Also the above Elizabeth Helen Ireland, died at New Galloway, 17th April 1956 aged 79 years.
6.03Inscription to follow.
6.04In loving memory of Josephine Gilchrist (Josie) died 8th April 1944 aged 24 years, beloved wife of Robert Wotherspoon (Rab) also their son Robert Wotherspoon (Bobby) died 7th April 1989 aged 48 years, beloved husband of Kaye.
Robert a kind and true friend sadly missed by all his old B/Airways friends.
6.05Inscription to follow.
6.06In loving memory of Lt. Col. Harry E. Macfarlane D.S.O, M.C. late 9th Queens Own Hussars born Aug.5th 1885. Died Sep.9th 1944, of Little Boreland, Gatehouse-of-Fleet. “Extinctus Amabitur Idem”.
6.07Joanna Brenda Durran of Caledon, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, 1913 – 1991 and her husband Percy Durran 1911 – 2003.
6.08In loving memory of George Porter B.E.M. “Glen Cottage” who died 30th January 1991aged 78 years. Dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Anderson who died 16th December 1999 aged 84 years. PORTER.
6.09Angela Mary Foster died 16th November 1998 wife of W.K.F. Farraday. “Now at Peace”.
6.10In loving memory of Annie Beattie Farraday who died 16th Decr. 1990 aged 74 years. Beloved wife of William Kenneth Farraday who died 12th March 1995 aged 87 years. R.I.P.
6.11In loving memory of Mary Reed who died 25th May 1990 aged 58 years. Beloved mother and grandmother. “See you later”.
6.12In loving memory of Dr William Ewart McCready MB. BCH. BAO. DO. born December 1922 died February 1990. Dear father of David, beloved husband of Norah Mason, born September 1923 died April 2005 who also lies here.
Et Exspecto Resurectionem.
6.13Jean Newlands nee McGregor MB ChB DPH Hellenic Red Cross Medal , widow of Oliver Gray MB ChB, born Newmains 1901 died Gatehouse 1989.
6.14In memory of Our Little Angel, Liam McKnight who tried so hard to be everything we ever wanted. God bless you, Mum & Dad XXX
6.15In loving memory of John Shields who died 5th September 2001 aged 79 years. Much loved husband of Sheila Shaw who died 15th August 2004 aged 77 years.
6.16In loving memory of Adam McKnight who died 19th November 1991 aged 64 years. Dearly love husband of Janet Hamilton who died 9th June 2002 aged 67 years. Both greatly loved and missed.
6.17H : In loving memory of Robert T. Hamilton of Newton Farm died 9th August 1988 aged 60 years. Dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Proudlock and dear father of the family.
6.18In loving memory of our dear sister Agnes R. Johnstone who died 27th August 1989 aged 75 years. Also our dear sister Janet N. Johnstone who died 17th July 1991 aged 86 years. Sadly missed.
6.19In loving memory of Janet King Robertson died 23rd June 1988 aged 70 years. Beloved wife of Robert Hamilton, formerly Parish Minister Anwoth and Kelso.
6.20In loving memory of Kenneth Fraser Mackintosh who died at Carsluith on 6th June 1988 aged 77 years.
6.21C : In loving memory of William Coupland aged 28 years and his beloved wife Kathleen Hamilton aged 25 years. They died as a result of a tragic accident on 3rd June 1988. Loved and missed by all who knew them.
6.22In loving memory of Annie Clark Tait beloved wife of Robert Veitch who died 29th March 1988 aged 67 years. Also the above Robert Veitchwho died 7th May 1995 aged 74 years. Also their dear daughter J. Alison Veitch who died 20th April 2005 aged 47 years.
6.23In loving memory of George Ian Jackson H.E.O. H.M. Customs & Excise who died 14th Novr. 1987 aged 42 years. Beloved husband of Senga Milroy, loving father of Craig & Lorna.
7.01In loving memory of Janet Johnston, beloved wife of William Irvine, who died at Boreland Cottages, Anwoth, 2nd July 1939, aged 57 years. Also the above William Irvine, who died at Standingstone, Borgue, 19th January 1970, aged 88 years. Also their son Robert, who died 14th August 1984 aged 67 years. Also their daughter Wilhelmina who died at Castle Douglas, 25th May 1993, aged 79 years.
7.02Erected by Robert McKie in loving memory of John McKie, his son who died at Earlston, Borgue, 25th January 1940 aged 39 years. Also Jane Cuthbertson, beloved wife of Robert McKie, who died at Earlston, Borgue, 6th July 1942 aged 73 years. Also Allan McKie, great grandson of Robert McKie, who died at Earlston, Borgue, 15th Jany 1942 aged 6? months. Also the above Robert McKie who died at Carlingwark House, 11th June 1954 aged 82 years.
7.03In loving memory of George McKenzie Fraser, beloved husband of Janet Johnstone, who died at Anwoth, 30th September 1940 aged 47 years.
7.04In loving memory of Mabel, daughter of John & Harriet Holmes, who died at Boatgreen 21st July 1944 aged 14 years. Also Mabel Airlie her aunt who died 21st Jan.1943 aged 37 years. Also Harriet, dearly loved wife of John Holmes, who died 16th Sept 197[6] aged 76 years. Also John Holmes, beloved husband of the above Harriet who died 13th Aug.1972 aged [73] years.
7.05Inscription to follow.
7.06In loving memory of Agnes R. Kerr who died 18th October 1987, much loved mother & grandmother, beloved wife of Sam Campbell who died 22nd Decr. 1999 aged 82 years. “They’ll miss her most who knew her best.”
7.07In memory of Jean H. Michie who died 16th June 1987 aged 87 years dear wife of Alex. R. Lee who died 30th May 1988 aged 89 years. Loving parents of Nancy.
7.08In loving memory of Howard Forsyth who died 11th June 1987 aged 45 years. Dearly loved husband of Bride Bryan and much loved father of Claire and Alan. Loved by all who knew him.
7.09In loving memory of John Alistair Wingrove Spurgin died 23rd December 1984 aged 62 years.
7.10In loving memory of William McEleavey beloved husband of Margaret Shaw and dear father of Billy who died 10th May 1988 aged 73 years. Also his beloved wife Margaret Shaw who died 14th July 2007 aged 78 years.
7.11In loving memory of John Jackson beloved husband of Barbara Thomson Glass who died 25th Octr. 1983 aged 71 years. Also the above Barbara Thomson Glass who died 22nd Jany. 1996 aged 81 years.
7.12In fondest memory D. Gerald Sadler 29.10.31 – 26.7.92 much loved and always remembered by all family and friends. “Pax Vobis.”
7.13In loving memory of a dear husband & father Harry Dawson died 6th October 1983 aged 40 years.
7.14In loving memory of Thomas Parker Allen died 6th July 1983 aged 78 years. Beloved husband of Bertha Rose died 24th Dec. 1988 aged 85 years. Also their son John Hamilton Allen died 31st Oct. 1986 aged 47 years.
7.15R : In loving memory of Margaret McMinn who died 21st June 1983 aged 60 years. Beloved wife of Andrew Robb who died 5th May 2004 aged 84 years. Sadly Missed.
7.16In loving memory of Marion Clannahan who died 26th Jany. 1983 aged 67 years. Beloved wife of James Shields who died 13th May 1990 aged 70 years.
7.17In memory of Helen Rennie, sometime sister Cresswell Maternity Hospital Dumfries, died 17th May 1982 aged 61 years.
8.01In loving memory of Margaret Hardie Maclean, dearly loved fourth daughter of the late Erskine & Christina of Greenock & Liverpool, who died at Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 26th August 1935. Jane Brown their dearly beloved second daughter who died at Gatehouse-of-Fleet 15th Feby 1942. Christina Hardie Steele beloved wife of the late James Small Steele and sister of the above who died at Ormskirk 26th Novr 1943 and was interred [at Liverpool].
8.02In loving memory of Alexander Wellwood Jameson elder son of Colonel A.M. Jameson, 1st Sept. 1928 – 3rd Feby. 1982. Also his wife Louise Gresley Godfrey 31st May 1939 -29th Dec. 1999.
8.03In loving memory of Hilda M. Littlefair dearly loved wife of George B. Eland who died 15th June 1981 aged 69 years.
8.04C : In loving memory of Jean Docherty Donnelly who died 6th April 1981 beloved wife of Allan Campbell. Also Jessie Barrowman aunt of the above cremated at Kettering 19th August 1983.
8.05James Graham Commander R.N. born Singapore 1898, died Gatehouse 1980. Also his wife Lois E. Duncan born Kirkmahoe 1904, died Gatehouse 1984. In loving memory.
8.06In loving memory of Robert B.B. McCulloch dearly loved husband of Mary C. Tinlin who died 25th March 1981 aged 41 years, dear father of Yvonne, Leslie, John & Victoria.
8.07H : Sacred to the memory of John Gorman Hunter late of Bush o’Beild who died 13th March 1981 aged 70 years. “At home with our Lord”. Also his wife Annie McCartney who died 22nd Sept 1986, cremated at Carlisle.
8.08In loving memory of Isabella Thomson who died 22nd Jany 1980 aged 80 years, beloved wife of William Kerr McNally who died 24th Feby 1982 aged 81 years. Dear father and mother of the family.
8.09In loving memory of Emily Wadsworth dearly loved wife of John and mother of Frank and Jeremy died 1st Jan. 1980. Also the above Lt. Col. John Alfred Wadsworth died 30th Oct. 1993
8.10McC : In loving memory of John McCreath beloved husband of Nancy died 5th Nov. 1979 aged 54 years. Also Nancy died 31st Aug. 1994 aged 62 years.
8.11M : In loving memory of Norman Maxwell died 10th Aug. 1979 aged 63 years beloved husband of Mary Wilson who died 19th June 2003 aged 85 years. Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.
8.12In loving memory of Robert Peter Reid McGlashan of Rutherford, Gatehouse died 17th July 1979 aged 71 years. And of his wife Irene Margaret McClagan Wedderburn, born Ceylon 16th August 1915 died Edinburgh 27th April 1994.
8.13In loving memory of Margaret Fairlie Morton beloved wife of Kennedy McCreath and dear mother of Pat who died 3rd July 1979. Also the above Kennedy McCreath dear father of Pat who died 24th May 2000.
8.14In memory of John Kelly who died on 6th January 1979 aged 67 years. Alexander Kelly beloved husband of Nora Barber, Jeddeworth, Glebe Street, Dumfries, born 21.8.1907 died 6.7.1983
9.01Inscription to follow.
9.02Inscription to follow.
9.03Inscription to follow.
9.04Inscription to follow.
10.01In loving memory of Thomas Nichol who died 30th Octr 1932 aged 44 years. His wife Janet Patterson died 19[8]1.
10.02In loving memory of John Pritchard who died at Skyreburn 27th February 1933 in his 69th year. Jessie Pollock his wife who died at Skyreburn 15th Novr 1935 in her 73rd year. Gavin Anderson their son accidentally killed near Emerald, Queensland, 20th June 1925 in his 20th year.
10.03In loving memory of William Craig Flint 36 years minister of Fort Augustus. Born Feb 2{7]th 185[9]. Died Nov 1st 19[66]. And his wife Katherine Maud [S]yam born Aug 1st 1873, died Jan 5th 1943. “Faithful unto death”.
10.04In loving memory of William McKeand who died at Perth 6th May 1933 and is interred in Anwoth Old Churchyard. Also of Annie Nelson Woodrow, his wife, who died at Perth 25th Decr 1942. Also Jemima Woodrow, her sister who died at Borgue, 27th Jan.1947 aged 81 years.
10.05In loving memory of John Mackay who died 9th Oct.1934 aged [6/8]4. George his son who died at Liverpool 19th Nov.1940 aged 34. Jean his daughter who died at Gatehouse 8th May 1941 aged 33. Mary Elizabeth Monro beloved wife of the above died 31st Aug.1946 aged 70. Anna Monro Mackay their daughter died 27th Sep 1995 aged 86. Alexander Donald Mackay their grandson, died 5th June 2000.
10.06In loving memory of Janet Gordon “Jen” loving wife of John Belford who passed to her rest 12th August 1935 in her 67th year. Also the said John Belford who passed to his rest 27th August 1951 in his 83rd year at ‘Moravia’, Gatehouse. Also of Agnes Annie daughter of John and Janet Belford died 21st May 1960. Mizpah.
10.07P : In loving memory of Janet S. Ferguson dearly loved wife of Louis H.W. Parker died 2nd Jan. 1979 aged 50 years. Also the above Louis H.W. Parker died 6th March 2002 aged 75 years. Dearly loved mum & dad of Janice & Wallace.
10.08Alison Cook Gaunt nee Duncan born at Edinburgh 14th June 1901 died at Castle-Douglas 19th July 1985.
10.09Thomas George McGill Duncan M.C. , artist, January 1896 – June 1978. Christine Saunders McGill Duncan, wife, March 1899 – April 1994.
10.10In loving memory of Andrew (Drew) McCulloch died as the result of an accident on the 26th March 1978 aged 27 years. Loved and respected by all who knew him. Rest in Peace.
10.11George : In loving memory of George McCulloch, Gatehouse of Fleet, born 19th Oct. 1940, died 20th Oct. 2004. Dearly loved dad, wonderful granddad, a very dear brother and an untiring promoter of this community. “For a’ that an’ a’ that...”
10.12George McCulloch (Auchenlarie) born 25th October 1911 died 20th December 1984. Beloved husband of Mary Wyllie, and dear father of George, Jim, Douglas, Ronnie, Winnie, Drew, Mary Agnes and Wyllie. Also the above Mary Wyllie born 1st January 1920 died 1st November 1989.
10.13In loving memory of James K. Dougan died 23rd December 1977 aged 56 years. Beloved husband of Annie Bryan.
10.14Margaret S. Dick born 6th August 1898 die 10th August 1977. And her husband Ian D. Macintyre born 23rd October 1899 died 11th January 1982.
11.01In memory of the Reverend Robert Blackstock McGlashan M.A. for 48 years Minister of Girthon & Anwoth UF Church, latterly Rutherford Church, Gatehouse died 13th August 1931 aged 73. His daughter Ruth Marjorie wife of the Rev. J.W.Ross died 21st December 1930 aged 35. His wife Mary Bardsley Reid died 6th December 1934 aged 68. His daughter Mary Veitch died 31st August 1963 aged 71.
Also their daughter Susannah Gay Lamb 1 May 1942 – 6 April 1999 beloved wife of Redvers and mother of David.
In loving memory of Edward McCabe, died 4th February 2008, aged 63 years, beloved husband of Jacqueline Anne McCabe.
Also their daughter Joyce Bardsley Griffiths October 1904 – December 1995 and her husband David Maurice Griffiths August 1907 – April 1996.
11.02W : In loving memory of John Wilson beloved husband of Ellen Wilson who died 26th Nov.1931 aged 59 years. Also the above Ellen Wilson who died 16th Feb.1963 aged 88 years. “Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly, will God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why”.
11.03In memory of Annie Gordon, beloved wife of Charles Murchie, Fleet Bank, Gatehouse, who died 14th December 1931 aged 72 years. Also John Belford, their son, who died 12th March 1899 aged 6 months. Also Charles Murchie, beloved husband of above who died 22nd February 1933 aged 78 years. Marion Clark, their beloved daughter and wife of Walter Thompson died 16th Jan.1958 aged 73 years. Janet their beloved daughter, wife of James Burns, died 1st Jan.1964 aged 76 years. Sarah daughter of above died 29th Jan.1968 aged 72 years. Elizabeth daughter of above died 6th Nov.1975 aged 82 years.
11.04In loving memory of Jessie Louisa daughter of Thomas & Annie Phillips and wife of Louis Smith died 25th April 1932 aged 28 years. The said Louis Smith died 16th May 1933 aged 32 years. Also the said Thomas Phillips who died at Cuill Cottage, Rusko, 10th March 1938 aged 52 years. “At Rest”.
11.05H : In loving memory of James Heron who died at Fleetview 27th April 1932 aged 59. Elizabeth Kelly his wife died 18th Aug.1936 aged 58.
11.06In memory of John Muir, farmer, who died at Wee Boreland, Gatehouse on 25th July 1932 aged 76. Also Robina Hogg or Muir his wife who died at Wee Boreland 29th August 1957 aged 74.
11.07P : In loving memory of Jasper Proudlock beloved husband of Ina Carson who died 22nd June 1977 aged 66 years. Also the above Andrewina Carson (Ina) who died 25th May 1985 aged 72 years.
11.08In loving memory of Isabella W. Belford died 27th March 1977 aged 57 years, beloved wife of Gordon Bain died 9th December 1984 aged 72 years at The Oaks, Twynholm.
11.09In loving memory of Mowat Shaw beloved husband of Jessie Nichol died 2nd February 1977 aged 86 years. Also the above Jessie Nichol died 25th September 1978 aged 83 years.
11.10Marjorie Rodd wife of Ernest Townsend 1896 – 1977.
11.11In memory of Arthur James Watson Stonebridge died 7th June 1976 aged 65 years, dearly loved husband of Marjorie.
11.12In loving memory of Margaret C. Bell wife of Hugh McCulloch who died 7th Feby. 1976 aged 68 years.
11.13W : In loving memory of Catherine Campbell beloved wife of William Wilson who died 19th August 1975 aged 81 years. Also the above William Wilson who died 24th Sept. 1985 aged 93 years.
11.14H : In loving memory of my husband and our father Robert W. Harper of 14 Riverbank who died 16th August 1975 aged 52 years. Also our dear mother Marjory Shaw who died 26h June 1976.
11.15In ever loving memory of David Quentin Hope Agnew Col. 6/19 Hyderabad Regt. Born 1900 – died 1975. Psalm XV. And of his beloved wife Janet died September 1980.
11.16In loving memory of Harold Bishop 1902 – 1974. Also his wife Margaret Joan Bishop 1911 – 2004. R.I.P.
11.17L : In loving memory of Flora MacDonald died at The Crag, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, 11th March 1975 aged 86 years. Beloved wife of Claud H. Lockwood died 18th Sept. 1979 aged 80 years.
11.18Margaret McAdam 1894 – 1982. Mother of Jean and Joy.
11.19Thomas Miller 1925 – 1974
12.01M : In loving memory of John Macnamara beloved husband of Helen Mackintosh who died 24th October 1874 aged 76 years. Also the above Helen Mackintosh (Ella) who died 20th Sept 1987 aged 82 years.
12.02A : In loving memory of William Ovens Amos beloved husband of Mabel Topping died at Kirkclaugh 21st July 1973 aged 76 years. Also the above Mabel Amos died 30th May 1991 aged 85 years.
12.03S : Sacred to the memory of James Shields beloved husband of Nellie Dorrance who died 8th June 1973 aged 79 years. Also the above Nellie O. Dorrance who died 3rd March 1979 aged 90 years.
12.04B : In loving memory of Sarah B. Cowan beloved wife of William J. Bryan who died at Dumfries Infirmary 29th January 1973 aged 51 years. Also the above William J. Bryan died 18th August 1995 aged 75 years.
12.05T : In loving memory of John J. Tweedie beloved husband of Grace Lochrie who died at Ardwall 15th February 1972 aged 61 years. Also the above Grace Lochrie who died 11th Dec. 1989 aged 86 years. Dearly loved mother, grannie and friend.
12.06In loving memory of Mary Grant Walker who died 23rd Nov. 1971 aged 60 years. Dearly loved wife of William S. McCredie who died 31st Aug. 1992 aged 87 years.
12.07B : In loving memory of William Bryan beloved husband of Martha McGarva who died 24th June 1971 aged 79 years. Also the above Martha McGarva who died at 14 Digby St. 13th July 1972 aged 77 years.
12.08In loving memory of J. Gibson Parkhill, postmaster, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, beloved husband of Elizabeth Lockerbie, died 12th June 1971. Also in loving memory of Elizabeth Lockerbie, postmistress, who died at Royal Infirmary, Dumfries 26th December 1972.
Lath’-eigin ’nuair a’ ghoinne a ghas sinn a rithist, gabhaidh mi-fhin ‘s thu-fhein guert le gheile ri taobh a’Ghladaigh sin ann an Alba is aill leinn.
12.09In memory of Margaret Clare Balfour-Paul who died on 29th March 1971 set here in love by her family.
12.10In loving memory of James Moffat, Glen, Gatehouse who died 21st Dec. 1970 belove husband of Elizabeth McKie who died 21st April 1973
13.01Erected by Robert Jardine, Riverside, Anwoth, in loving memory of Arthur Thomas, his eldest son, who fell at Arras on 12th April 1917, aged 26 years. And Robert Eustace his second son who fell at Arras on 9th May 1917 aged 22 years. Also Addie Gordon his beloved wife who passed away at Riverside on 22nd June 1930 aged 67 years. And the said Robert Jardine who also passed away at Riverside on 15th June 1937 aged 82 years. Also Alexander Gordon his third son who died at London on 28th May 1960 aged 64 years. Cremated at Golders Green. Also John Fraser Broadfoot, his youngest son, beloved husband of Gracie Fergusson, who died at Dumfries Infirmary on 1st Oct.1968 aged 66 years. Also the above Gracie Fergusson who died on 6th August 1990 aged 86 years.
“Until the great reunion.”
13.02In loving memory of Alex. Sloane Kennedy, Ardwall Lodge, who died 7th May 1930 aged 80 years. Also Jane Kirk his wife who died 18th April 1953 aged 88 years.
13.03In loving memory of Fraser M.C.Bell, beloved son of William & Agnes Bell, who died 15th June 1929 aged 26 years. Also the above William Bell who died on 8th Sept 1944 aged 67 years. Agnes McNally, beloved wife of above who died 4th Octr 1954 aged 79 years. “At Rest”.
13.04In loving memory of Margaret Gibb wife of George Orr, gamekeeper, died at Bridge Terrace, Gatehouse 31st December 1928. And the above George Orr died 16th Nov.1946 aged 87 years. Also their daughter Helen Lang, died 1st August 1954.
14.01Sacred to the memory of Alick Gardiner who died at Upper Rusko 26th March 1927 aged 23 years. His father John Gardiner who died 8th April 1941 aged 72 years. Grace Grierson Hunter beloved wife of John Gardiner who died at Kirkcudbright 6th December 1953 aged 83 years. Their daughters Mary born 23-5-1902 died 15-9-1974, Isobel born 25-12-1910 died 13-2-1995, Gracie Helen born 18-2-1908 died 22-5-1997.
Their son Thomas Hunter Gardiner who died at Upper Rusko 30th April 1970 aged 64 years. Also Mary Sutcliffe his wife who died 19th February 2005 aged 94 years.
14.02T : In loving memory of Andrew Thomson who died 5th February 1959 aged 67 years. Also Eliza Logan his beloved wife who died 30th July 1976. Also Elspeth M.A.Thomson who died 22nd January 1928 aged 2 years.
14.03In loving memory of James Gillone who died at Gatehouse 1st March 19[25] in his 71st year. Also his son Pte Alexander Gillone K.O.S.B. who was killed in action in France 11th April 1918 in his 21st year. Jane Gillone died 15th May 1934 in her 75th year.
14.04In loving memory of Martha Lambie beloved wife of William Johnston who died at Bush o’ Bield 27th June 1928 aged 70 years. Also the above William Johnston who died at Bush o’ Bield 2-th Feby 1930 aged 71 years. Also their daughter Mary who died at Minniwick 14th Aug. 1970 aged 73 years.
14.05In memory of ----- ----- wife of Anthony - McLelland, who died at New ---- --- Novr [1929] aged – years. Also the above ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----.
14.06In loving memory of Jane Grieve Stewart , wife of Joseph J. Grierson who died at Lower Auchenlarie 24th October 1927 aged [3]7 years. Also the above Joseph John Grierson who died 20th December 19[39] aged [73] years.
14.07F : In loving memory of Daisy Bell died 29th May 1972 aged 74 years beloved wife of Angus Farmer who died suddenly on 3rd March 1977 aged 75 years.
14.08Helen Mary Woodrow born at Newton Stewart 1887 died 28th December 1969 widow of E.W.Russell of Drumwalls, Gatehouse of Fleet, who died at Lisbon 27th January 1963.
14.09D : In loving memory of Catherine Corrie died at Arkland 8th Aug. 1969 aged 67 years. Beloved wife of William Doak died 2nd March 1983 aged 73 years.
14.10In loving memory of Mary A. Hay beloved wife of Hamilton J. McCreadie who died 27th January 1969 aged 73 years. Also the above Hamilton J. McCreadie who died 19th April 1982 aged 84 years.
14.11To the beloved memory of Sir Marston Logan K.B.E, C.M.G. who died at Gatehouse-of-Fleet on September 30th 1968 aged 79 years. Also his dearly loved wife Janet Colville who died on December 8th 1990 aged 96 years.
14.12In memory of Eunice Jane Scatcherd born 26-5-47 died 16-2-67. Also her father Edward A. Scatcherd died 14-4-61.
14.13In remembrance of Eliza Ann Gilbert Drummond Jardine born 19th July 1883 died 27th Novr 1966, dearly loved wife of James McLean Anderson, Supt. Engineer Alfred Holt & Co. And Glen Line Ltd who died 31st May 1985 and also rests here.
“Home is the Sailor”.
14.14C : In loving memory of Allan Campbell beloved husband of Isabella Kimm who died at 16 Digby Street 20th Novemver 1966 aged 62 years. Also the above Isabella Kimm who died 5th August 1998 aged 89 years.
14.15B : In loving memory of Jessie McQueen beloved wife of Charles Broadfoot who died at Skyreburn Cottage 5th October 1966 aged 86 years. Also the above Charles Broadfoot who died at Skyreburn Cottage 12th April 1967 aged 91 years. And their daughter Grace Chadwick who died 12th July 1994 aged 83 years.
14.16McK : In loving memory of Jessie G. McSkimming beloved wife of Niven McKenzie who died 13th Jan. 1973 aged 78 years.
14.17In loving memory of George McCrone beloved husband of Sally Cochrane died 10th March 1965 aged 61 years. Also the above Sally Cochrane died 10th Nov. 1974 aged 69 yeras. Also their son-in-law William Kennan, loved husband of Jenny McCrone who died 11th April 1993 aged 61 years.
15.01In loving memory of Margaret C.McCrone who died 15th April 1925. Also her daughter Georgina McCrone died at Boatgreen 5th January 1958.
Erected by Jeanie Gilmour.
15.02In loving memory of Thomas Chalmers who died at High Ardwall 28th May 1925 aged 62 years. Also Thomas his son died at Auchenskeoch, Southwick 1903 in infancy. Also William his son killed in action in France 15th Septr. 1916 aged 19 years. Also Rachel Simpson beloved wife of the above Thomas Chalmers died at 4 Fleet St. Gatehouse 28th Jan 1949 aged 85 years. Also James McKinna their son-in-law died at Dumfries on 8th March 1934 aged 46 years. Also his wife Jane Chalmers who died at Edinburgh on 9th Feb.1950 aged 52 years. Also Emily daughter of the above died 7th February 1994 aged 93 years. Also her sister Rachel died 24th June 1996 aged 91 years. Both daughters of the above Thomas & Rachel Chalmers (n?e Simpson). Also Clare Hunt n?e Anderson died 7th October 1999 aged 41 years, grand daughter of the above James McKinna and Jane Chalmers.
15.03In loving memory of Robert David Johnstone who died at Blackloch Nov [5]th 1926 aged 52 years, Mary Gardiner his wife who died on July 6th 1942 aged 72 years.
15.04R : In loving memory of Jane Rae beloved wife of Andrew Rennie who died at Killeron Cottage 27th Feby 1927 aged 80 years. Andrew Rennie died at Gatehouse 21st Octr 1941 aged 83 years. Also their daughter Euphemia Jane died 1st June 1953 aged 73 years.
15.05In loving memory of James McInally beloved husband of Margaret Couper who died suddenly the 10th December 1964 aged 56 years. Also the above Margaret Couper who died 28th Novr 1997 aged 75 years.
15.06H : In loving memory of Susan Hannah dearly loved daughter of James & Agnes Hannah who died 13th February 1964 aged 4 months. Also the above Agnes Hannah who died 8th May 198[8] aged 48 years.
15.07In loving memory of John Halliday beloved husband of Agnes McCoull died 1st Jany 1962 aged 83 years. Also John McCoull died 7th Feb. 1969 aged 48 years beloved husband of Betty Halliday died 21st June 2004 aged 88 years. Also the above Agnes McCoull died 16th Dec. 1972 aged 84 years.
15.08In loving memory of Margaret Jane Campbell beloved wife of George H.R.Orr died 19th Novr 1961 aged 70 years. Also the above George H.R.Orr died 19th Dec. 1974 aged 92 years.
15.09F : In loving memory of William Fallas beloved husband of Agnes McWilliam who died at Carsluith Mill 5th Oct. 1961 aged 81 years. Also the above Agnes McWilliam died 1st Aug. 1975 aged 73 years.
15.10To the dear memory of Thomas Barty who died at his home Braeside, Gatehouse-of-Fleet on 10-4-1950 aged 93 years. Also his wife Margaret Rowatt who died at Braeside on 9-7-1965 aged 87 years.
15.11In loving memory of Hilda Pearson McGill beloved wife of John Turnbull who died at Anwoth Manse 20th Jan. 1960.
15.12In loving memory of Grace Hamilton Neave died 11th November 1959. Also Catherine Hamilton Neave died 7th November 1960.
15.13In loving memory of Annie Dow Carmichael beloved wife of Peter Keddie died 30th Sep. 1959 aged 73 years. Also the above Peter Keddie died 10th Nov. 1966 aged 80 years.
15.14In loving memory of Thomas Byron Clingan, died at Willesdene, The Stell, on 5th July 1959 aged 73 years.
15.15Sacred to the memory of Kenneth Robson beloved husband of Mina Dickson who died at Hardcroft, Gatehouse-of-Fleet 21st May 1959 in his 83rd year. Also the above Mina Seaton Dickson who died at 7 High Street, Gatehouse 24th June 1964 aged 80 years. Also their son Joseph who died 12th August 1991 aged 74 years.
15.16In loving memory of David Thomson beloved husband of Margaret Drysdale died 13th Oct. 1958 aged 56 years. Also his mother Nellie Thomson died 1904 aged 23 years. Also his brother-in-law John Drysdale died 21st March 1959 aged 71 years. Also the above Margaret Drysdale died 17th March 1967 aged 71 years.
16.01Inscription to follow.
16.02Inscription to follow.
16.03Inscription to follow.
16.04In loving memory of James McInally who died 26th June 1970 aged 93 years. Also William McInally his father who died 24th Jan.1925 aged 75 years. Also Mary Scott his mother who died 12th June 1940 aged 89 years. Also Janet G.Thomson beloved wife of James McInally who died on 24th March 1974 aged 78 years.
17.01Erected by James Ferguson, Kings Laggan, in loving memory of his beloved wife Marion M Young died 18th April 1958 aged 58 years. Also the above James Ferguson died [23rd] June 19—aged 76 years.
17.02In loving memory of Jane Crosbie Telfer beloved wife of Peter Tait who died at Beeches, Gatehouse 28th March 1958 aged 77 years. Also the above Peter Tait D.C.M. who died 1st January 1980 aged 90 years.
17.03In memory of James Gordon died 3rd May 1957 aged 83 years. Also his wife Helen McEwan died 18th July 1969 aged 70 years.
17.04In loving memory of Ellen Farries Gormie, nee Cowan, who died 2nd November 1988 aged 88 years.
17.05To the dear memory of Colonel Alexander McCulloch Jameson 13th Bengal Lancers and Kings Own Scottish Borderers born 2nd May 1881 died 5th November 1956. Also his wife Winifred, daughter of Wellwood Maxwell of Kirkennan born 20th August 1898 died 17th July 1983.
17.06In loving memory of Margaret Jane Johnstone beloved wife of Robert Fielden Sutcliffe died 20th April 1956 aged 84 years. Late of The Larg, Creetown. Also the above Robert Fielden Sutcliffe died 2nd December 1956 aged 85 years. Late of Kirkmabreck House, Creetown.
17.07[In loving memory of John Laws] beloved husband of Maggie A. Murchie who died at Fleet Bank 8th September 19[53] aged 75 years. Also Maggie Ann Murchie, beloved wife of above, who died 29th Nov. 1954 aged 82 years.
17.08Erected by [Edgar] Little in loving memory of his father William Little [died --] March 1956 aged 52 years. Also his mother Madge I. Edgar, wife of above, [died 5th] March 1968, aged 68 years.
17.09In loving memory of Agnes Wilson beloved daughter of William & Mary Dickson died 12th Feby 1955 aged 13 years.
17.10In loving memory of John Jeffrey Nisbet died 29th Jan. 1955. Also his son Robert (Roy) Nisbet died 17th Sept 1981 aged 50 years. Also Isabella Nisbet died 16th Feb. 1985 aged 79 years. Beloved wife of John Jeffrey Nisbet.
18.01In memory of Elizabeth Marion Shannon the beloved wife of William McDade who died at Whitehaven 4th July 1919. Also of the above William McDade who died at Whitehaven 2nd April 1929.
18.02In loving memory of George Millar Stark beloved husband of Jessie McDade who died 18th September 1924 in his 60th year. Also the above Jessie McDade who died 8th April 1950.
18.03In loving memory of Malcolm Cross born at Glasgow 15th June 1856 died at Cally 20th Dec. 1919. Also Evelyn Maude Newlands his wife born at Glasgow 18th June 1882 died at Earlston, Borgue 9th July 1952.
18.04In loving memory of Marion Martin beloved wife of John Gillespie died at Hinton June 17th 1920 aged 49 years. Also the above John Gillespie died at Knockains March 3rd 1941 aged 7[2] years. Also Elizabeth Parker Wilson widow of the above died at Cleuch Cottage, Twynhom 25th June 1955 aged 71 years.
18.05Erected by Robert T. Young in loving memory of Mary Ann Ross his wife who died at Bush o’ Beild 27th April 1921 aged 84 years. Also the above Robert T. Young who died at Bush o’ Beild 27th May 1922 aged 82 years. Late of Borgue.
19.01In loving memory of Annie Wales who died at Riverbank, Gatehouse 26th Jan. 1955 aged 57 years.
19.02In loving memory of Jeffrey Blackstock McGlashan W.S. born Gatehouse 2nd Feb. 1888 died 9th Feb, 1956. Also of his wife Marion Thomson Fraser born 9th April 1904 died 20th February 1999. Also of their daughter Helena Mary Fraser Watson born 8th September 1926 died 2nd July 2004.
19.03Erected by John Little in memory of his dearly beloved wife Bessie McTeir died at Gatehouse 11th Nov. 1954 aged 73 years. Also the above John Little died 12th June 1965 aged 85 years. Also their son Peter who died in infancy.
19.04In loving memory of Fred Heron beloved husband of Caroline Murray died 1st July 1954aged 80 years. Also the above Caroline Murray died 12th March 1956 aged 66 years. Their daughter Irene died 7th March 2006 aged 82 years.
19.05A : In memory of Violet Edith Hale beloved wife of John Downie Allan who died 20th April 19[55] aged 73 years. Also the above John Downie Allan who died 25th August 1957 aged 82 years.
19.06In loving memory of Mary Moncrief Lunn died 2nd August 1953
“The deaf hear” Matt. X1.5
19.07To the beloved memory of John McCluskie born at New Galloway 15th April 1883 died at Gatehouse 1st June 1953. Only love and lovely remembrance here have peace.
20.01In loving memory of Alexander Hamilton, farmer, Whiteside, who died at Edinburgh 3rd January 1917 aged 56 years. Also Isabella Anderson his wife who died at Whiteside 29th Oct. 1918 aged 42 years. And their only son Thomas who died 3rd March 1958.
20.02Erected by Dan Henderson in affectionate remembrance of his wife Agnes McQuie who died 27th January 1917 aged 65 years. Also the above Dan Henderson who died 21st May 1918 aged 74 years.
20.03In loving memory of The Revd Alfred Wild, Rector, Episcopal Church, Gatehouse, born 9th Feby 1858 died 5th May 1916.
20.04Erected by Mary Nelson in memory of her husband James McNally who died at Fleet Street, Gatehouse, 11th April 1918, aged 78 years. Also the above Mary Nelson, who died at Fleet Street, Gatehouse, 17th Feby 1936, aged 92 years. Also Edwin Andrews, their son, who died 23rd Jany 1937. Also Walter, their son, who died 2nd Sep. 1957. Also James, their son, who died 1st Feb. 1959. Also Janet, their daughter, who died 26th Jan. 1960.
20.05Erected by John Gardiner in memory of James Halliday, faithful servant and friend, who died 4th May 1918 aged 46 years. And James Halliday his son who died 28th Octr 1918.
20.06Erected by Andrew Robertson in loving memory of his wife Agnes T.C. Cruickshank who died at Glen 7th Feb. 19[5]0 aged 69 years. Also the above Andrew Robertson who died at Glenlea, Gatehouse 18th Jan. 1952 aged 76 years. Also their eldest son James who died 15th Nov. 1994 aged 84 years.
20.07John Campbell Wilson died 21st November 1950 aged 73 years. Also his wife Janet Livingston McMichael died 10th April 1970 aged 80 years.
20.08D : In loving memory of Robert Davidson beloved husband of Elizabeth Airdrie who died at Dumfries 7th Sep. 1951 aged 80 years. Also the said Elizabeth Airdrie who died at Kirkbride Cottage 22nd Jan. 1957 aged 86 years. Also their son Robert 1/5 K.O.S.B. killed in action 31st Oct. 1918 aged 21 years.
20.09Erected by Jessie Brown in loving memory of her husband Samuel Cunningham McWhirter died at Grennan, Glenluce 24th Oct. 1952 aged 63 years. Also the erector Jessie Brown died 23rd March 1987 aged 92 years.
20.10Erected by Jane Kerr McWhirter in memory of her sister Margaret Brown McWhirter, Dunrod, Fleet Street, Gatehouse died 13 Oct. 1973 aged 83 years. Jane Kerr McWhirter died 22nd Feb. 1978 aged 90 years.
20.11Erected by David M. McWhirter in loving memory of his wife Edith Parker Jervis who died at Goatend on 30th May 1963 aged 75 years. Also the above David M. McWhirter died 28th Feb. 1965 aged 74 years.
21.01Inscription to follow.
21.02B : In loving memory of William Bryan 1940 – 2007 a dear Dad and Papa, beloved husband of Roberta Moffat.
21.03“Time passes, memories stay, loved and remembered every day”.
To my parents Leonard Hoyle 3rd Oct. 1922- 29th June 1998, Joan Hoyle 12th Sep. 1925 - 21st July 2006
21.04In loving memory of John Mitchell Wilson (Ian) loving and much loved husband, father & grandfather who died 2nd January 2005 aged 73 years.
God loves a just man.
21.05In loving memory of Joseph Heaton died 10th September 2004 aged 73 years. A much loved father and grandfather.
21.06In Memory of David Tweedie, died 13th November 2002, aged 63 years.
21.07In loving memory of John McConchie, farmer, born Mossyard 17.09.1915 died Laggan 07.01.2000 beloved husband of Margart Kerr Sproat.
21.08In loving memory of Mary Dunlop wife of James L. Sproat formerly of Laggan died 14th Feb. 1977 aged 67 years. Also the above James Livingston Sproat died 19th Sept. 1985 aged 77 years.
21.09In loving memory of John Cruickshank Robertson, Netherton, Borgue, formerly of Glen, who died on 19th November 1976 aged 62 years. And his beloved wife Kathleen Frances Mackenzie who died on 18th April 1996 aged 80 years.
22.01Cherished memories of a beloved husband and father Allan Carnochan died 7th Aug. 2000 aged 67 years.
Forever in our thoughts.
22.02A : In loving memory of James William Amos who died 3rd Nov. 2000 aged 59 years. Dearly loved husband of Margaret. A dear dad and papa.
22.03Doreen Hanraads 1928 – 2001 thanks for years of love care and affection.
22.04Angela Rowan born 16th October 1945, died 7th December 2001, forever loved.
22.05In loving memory of George Waddell 1920 – 2002.
22.06In memory of David Tweedie died 13th November 2002 aged 63 years.
22.07In loving memory of Thomas Sergeant born 1916, died 13th February 2003. Beloved husband of Christina Douglas Robertson, born 1916, died 13th April 2004, his devoted wife. Dear parents of Edith and Douglas and loving grandparents. Tommy and Chris loved by all who knew them.
22.08In loving memory of Hugh MacKenzie Leslie 03.9.17 – 30.6.03 And his wife Elma Pattison Reid 15.6.22 – 20.1.07 both formerly of Glasgow and Gatehouse of Fleet.
22.09Nora Helen Kelly beloved wife of Alexander Kelly born Caernarvon 31.03.1918 died Dumfries 07.11.2003.
22.10In loving memory of Margaret “Peggy” Fitton, nee Macdonald, born at Middleton, Lancashire 24.1.1920 died at Gatehouse of Fleet 28.4.2004 belove wife of Walter born at Middleton 29.12.1918 died at Conway 02.10.1985. Dearly love
22.11In loving memory of David McWhirter, Grennan, Glenluce, 3rd March 1919 – 3rd Sept. 2004 much loved father, beloved husband of Molly Kathleen Preston.
22.12John Drysdale Scott Thomson (Jackie) born 26.9.25 died 11.11.04 loving husband of Bunty, a beloved father and grandpa.
Oh if one soul from Anwoth meet me at God’s right hand my heaven will be two heavens in Immanuel’s land.
22.13In loving memory of Leslie Arthur Macey a dear father and grandfather taken from us suddenly 30.10.39 – 15.02.05, beloved husband of Evelyn Sylvia Macey.
22.14In loving memory of William McInally who died 21st June 2005 beloved husband of Elizabeth Campbell, a dear dad and papa. Also the above Elizabeth Campbell (Bessie) who died 7th January 2007 a beloved wife, mother and nana.
Sadly missed.
23.01In loving memory of James Bourne Seaburne Bourne-May, Major, Coldstream Guards of Hackinsall Hall, Lancashire, born January 9th 1886 died November 18T 1961. “Pass friend all’s well.“ Also of his wife Alexa, only daughter of Lord & Lady Ardwall, born October 29th 1886 died October 23rd 1972. “Because I live ye shall live also.” St.John XIV
23.02In loving memory of Geoffrey FitzGerald Bourne-May only child of James and Alexa Bourne-May. Born December 31st 1921, died June 25th 1988. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” St. Matthew V.
23.03In loving remembrance of Janet Brown, daughter of James Murray McCulloch of Ardwall and Hills, and wife of John Gordon Brown, Lochanhead, born May 17th 1817. Entered into rest March 25th 1887. She lived in his parish for seventeen years from 1866 to 1883 and ever joined in whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report.
23.04In memory of Walter Jameson McCulloch M.C. T.D. of Ardwall, Lawyer, soldier, farmer. Born 25th August 1906 at Simla, India. Died 8th January 1988 at Ardwall.
23.05In loving memory of Colin James McCulloch 1908 – 1984 his wife Joyce 1913 – 1998 and their sons Colin Francis Walter McCulloch 1936 – 1997, Andrew Robert McCulloch 1938 – 1995
New Zealand.
23.06In loving memory of Lt. Col. David St.Denys McCulloch R.A. 1919 – 1995. His wife Patricia Norris 1923 – 1992. Their son Adrian Christian McCulloch 1952 – 1996.