Buittle Cemetery

1In loving memory of Lorenzo Dias Coupland, Boghall, Pilot Officer, R.A.F., born in Tierra Del Fuego, 22-2-20, killed on active service 3-11-42, interred in Montgomery, Alabama.
2In loving memory of Mary Ann Paterson, beloved wife of Joseph W. Muir, late of Milton Park, who died at 12 Maxwell St., Dalbeattie, 24th Aug. 1937, aged 68 years. Also the above Joseph Wilson Muir, who died at Strathurr, 24th Nov. 1944, aged 81 years.
3In loving memory of Isobell R. Fergusson, beloved wife of James Ritchie, who died at East Logan, 26th April 1944, aged 25 years.
4In loving memory of Martha M. Sturrock, wife of James Millar, Barchain, who died 20th July 1940, aged 49 years. Also the above James Millar, died at Dumfries 21st July 1965, aged 76 years.
5In loving memory of Agnes Brydson Millar, dearly beloved wife of Andrew G. Callander, who died 22nd Jan'y 1939, aged 34 years. Also the above Andrew G. Callander, who died at Graham Cottage, Mossdale, 1st Oct'r 1973, aged 73 years.
6In loving memory of my dear husband John Sturrock, who died Nov. 2nd 1938, aged 79 years. Also our dear children; George, killed in action in France, at the battle of The Somme, July 14th 1916, aged 19; Alice (Mrs. Richardson), died in Canada, June 19th 1931, aged 36; Martha (Mrs. J. Millar), died at Barchain 20th July 1940, aged 49; Elizabeth (Mrs. Sharp), died in Canada, 25th March 1946, aged 61 years; Williamina (Mrs. Chevous), died in Canada 14th April 1947, aged 60 years. Also Isabella Millar, wife of the above, died 29th April 1964, in her 99th year.
7In loving memory of James Wilson, who died at Orchardton Mains, 31st August 1937, aged 82 years. Judith S. Sproat, beloved wife of the above, who died 4th March 1947, aged 79 years. John Sproat Wilson, who died at Bow House, Palnackie, 13th March 1969, aged 67 years. Janet Livingston Wilson, who died at Clifford House, Palnackie, 30th Dec'r 1998, aged 90 years.
8In loving memory of Martha Isabel Dawson, who died 10th July 1985, aged 68 years. Beloved wife of Nicol Frederick Paterson, who died 26th March 1993, aged 88 years.
9In loving memory of Sarah McCall, beloved wife of Nicol F. Paterson, who died 6th Feb'y 1938, aged 31 years.
10In loving memory of Marie Theresa Winifred, only daughter of John & Helen Halliday, Port House, Palnackie, who died 6th March 1938, aged 10 years. Also their son Samuel Paterson Halliday, beloved husband of Patricia Neish, father of Colin and Lorna, died result of an accident 25th Aug. 1962, aged 27 years. Also the above Colin, died result of an accident, 29th Feb. 1988, aged 29 years.
11In loving memory of Betsy Gow, the beloved wife of Andrew McFauld, who died at Driffield Hospital 25th July 1939. Also Andrew J. McFauld, who died at The Green, Cranswick, Driffield, 16th May 1955, aged 84 years. Late of Munches Gardens.
12In loving memory of Janet Hamilton, beloved wife of Charles Neilson, died 19th Feb. 1940, aged 53 years. Also the above Charles Neilson, died 25th Aug. 1974, aged 91 years. Also his second wife Nellie Innes, died 27th Jan. 1975, aged 82 years. "Asleep."
13In loving memory of John Hunter, chauffeur at Munches for many years, who died at Craignair House, 7th Jan. 1941, aged 64 years. And of his wife Elizabeth King, who died 8th Oct. 1944, aged 70 years.
14In loving memory of Agnes Halliday, wife of James Thomson, who died at Palnackie 29th July 1941, aged 69 years. Also the above James Thomson, who died at Fairgirth, Colvend, 24th Sept. 1944, aged 74 years.
15In loving memory of Jessie Agnes McCartney, died at Creetown 26th Nov. 1947, aged 72 years. Also Robert McCartney, Palnackie, died 25th Jan. 1948, aged 85 years.
16In loving memory of my dear husband, and our dear father, Thomas Paisley Niven, who died suddenly at Glenhelen, Palnackie, on the 3rd January 1948, aged 56 years. Also Helen McMaster, dearly beloved wife of the above, and very dear mother of Tom, Jim, Doreen and John, who died at Glenhelen, Palnackie, on 6th March 1963, aged 72 years. Also the above Doreen Helen Niven, who died at Lyart Craig, Palnackie, on 5th December 1983, aged 58 years. Cherished beyond words by her husband Douglas Johnstone, and her children Helen and Douglas.
17Erected by Theresa Adams, in loving memory of her husband Alexander McClune, who died at Cloneyards, 2nd July 1948, aged 56 years. "Asleep."
18In loving memory of of my dear husband George Lettimer Halliday, died at Rambler Cottage, Palnackie, on the 22nd March 1949, aged 79 years. Also his dear wife Margaret Crosbie, died 23rd April 1958, aged 86 years. Also Mary Jane Thomson, died at Orotava, Palnackie, 20th December 1982, aged 71 years, dealy beloved wife of George L. Halliday Jnr. who died at Clifford House, Palnackie, 27th August 1999, aged 85 years.
19Erected by Thomas McWilliam Murray, in loving memory of his wife Margaret Craik Stewart, died 10th May 1949.
20In loving memory of Helen Mary Moffat, beloved wife of James Irving, who died at Glen Road, Palnackie, 18th Aug. 1949, aged 72 years. Also the above James Irving, who died at 4 Glen Road, Palnackie, 28th Nov'r 1956, aged 74 years.
21In loving memory of The Rev. Archibald Ewing Macintyre, M. A., Minister of Buittle, 1948-51, died 28th November 1951. Beloved husband of Katherine St.Clair Lindsay. Also the above Katherine St.Clair Lindsay, died 29th April 1966, aged 68 years.
22Sacred to the memory of Cecily, M. A. Cantab, and a serving sister of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the beloved wife of Juxon Barton, C.M.C., O.B.E., died at Castle Douglas the 25th November 1940, aged 38 years.
23Erected by Susan T. Ewart, in loving memory of her husband John King (Rex), who died at Palnackie 16th September 1941, aged 76 years. Also the above Susan T. Ewart, who died at Dalbeattie 17th Nov'r 1950, aged 80 years.
24"Peace." In loving memory of John S. Thomson, who died at Palnackie 28th March 1942, aged 86 years. Also Isabella Brydson, wife of the above, who died at Ashley Cottage, Castle Douglas, 22nd July 1948, aged 84 years. James B. Thomson, their eldest son, who died 8th April 1970, aged 85 years. "Of him no man spoke evil."
25In loving memory of Joseph McKnight, who died at Palnackie 17th October 1943, aged 82 years. Also Agnes Porter, his wife, who died at Palnackie 9th July 1942, aged 75 years.
26In loving memory of John McMaster, master mariner, Palnackie, died 23rd Nov. 1942, in his 79th year. Also his beloved wife, Jane Dorian, died 18th Oct. 1947, in her 80th year. Also their eldest son, James McMaster, died of wounds received in action, 7th May 1916, in his 21st year. "In my fathers house are many mansions."
27In loving memory of Jane Helen Black, beloved wife of James Brydson, who died at Castle Douglas, 24th Jan'y 1945, aged 73 years. Also their sons George Dixon Black, killed in action in France, 2nd Sept. 1918, aged 19 years; and William Candlish, master mariner, died at sea through enemy action, 27th Feb'y 1944, aged 38 years, buried at Takoradi, West Africa. Also the above James Brydson, who died at Castle Douglas, 20th Oct'r 1950, aged 81 years.
28In loving memory of Sarah Ellen Lloyd, beloved wife of Thomas McLachlan, who died at Courthill, 16th Dec'r 1943, aged 51 years. Also the above Thomas McLachlan, who died at Culshan, Kirkpatrick Durham, 10th May 1947, aged 63 years.
29In loving memory of Helen Adair, W.R.N.S., beloved daughter of James & Janet McQuaker, died 31st Dec'r 1945, aged 19 years. Also the above James McQuaker, died at Dumfries Infirmary, 3rd Feb'y 1975, aged 79 years. Janet McQuaker, died at Castle Douglas Hospital, 27th Feb'y 1994, aged 91 years.
30In loving memory of Robert Bie, master mariner, who died at sea 13th June 1918, aged 50 years. Interred at Ottawa, Canada. Also of Annie Barron Black, his beloved wife, who died at Dumfries 25th April 1946, aged 68 years.
31In loving memory of James Campbell, husband of Isabella Hunter, died at Halket Leaths Smithy, 27th May 1946, aged 77. Also the above Isabella Hunter, died at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, 1st July 1952, aged 92.
32In loving memory of Margaret Pettigrew, who died 8th June 1946, aged 77 years. Agnes Ross Dalling, her aunt, who died at Palnackie, 9th August 1930, aged 80 years. Also James Pettigrew, who died at Palnackie 20th July 1952, aged 79 years.
33In loving memory of Samuel Paterson, who died at Palnackie 5th April 1947, aged 71 years. Also Mary Theresa, second daughter of the above, who died at 4 Park Terrace, Dalbeattie, 24th February 1954, aged 50 years. Also Janet Johnstone, wife of the above, who died at Palnackie, 15th July 1959, aged 78 years.
34In loving memory of Alexander Johnston of Cooperknowe, who died 18th September 1948, aged 73 years. Also his wife Mary Waugh McCall, died at 248 High St., Dalbeattie, 8th May 1962, aged 84 years.
35In loving memory of John Ewart, dearly beloved husband of Mary Langlands, died 27th January 1959. Also the above Mary Longlands, died 7th July 1969. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosover believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." St.John 3, verse 16.
36In loving memory of John James Stitt, beloved husband of Mary Glendinning, died at Caigton Cottage, 10th Sep. 1949, aged 58 years. Also the above Mary Glendinning, died 10th Jan. 1967. "At rest, sadly missed."
37In loving memory of Janet Black Stitt, dearly beloved wife of Capt. George Black, who died at "Borderdale," Castle Douglas, 19th Dec. 1949, aged 74 years. And the above George Black, who died in London, 22nd Feb. 1962, aged 90 years.
38In loving memory of John Stewart Bryden, who died at Kirkennan House, Dalbeattie, 17th October 1950, aged 77 years. Also Mary Parker, wife of the above, who died at Kirkennan Cottage, 22nd August 1963, aged 79 years.
39In loving memory of Jane C. McWilliam, beloved wife of John Stewart, who passed away at Port Rd., Palnackie, 24th Nov. 1950, aged 76 years. The above John Stewart, who passed away at 3 Port Rd., Palnackie, 16th Jan. 1954, in his 87th year.
40In loving memory of Ivie McDonald, beloved husband of Georgina Hawthorn, who died at Palnackie, 18th Nov. 1952, aged 40 years.
41In loving memory of Ethel Florence Wilson, died at 4 Port Rd., Palnackie, 8th March 1941, aged 9 weeks. Robert James Wilson, died at Dumfries Infirmary 26th March 1953, aged 23 years. Also their father John Wilson, beloved husband of Agnes Cowan, died 15th March 1959, aged 62 years. Also the above Mary Agnes Cowan, died 23rd Dec. 1979, aged 77 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus."
42Sacred to the memory of John Heron, manager, Broomiebrae.
43In loving memory of George Tait, beloved husband of Agnes Telfer, died at Buittle Schoolhouse, 7th March 1951, aged 75 years. Also the above Agnes Telfer, died at 15 Meadow View, Castle Douglas, 6th August 1960, aged 77 years.
44In loving memory of Kate Lilian Greeves, wife of Ralph Wynne Fairway, died 10th August 1953, aged 61 years. Also the Reverend Ralph Wynne Fairway, died 9th March 1987, aged 86 years. "Forever with the Lord."
45In loving memory of David Smith, beloved husband of Janet G. Corson, died 28th Sept. 1953, aged 54 years. Also the above Janet G. Corson, died 30th August 1987, aged 88 years.
46In loving memory of William Collow, beloved husband of Williamina Chapman, died 23rd Feb'y 1954, aged 73 years. Also the above Williamina Chapman, died 18th Dec'r 1958, aged 77 years. Also their daughter Jessie Bain Collow, died 11th April 1992, aged 80 years.
47In loving memory of Robert Callander, who died at Kirkennan, 7th June 1954, aged 68 years. Also his wife Margaret Moore Walker, who died at Castle Douglas, 13th Oct'r 1962.
48In loving memory of Elizabeth J. Carnochan, beloved wife of George Porter, died at Culkiest, 4th Sept. 1954, aged 75 years. Also the above George Porter, died at Culkiest, 24th April 1956, aged 89 years. Elizabeth McCafferty, died 8th April 1989, aged 81 years, wife of John Porter.
49In loving memory of John McWhirter, dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Sewell, who died at Castle Douglas 26th Nov. 1954, aged 67 years. Also the above Mary Ann Sewell, who died 9th Sep. 1964, aged 73 years.
50In loving memory of Alexander Hutton, "Meikle Knox," eldest son of Samuel and Agnes Hutton, died 23rd Dec'r 1954, aged 51 years. Also Mary Hutton, second daughter of the above, died 21st Nov'r 1972, aged 70 years. Also John Hutton, second son of the above, died 21st Sept. 1978, aged 74 years.
51In loving memory of Joseph Walker, Halketleaths Mill, beloved husband of Maggie Tweedie, died 7th Feb. 1956, aged 70 years. Also the above Maggie Tweedie, died 4th March 1978, aged 89 years. Also Jessie Walker, sister of the above, died 22nd June 1955, aged 61 years. "Sadly missed."
52In loving memory of James F. Walker, beloved husband of Mary McGinis, died 11th Oct'r 1955, aged 60 years. Also the above Mary McGinis, died 17th May 1994, aged 98 years.
53In memory of Alexander McCartney, died 19th July 1962, aged 77 years.
54In loving memory of Janet Blackley, beloved wife of David Corson, died 3rd Nov'r 1956, aged 52 years. Also the above David Corson, died 26th Jan'y 1992, aged 90 years.
55In loving memory of Mary Lockhart, beloved wife of John Kay, died suddenly at East Logan, 3rd Jan'y 1957, aged 58 years. Also the above John Kay, died 18th Feb'y 1976, aged 83 years.
56In loving memory of Anne O'Haire, beloved wife of John Ireland, died 27th Jan'y 1957, aged 41 years.
57In loving memory of Williamina McMaster, dear wife of Henry Briggs, died 3rd June 1957, aged 60 years. "At rest."
58In loving memory of Margaret Davidson, beloved wife of David McKie, who died at Townhead of Greenlaw, 2nd April 1958, aged 69 years. Also the above David McKie, who died at Townhead of Greenlaw, 30th Dec'r 1961, aged 74 years.
59In loving memory of Margaret Brown, died 8th April 1958. Also Alexander W. Rollo, husband of the above, died 7th March 1961.
60In loving memory of Jane Currie, died at Palnackie, 6th Oct'r 1958.
61In loving memory of Robert Carruthers, beloved husband of Margaret L. Brown, died at Kirkennan Lodge, 7th June 1959, aged 72 years. Also the above Margaret L. Brown, 63 Glenshalloch Road, Dalbeattie, died 13th November 1972, aged 80 years. "At rest."
62In loving memory of William Joseph Moffat, B.A., M.R.C.S., died at Burslem, 4th May 1956, aged 50 years, cremated in Stoke in Trent, interred here, beloved son of William & Helen Black Moffat. Also the above Helen Black Moffat, died at Dalbeattie 16th October 1960, aged 80 years. Also the above William Moffat, died at Dumfries 11th August 1961, aged 84 years.
63In loving memory of Mary Catherine Hutton, beloved wife of Gordon Syme, died 13th July 1959. Also the above Gordon Syme, died 11th July 1992. Also in memory of their son James Syme (Jim), died 4th Feb. 1990.
64To the memory of Margaret B. Murray, Burnbank, Palnackie, died 21st Dec'r 1959. Also of Robert Buchan Murray, died 13th Oct'r 1966.
65In loving memory of L. Doreen Stephens, who died 11th Nov. 1983, aged 84 years.
66Sacred to the memory of a dear wife & mother, Matilda Ralston Tait, wife of James Bell, who died 19th March 1959, aged 73 years. Also the above James Bell, dearly beloved husband of Matilda Ralston Tait, died 19th Dec'r 1960, aged 72 years. Also their daughter Annie, died 14th May 1983, aged 66 years. Also their son John, died 13th April 2001, aged 79 years.
67In loving memory of David, only son of Thomas & Marion McLachlan, died at Gateside Cottage, Lochfoot, 31st Jan. 1960, aged 11 years. "Forever in our thoughts."
68In loving memory of Sarah Ann Stewart, beloved wife of James A. Harkness, died 19th Feb. 1960, aged 83 years. Also James Albert Harkness, husband of the above, died 25th Nov. 1969, aged 86 years. Also Sarah, their daughter, died 30th March 1910. "Erected by her husband and family."
69In loving memory of James Cowan, beloved husband of Lilias Smith, 9 Riverside Drive, Palnackie, died result of an accident, 19th Aug. 1960, aged 32 years. Also the above Lilias Helen Smith, died 24th July 1999, aged 65 years. "Forever in our thoughts."
70In loving memory of Mary Ireland, beloved wife of William Sargent, who died at Gardenburn, on 21st Aug. 1960, aged 67 years. Also the above William Sargent, who died 27th Nov'r 1984, aged 96 years. Also their daughter Alexandrina, (Lex), who died 26th June 1993, aged 67 years, beloved wife of the late Albert Edward Bateman.
71In loving memory of John Carlyle, beloved husband of Margaret Crosbie Halliday, died at Rambler Cottage, Palnackie, on 25th Sep. 1960, aged 50 years.
72In loving memory of James McKnight, beloved husband of Ruby Paterson, died 3rd July 1964, aged 66 years. Also their son Robert James, died 12th October 1929, aged 3 years 11 months. Also Ruby Paterson, wife of the above, died 31st March 1980, aged 74 years.
73In loving memory of Robert Hugh Cochrane, beloved husband of Mary Jane Grey, died 6th August 1960 (the result of an accident), aged 36 years. Also the above Mary Jane Gray, died 20th March 2001, aged 71 years. Sadly missed.
74In loving memory of Janet Douglas Hood, beloved wife of Andrew Corrie, died 7th August 1961. Also the above Andrew Corrie, died at Peebles, 21st Oct. 1968.
75Bell. Treasured memories of my dearly beloved husband Jim Postman, husband of Elizabeth Harkness, who passed away on the 17th May 1961, at Dumfries, after a long illness, so bravely borne, aged 58 years. Also the above Elizabeth Harkness, died 25th December 1999, aged 92 years. "Erected by his loving wife Beth. Loved and remembered always."
76In loving memory of Catherine Ross Irving, beloved wife of George Halliday Greenway, Urr Bank, Palnackie, who died 21st Sept. 1961, aged 52 years. Also the above George Halliday Greenway, who died 7th April 1985, aged 80 years.
77In loving memory of Duncan McDonald, died at Whitemire, Darnaway, 30th Aug. 1942, aged 81 years. Also Harriet Campbell, his wife, died at Peebles, 1st April 1962, aged 93 years. Also their son James Duncan McDonald, beloved husband of Elizabeth McMaster, died at Windy Ridge, Auchencairn, 13th Jan. 1971, aged 71 years. Also Elizabeth McMaster, beloved wife of above, died 8th March 1976, aged 73 years.
78In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Coltart McDougall, who died at Palnackie on 15th April 1962, aged 69 years.
79In loving memory of James Black, dearly beloved husband of Mary Welsh, died at Nethertown Cottages, Palnackie, 5th Sep. 1962, aged 85 years. Also the above Mary Welsh, died at Dumfries Infirmary, 8th March 1987, aged 101 years.
80In loving memory of Charles Dinwiddie Stewart, beloved husband of Jean Little Collow, died at 3 Glen Road, Palnackie, 25th July, 1964, aged 76 years. Also the above Jean Little Collow, died 10th June 1974, aged 64 years.
81In loving memory of Elizabeth Halliday, beloved wife of Robert Hawthorn, died 1st Feb'y 1965, aged 83 years.
82In loving memory of Robert Kirk, dearly beloved husband of Janet Johnstone Paterson, of Almorness Cott., Palnackie, died 17th Feb. 1965, aged 59 years. Also the above Janet Johnstone Paterson, died 11th March 1992 aged 83 years.
83In loving memory of John Halliday, formerly of Kenmuir, Palnackie, beloved husband of Marion Caernon Brydson, died in Oxford 5th Aug 1966, aged 66 years. Also the above Marion Caernon Halliday, died at Wallingford, Berkshire, 1st March 1967, aged 70 years.
84Francis Herbert Petrie, dear husband of Isa, died at Palnackie, 29th May 1966, aged 72 years. Also the above Isabella Smith, who died at Castle Douglas, 15th Jan. 1977, aged 80 years.
85In memory of John Stitt Halliday, beloved husband of Helen Black Paterson, died 6th Aptil 1967, aged 66 years. Also the above Helen Black Paterson, died 29th May 1981, aged 79 years.
86In loving memory of William Crosbie Halliday, West View, Palnackie, dearly beloved husband of Annie Kirby George, and dear father of Eddie, Peggy, & Ruby, died 21st Jan. 1968, aged 70 years. Also his beloved wife Annie Kirby George, their dear mother, died 4th Nov. 1968, aged 72 years. "Sadly missed."
87In loving memory of Helen Halliday Milligan, beloved wife of Samuel McCubbin, 11 Riverside Drive, Palnackie, died 19th Sep. 1968, aged 45 years.
88In loving memory of Jean Milligan, beloved wife of William T. Johnstone, died 26th Nov'r 1968, aged 56 years. Also the above William T. Johnstone, died 19th June 1969, aged 61 years.
89In loving memory of Mary Agnes Walker, beloved wife of Thomas Anderson, Ardlui, Springholm, died 27th June 1968, aged 78 years. Also the above Thomas Anderson, died at Ardlui, Springholm, 18th Dec'r 1970, aged 78 years.
90In loving memory of William Henry Rae, beloved husband of Janet Tait, died at 15 Greenhall Road, Bridge of Dee, 25th Jan. 1971, cremated at Masonhill. Also the above Janet Tait, died at Dumfries Infirmary 27th April 1973, aged 64 years, cremated at Masonhill. "Thy will be done."
91In loving memory of Robert Corrie, of Riverside Drive, Palnackie, beloved husband of Marion Baird, died 14th March 1971, aged 64 years.
92In memory of William Johnstone, 1892 - 1971.
93In loving memory of James McClune, joiner, who died at Hardhills, 27th November 1971, aged 83 years.
94In loving memory of Jessie Finnigan, died 31st Jan. 1972.
95In loving memory of James Brydson, dear husband of May Craig, of Rose Cottage, Castle Douglas, died 13th Feb'y 1972, aged 69 years. Also the above May Craig, wife of the late James Brydson, died 24th April 1990, aged 82 years.
96McCulloch. In loving memory of Janet Sharp Black, died at Smirna Cottage, Palnackie, 0n 8th June 1972, aged 81 years. John Henry, died at same place on 30th March 1973, aged 87 years. Late of North Glen & Glentoo, Castle Douglas.
97In loving memory of Mary Millar, beloved wife of William G. Callander, died 23rd June 1972, aged 73 years. Also the above William G. Callander, died 30th March 1980, aged 83 years.
98In loving memory of Samuel Simpson Hutton, farmer, of Buittle Mains, who died 14th Nov. 1972, aged 63 years. Also his wife Margaret Jardine Thom, Rosie, who died 29th Oct. 1988, aged 77 years.
99In loving memory of John Cowan, beloved husband of Margaret McLauchlan, died 3rd Sept. 1973, aged 67 years. Also the above Margaret McLauchlan, died 15th Feb.1992, aged 85 years.
100In loving memory of William McKie, beloved husband of Mary Duncan Gillespie, died at 139 Southwick Rd., Dalbeattie, 28th April 1974, aged 76 years. Also Mary Duncan Gillespie, beloved wife of the above, died 30th Jan. 1975, aged 77 years.
101In loving memory of Elizabeth I. A. McCaw, beloved wife of David Porter, who died 9th Nov'r 1974, aged 66 years. Also the above David Porter, who died 22nd Feb'y1982, aged 81 years.
102In loving memory of Lucia Wilson Halliday, died at Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, 20th Dec. 1974, aged 83, wife of the late Capt, Hugh Roberts, O.B.E., and beloved mother of Hugh, Margaret and Lucia. Also her son-in-law, Denis C. C. Ainslie, died 19th Dec. 1990, aged 81 years. Beloved husband of Margaret. "Sadly missed."
103In loving memory of David Alexander Kenyon, who died at Dumfries on 1st November 1993, in his 86th year, beloved husband of Grace McKie, who died 10th January 1994, in her 83rd year. "Sadly missed."
104In loving memory of Edward Thomas Halliday, beloved husband of Kathreen M. Maxwell, who died 29th April 1975.
105In loving memory of Minnie Campbell Dargavel, 1903 - 1975.
106In loving memory of Matthew Henry, dearly loved husband of Betty Swanston, died 21st June 1975, aged 60 years. Also the above Betty Swanston, died 18th July 1991, aged 69 years.
107In loving memory of Mary Agnes McMaster, died 2nd February 1976, aged 75 years. Also her brother John McMaster, died 31st July 1978 aged 72 years. Also their brother Hugh McMaster, died 30th October 1978, aged 68 years.
108In loving memory of John F. Hastings, Corra, Castle Douglas, who died 3rd May 1976, beloved husband of Annie H. Sloan, who died 9th Sep. 1982, a dearly beloved wife and mother.
109In loving memory of William Sturrock, beloved husband of Ruby May George, and dear father of Jack, died 18th March 1979, aged 78 years. Also Ruby May George, beloved wife of the above, died 28th June 1984, aged 81 years.
110In loving memory of John McGinily, Glenlochar, died 16th May 1976, aged 67 years. Also his beloved wife Isabella Gordon, died 8th June 1976, aged 71 years.
111In loving memory of Maggie Isabella Welsh, youngest daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. John Welsh, died at Castle Douglas Hospital, 17th May 1976, aged 74 years. Also their daughter Agnes Jane Hope Welsh, died 10th Jan 1977, aged 81 years. Alsotheir brother Thomas Welsh, died 31st Oct. 1983, aged 91 years.
112In loving memory of William J. Smith, dearly loved husband of Mary Gardiner, who died at Douganhill Cottage, on the 21st July 1977, aged 63 years. Also the above Mary Gardiner, who died 12th March 1982, aged 80 years.
113In loving memory of Andrew Muir, Milton Park, beloved husband of Jessie Stewart Tomson, died 16th November 1977, aged 78 years. Also the above Jessie Stewart Thomson, died 8th June 1997, aged 94 years.
114In loving memory of Helen Gray Muir, Strath-Urr, Dalbeattie, beloved daughter of Joseph & Mary Ann Muir, died 5th July 1994, aged 78 years.
115In loving memory of Rose Ellen Hall, dearly loved wife of George Halliday, died at 130 High St., Dalbeattie, on 14th February 1978. Also George Halliday, dearly loved husband of above, who died 23rd July 1980.
116In loving memory of Andrew Ross, beloved husband of Mary Kay, died 2nd May 1978, aged 61 years.
117In loving memory of Charlotte C. Patterson, beloved wife of Ronald Dodds, died 28th October 1978, aged 40 years.
118In memory of George Broatch, late of Chapelcroft, died 4th June 1979, aged 76 years. Dearly loved husband of Kathleen Black, died 3rd January 1999, aged 89 years.
119In loving memory of Thomas Corrie, of Yettan Cottage, Palnackie, who died 1st Sep. 1979, aged 77 years. And Elizabeth McKean Corrie, (nee Birrell), who died 28th Sep. 1994, aged 86 years.
120In fond remembrance of Walter Swanston, dear husband of Nita Goodall, died 16th January 1980, aged 64 years. Also the above Nita Goodall, died 18th June, 2000, aged 88 years.
121In loving memory of Mary Jane Ewart, died 12th March 1980, aged 81 years.
122In loving memory of James Roxburgh, who died 27th March 1980, aged 77 years. Dearly loved husband of Grace Corson, who died 28th Feb'y 1985, aged 77 years. Also their daughter Margaret, who died 14th Dec't 1993, aged 60 years.
123In loving memory of Ann Teresa Nelson, beloved wife of Robert Watt Stewart, who died 21st June 1980, aged 76 years. Also Robert Watt Stewart, who died 10th Dec't 1981, aged 81 years.
124In loving memory of William C. McDougall, dear husband of Janet F. Gardiner, who died 6th July 1980, aged 60 years. Also the above Janet Fulton Gardiner, who died 13th April 1997, aged 68 years.
125In loving memory of John Alfred Lewis, late of London, beloved husband of Isabella Campbell Kennan Gray, died at Kenmuir, Palnackie, 22nd Oct. 1980, aged 75 years. Also Isabella Campbell Kennan Gray, beloved wife of the above, died 11th Sep. 1981, aged 71 years.
126In loving memory of Elizabeth Wood, dearly loved wife of William J. Beauly, who died 17th Dec'r 1980, aged 68 years. Also the above William J. Beauly, who died 20th June 1982, aged 67 years.
127In fond remembrance of John Little, dearly loved husband of Charlotte McKillop Gordon, died 13th Jan. 1981, aged 75 years.
128In loving memory of Agnes Johnstone, who died 13th March 1981, aged 74 years. Beloved wife of Robert Adams, who died 1st March 1996, aged 90 years.
129In loving memory of Easton F. Cruickshank, beloved husband of Betty Johnstone, died 20th Sep. 1982, aged 59 years.
130In loving memory of Richard Byres, dear husband of Emma Batey, died 10th Oct 1982, aged 80 years. Also his beloved wife Emma Batey, died 16th May 1983, aged 78 years.
131Loving memories of Kerrie Jane MacIntosh, died 11th Nov. 1983, aged 6 months.
132In loving memory of Stuart Gibson, dearly loved son of Tom and Pat Gibson, who died 5th June 1984, aged 7? years.
133Richard Beauly. 1949 - 1955.
134In loving memory of Henrietta Hope Porter, daughter of the late George and Elizabeth Porter, died 3rd May 1985, aged 83 years.
135In loving memory of John J. Paterson, dear husband of Lucy, died 4th July 1985. Also his wife Lucy Janet Stitt Halliday, died 23rd Sept. 1997.
136In loving memory of Thomas Watt Stewart, died 25th Sep. 1985, aged 78 years. Beloved husband of Margaret Wilson, died 23rd Dec. 1999, aged 75 years. Much loved parents and grandparents. In peace.
137In loving memory of James Stewart Finnigan, a dear father and grandfather, who died 15th September 1998, aged 80 years. Dearly loved husband of Isa Nelson, who died 23rd Dec. 1999, aged 79 years. A dearly loved mother, devoted grandmother and great-grandmother. "Till we meet again."
138In loving memory of Jane Riddick, dearly loved wife of William McWhirter, died 18th March 1987, aged 77 years. Also the above William McWhirter, died 7th Nov. 1989, aged 74 years.
139In loving memory of James Rae Halliday, who died at Navarre, Palnackie, 5th Sept. 1987, aged 78 years. Beloved husband of Margaret Birrell, who died 13th July 1993, aged 84 years.
140In loving memory of John Malcolm Fimister, (Mac), died 28th Oct. 1988, aged 62 years.
141In loving memory of Edith Handley, who died 19th Nov'r 1988, aged 67 years. Beloved wife of David Little, who died 16th Dec. 1996, aged 76 years.
142In loving memory of Elizabeth Helen Crossan, Urrbank, Palnackie, who died 20th Feb'y 1989, aged 46 years. Dearly loved wife of William Greenway.
143In loving memory of Jane (Jean) Wilson, died 26th Oct. 1989, aged 50 years. A special mum of Ann and Nancy, and a much loved granny. "Forever in our hearts."
144In loving memory of Gersham Robertson, beloved husband of Edna Freeman, died 18th Sep. 1990, aged 92 years. Also Edna Freeman, beloved wife of the above, died 4th Jan. 1994, aged 86 years.
145In loving memory of William Ronnie, died 2nd March 1991, aged 64 years, beloved husband of Audrey Bartle, father of William & Robert, dearly loved grandad.
146In memory of Francis A Murch, died 25th May 1992, (late of Leyland), aged 58 years.
147In memory of Robert McAdam, who died 29th May 1993, aged 84 years, beloved husband of Elizabeth G. Tait.
148In memory of Brenda Robertson, died 16th July 1993, aged 72 years. Loving wife of John.
149In memory of Robert Sturrock, who died 27th Oct. 1993, aged 86 years. Dearly loved husband of Jean Helen Paterson, who died 6th Jan. 1996, aged 82 years. R.I.P.
150In memory of Agnes Porter, beloved wife of James Lindsay Anderson, much loved mother and grandmother, died 2nd August 1998, aged 90 years.
151In memory of Edward George Halliday, who died 5th February 1995, aged 73 years. Beloved husband of Jessie McClune.
152In memory of Nora Todd, (Willoughby) died 17th Feb. 1995, aged 88 years. Loving wife of Norman, sadly missed by Audrey & Stan.
153In memory of Nicol Frederick Paterson, (Fred), dearest husband and father, died 1st October 1995, aged 82 years. "He that has the son, has everlasting life." John3, verse 36.
154In memory of William Graham Clive, who died 18th March 1996, aged 68 years, beloved husband of Janet Greggan.
155In memory of Jessie Ann Hearton, nee Wilson, who died 25th July 1996, aged 53 years. Beloved wife of Rab, mother to Douglas & Steven, grandmother to Danny & Tazmyn.
156A. K. Wright, 1925-1997. Much loved, sadly missed.
157In loving memory of John Maxwell, farmer, 13.8.27 - 15.8.97. Never in vain, that saught the Lord.
158In loving memory of James Smith Christie, who died on 28th Nov. 1997, aged 63 years, a special uncle, husband of May. "Till we meet again."
159In loving memory of James Rae Halliday, dearly loved husband of Betty McCrink, adored father of Winifred and Elizabeth, who died 8th December 1997, aged 71 years. "Cherished, and loved always."
160In memoriam. Karen Ann Panton, nee Emkes, 18.6.1961 - 20.12.1995.
161Treasured memories of John James McClelland Smith, of Gardenburn, who died 13th January 2000, aged 84 years. A dear dad and Papa, much loved husband of Mary Sargent.
162Treasured memories of Peter F. Carnochan, a loving dad and gramps, died 1st Feb. 2000, aged 71 years, dearly loved husband of Mary Williamson (Molly).
163In loving memory of James Carswell Stewart, 17.7.1925 - 7.1.2000. Dear dad and papa, beloved husband of Margaret Anne Newson.
164In loving memory of John (Jake) Porter, died 6th February 1998, aged 88 years. Beloved husband of the late Elizabeth McCafferty.
165In loving memory of Agnes Porter Neilson, (Nancy), who died 5th January 1998, aged 73 years. A much loved mother, grandmother & great grandmother. Dearly loved wife of Rober Crossan, (Bob), who died 18th Dec'r 2000, aged 77 years. A much loved father, grandfather, & great grandfather.