Girthon Old Kirkyard M.I. Listing

This page lists transcriptions of the 194 visible and readable monumental inscriptions which were found in the Old Kirkyard at Girthon, near Gatehouse of Fleet, when it was surveyed just after the year 2000, accompanied by photographs of each monument. Use the search box, below right, to search this listing.

1Erected by Alexander Whan in memory of Janet Walker, his wife, who died at Flerrick 25th Jany. 1842 aged 43 years. Also their son Alexander, who died 14 Nov 1843 aged 1 year and nine months. Alexander Whan, the erector who died at Flerrick 24 May 1879 aged 86 years.
2Erected by Samuel Gordon in memory of his son William, who died 14th Oct. 1856 aged 20 years. Also Alexander who died at Kirkcudbright 26th Augt 1868 aged 34 years. Also Isabella, his sister who died at Girthon Kirk 27th Nov 1868 aged 63 years. Also Samuel Gordon the erector who died 28th Aug 1879 aged 71 years. Also Janet Halliday wife of Samuel Gordon who died 20th January 1897 aged 91 years.
3Sacred in memory of Robert Stewart, farmer, Old Girthon Kirk who died 1 March 1853 aged 74 years. Also Margaret Ewart wife of John Stewart who died at Old Girthon Kirk the 28 March 1854 aged 19 years. Also Isabella Halliday, spouse of the above Robt Stewart who died near Mitchell, county of Perth Ont. Canada, 7th March 1867, aged 70 years, and is interred in the Scotch cemetery there.
4(Large stone in shape of casket)
Here rest the remains of Mary Kennedy Stuart, daughter of William Stuart of Liverpool, and neice of Mrs Yorstoun of Carstramont, who died 16th October 1842, aged 17 years.
5Erected by William McGaw, builder in memory of his children. Robert & Jane who died in infancy. John Maxwell his father-in-law who died 25th Decr. 1862, aged 89 years. Janet McAdam, wife of John Maxwell, died 14th March 1848 aged 65 years. William McGaw, the erector died 29th Jany. 1885 aged 78 years. Jane Maxwell, wife of William McGaw, died 16th March 1887 aged 74 years.
6house who departed this life 29 December 1857 aged 53 years. Also Jean McGaw his wife who died 25 November 1856 aged 51 years. And their children John Alexander and Thomas who died in infancy. Elizabeth died 2nd June 1910 aged 76 years. William died in Australia 15th August 1912 aged 72 years.

Erected by a grateful and affectionate family to mark and hold sacred a father and mother’s grave. J. Glaister Wt. Haven.

Also in memory of William Ferguson son of John Cairns one of the erectors who died 29th May 1867 aged 3 years & 7 months. Also Robert, fourth son of John who died at Gatehouse, 29th April 1871, aged 1 year & 1 month. Also John Cairns father of the above children, who died at Gatehouse 20 August 1871, aged 40 years.
Universally respected & deeply regretted.
7Sacred to the memory of James Bell who died 21st July 1816 aged 61 years. Jannet Macnaught, his wife, who died 11th Septr 1820 aged 57 years. Jean Bell, their daughter, who died 2d Octr, 1820 aged 21 years. This stone was erected by their affectionate son Samuel Bell, Birmingham.

Adieu my wife, and my children dear; In time seek out that Heavenly path,
Friends, and relations all; Which always was my aim,
I hope you will not grieve for me, When death betakes your lives away,
Nor let your tears down fall. We may in Heaven reign
8Erected by Alexander McMiken. In memory of James, his brother who died at St. Lucia, West Indies, 10th Feby. 1842, aged 24 years. George, his brother who died at Upper Drumwall, 15th August 1850, aged 26 years. William McMiken, his father, died at U. Drumwall 20th July 1854, aged 72 years. Jane, his sister, died at U. Drumwall, 23rd Novr. 1854 aged 27 years. Also Grace Houston, his mother who died 15th August 1871 aged 84 years.
9Erected by Thomas McCormick. In memory of his wife Hannah Wylie who died at Gatehouse, 25 March 1850 aged 35 years. Also an infant.
10Sacred. In memory of James Campbell, draper in Gatehouse, who died VII October MDCCCXLIX aged L years. And of Joan Mactier, his wife who died at Liverpool 27th Nov. 1877 aged 76 years, and is interred there. Her end was peace.
11Erected by Henry Foster, Murray’s Arms Inn, Gatehouse, in memory of his infant son who died XXX April MDCCCLIII. David Foster, his son, who died at Disdow on the XXI June MDCCCLX, aged IV years. Henry Foster, the erector, died at The Murray Arms, Gatehouse, X June MDCCCLXIV, aged LIII years. Mary Waugh, his wife, who died at Disdow, XXX November MDCCCLXXI, aged LII years.
Sacred to the memory of Janet Hannah spouse to William Carson, merchant in Gatehouse, who departed this life 23rd April 1816, aged 51 years. John their son, who died 17 Sept, aged 17 months, and Grizal, their daughter, who died 19th April 1801, aged 6 weeks and 1 day, and also the said William Carson, who died 7th May 1823, aged 56 years. James their son, who died Sept. 5th 1824 aged 32 years. Margaret Gardiner, wife to the above who died 22d Octr 1845 aged 65 years.
13Erected by John Robertson, Inland Revenue Officer, in memory of his wife Anna Harriet McCracken, who died at Gatehouse, 7th November 1850, aged 38 years. Also Harriet Grace Stewart, their daughter who died 1850, in infancy.
14In memory of Jane Young Veitch who died at Girthon Kirk, 29th June 1871 aged 28 years. John Veitch died at Ingleston Borgue 30th Oct 1853 aged 5 years. John Veitch fourth son died at Girthon-Kirk, 4th May 1898, aged 44 years. Margaret Tait their mother died, 25th May 1898, aged 79 years. Andrew Veitch, their father, died at Gatehouse, 3rd April 1902, aged 89 years. Catherine Davidson, widow of the above John Veitch, who died at Gatehouse, 25th May 1939, aged 75 years.
15Erected by Jane E.O.T. Clement, in memory of her husband James Gordon who died in Gatehouse, 19th August 1853, aged 45 years. Also the said Jane E.O.T. Clement who died 1st May 1894, aged 81 years. Alexander her son, died in infancy. John died 29th Nov. 1856, aged 4 years. Also of their son William, who died at Gelston Village on 15th Dec. 1906, aged 61 years.
16In memory of Samuel Baileff, who died 24th June 1868, aged 67 years. Anna, his daughter, died 4th March 1851, aged 8 years. John, his son, died 28 October 1867, aged 18 years. Mary, his daughter, died 25th Dec. 1916, aged 78 years.
17Erected by Mary Grierson, in memory of her husband John Armour, who died at Gatehouse, 8 April 1825, aged 43 years. Also their children Elizabeth, died 16th April 1827, aged 10 years. James died at Antigua, West Indies, 30th Dec. 1842, aged 36 years. David, died at same place, 19th Oct 1844, aged 25 years. John, died at Kirkcudbright, 7 Dec. 1849, aged 38 years.
18Sacred to the memory of James Thomson, Junr. Merchant in Gatehouse of Fleet, who died on the 20th day of January 1797, aged 32 years. And also Elizabeth Baxter who died 21st October 1828 aged 65 years.
19In loving memory of Joseph Tait, Painter, Gatehouse, who died 19th January 1886, aged 85 years. And Mary Sproat, his wife, who died 26th Sep 1888, aged 83 years. And of their children, Andrew, died 18th Aug. 1851, aged 20 years. James, died 9th Jan 1869, aged 40 years. Joseph, died 27th March 1873, aged 27 years. Jane, died 27th June 1885, aged 41 years. Rebecca, died 7th Oct. 1888, aged 61 years. Also of Elizabeth Sproat (Auntie Betts), who died 16th June 1864, aged 66 years.
20Erected by Joseph [Erving] in memory of Mary [McClune] his daughter, who died June 4th 1793, aged one year. And also here lies the corpse of Mary McClune, his spouse who died June 1st 1795, aged 45 y. And also here lies the corpse of the [erector] Joseph Erving, who died March 17th 179— aged 49 years.
21Sacred to the memory of David Black, Mariner, who perished at sea along with the sloop “Kenmore” Oct’r. 1822 aged 40 years. Jannet McKey, his wife, who died at Gatehouse 10th Feby 1842, aged 57 years. Mary their daughter who died 6th Feby 1818 aged 6 years. David their son who died 27th Decr 1827 aged 5 years.
22Here lies the body of Osley McGown who died 1st January 1793 aged 61 years.
23Erected by John McGeoch in memory of Archibald & Isabella McGeoch his children the former died Jany 13 1797 aged 4 years, the latter died April 3 1796 aged 10 months. Also Robert McGeoch son who died in Feby 1800 aged 3 months.

Also Jannet McGeoch his daughter, who died 27th Febry 1831, aged 29 years. Also Jean McDowall relict of the said John McGeoch who died 19 Feb 1837 aged 70 years.
24This stone was erected by John Tait in memory of his two sons Roberts, who died in infancy. John Tait his son who died 2 Novr 1815 aged 22 years. Rebecca Richmont, his spouse who died 8th Novr. 1819 aged 53 years. Also James Tait their son who died 5th Novr 1822, aged 23 years. William died 21 Feby 1826 aged 19 years. Agnes died 21 January 1830 aged 27 years. Also the erector who died 20th Octr 1842, aged 75 years. Andrew Tait his grandson, died 18 August 1850 aged 19 years Mary Lockhart his daughter died 26 Feb. 1860 aged 73 years.
25Erected by Elizabeth Lockhart in memory of her son John T. Lockhart who died in Manchester 1 April 1842 aged 7 months. Also John Lockhart her husband who died in Gatehouse 22nd Sept 1843 aged 29 years. His latter end was peace.
26Erected by Joseph Carson in memory of Robert Carson his son who died Feb 8th 1792 aged one year.
27Erected by James Hughan in memory of his spouse Jane Burbie who died at Swingbridge of Cally 22 July 1841 aged 34 years. Agnes Jane McCourty, grand-daughter of the erector, died at Clauchan, 21st February 1868 aged 2 months. Mary Hughan, his niece, died at Drumwall 21st Sep. 1869, aged 22 years. Christian Gibson, his second wife, died at Drumwall, 21st Feb. 1875, aged 62 years. Alexander McCourty his grand-son died at Clauchan 5th Feb. 1877 aged 4 months. James Hughan the erector died at Drumwall 27th Nov. 1878 aged 64 years. R.I.P. James his son who died at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 11th Dec. 1884, aged 34 years.
In memoriam. Mary Wallace, wife of William Hume, died 15 Dec. 1836, aged 58 years. Erected by her husband and their two sons Robert and James, as a tribute of respect to an affectionate wife and a kind mother. William Hume died 21 Dec. 1841 aged 70 years. And of their children Mary died 19 Oct. 1815, aged 4 years. George died 21 Oct. 1815, aged 2 years. Mary died 7 July 1885, aged 65 years.
In memoriam Robert Hume died 2 Nov. 1886 aged 77 years. Jane McRoberts, wife of Robert Hume, died 7 May 1880, aged 71 years. And of their children William & Margaret died in infancy. Thomas Booth died at Dalkeith 9 March 1866 aged 18 years. Sarah Jane Telfer, their granddaughter, died 23 May 1868 aged 9 years. James V.S.R.A. died at Sitapoor, Oude, India 15 Nov. 1878 aged 26 years.
In memoriam James Hume died 10th Dec. 1887 aged 72 years. Nicholas McGhie wife of James Hume died 14 Nov. 1880 aged 66 years. And of their children William died 25 Feb. 1848 aged 10 years. Janet died 11 Mar. 1901, aged 60 years.
29Erected by William McKay in memory of his wife Frances Herries who died 22 May 1872 aged 69 years. Also his daughter Margaret who died in infancy. Also his mother-in-law Agnes Herries who died 8 Jan 1858 aged 77 years. Also the erector, who died 10th Dec. 1879, aged 79 years. Also Jane McKay, his daughter, who died at Gatehouse of Fleet 7th July 1911 aged 66 years. Sarah died 21st Decr 1916 aged 81 years. Mary died 23rd May 1917 aged 77 years.
30To the memory of Robert McKinnal who died at Cally upon the 12th of Sep’r. 1830 aged 46 years. Also Jean NcKinnal the erector who died Armannoch, Parish of Lochrutton 19 June 1853 aged 72 years. Erected by Jean NcKinnal his widow.
31Erected by James Milligan in loving memory of Jane McKay his wife who died at Drawbridge Cottage 29th April 1901, aged 79 years . Also five of his children who died in infancy. Robert Milligan his father who died Gatehouse 2nd Dec 1863 aged 80 years. Also John Milligan his brother who died at Gatehouse 15th Jan 1900 aged 73 years. Also above James Milligan who died at Gatehouse 4th May 1919 aged 87 years.
321799. Erected by Joseph Richmond in memory of Nathan Richmond and Mary Mountain his father & mother, the former died in Octr 30th 1791 aged 54 years, the latter in Septr 28 1796 aged 57 years.
33Erected by John McGeoch in memory of his three children who died in infancy. The said John McGeoch died on the 22nd February 1808 aged 57 years. Janet McGeoch his daughter died 27th February 1831 aged 29 years. Jean McDowall relict of the said John McGeoch died 9th February 1837 aged 79 years. Agnes Rae his daughter-in-law died in September 1842 aged 60 years. William McGeoch his son died in Manchester 14th Decr 1842 aged 49 years. James McGeoch husband of the said Agnes Rae died 20th Novr 1845 aged 65 years. John McGeoch his son died in Manchester 16th September 1855 aged 67 years. Margaret McGeoch his daughter died 19th Nov 1863 aged 72 years. Menzies McGeoch his daughter 16th Feb 1873 aged 69 years. Cathrine McGeoch his daughter died 18th Jany 1874 aged 86 years.

Also Susan McGeoch his daughter who died 28th May 1880 aged 84 years.
34Erected by Peter and Agnes Wilson in Gatehouse, in memory of their children, viz. Thomas died 22 March 1833 aged 8 months. Bryce died in Jany 1836 aged 21 years. Thomas died 21 Jany 1841 aged 7 years. Samuel Muir died on board the Brig ‘Campbell of Whitehaven’ on his passage from London to Barbados 5th Septr 1842 aged 21 years. Agness Muir, the affectionate wife of Peter Wilson died 16 Nov. 1849 aged 68 years. Peter Wilson the erector died 14 Jan. 1851 aged 73 years.
35Beneath this stone lies Elizabeth & Helen Coots, the former spouse to Capt. David Coots late in Gategill who died 1767 aged 60 years. The latter Helen Coots his daughter spouse to James McKune who died at Gatehouse 21st of May 1779 aged 30. Erected by ------.
36(Sculpture of rake, hoe and spade)
Here lyes the corps of Robert Glover late gardner at Cally who died December 8th 1775 aged 75 years. Erected by Isabell Deins his spouse 1776.
37In memory of John Armstrong parochial schoolmaster of Girthon from A.D. MDCCLXXXIX to A.D. MDCCCXXVIII died at Gatehouse September XXVI A.D. MDCCCXLI aged LXXI years. Erected by a few of his pupils as a tribute to departed worth.
38In memory of John Brown, Esqr J.P. who died at Gatehouse 12th Jan. 1862 aged 84 years. William Brown who died at Gatehouse 4th June 1857 aged 78 years. Also Isabela McKean his wife who died at Enrick 27th Augst 1851 aged 65 years.
39Sacred to the memory of Charles McMinn, writer and N.P. who died in Gatehouse of Fleet 30th June 1855 aged 45 years. Also Jane Martin his Widow who died in New Galloway 26th January 1887 aged 72 years.
40Sacred to the memory of John Sproat who died at Girthon Kirk 20th Feb. 1856 aged 47 years. Also John his son who died in Dumfries Infirmary 29th June 1865 aged 22 years and was interred there. Agnes McCaa, relict of John Sproat died 3rd August 1897 in her 89th year. James his son died at Dunskey Lodge, Portpatrick, 15th Jany 1910 aged 73 years. Erected by an affectionate family.
41(Stone on wall)
Erected in 1832 by James Watson Surgeon Gatehouse who died 5th Jan 1848 aged 64 years. And Agnes Selkirk his spouse who also died 18 February 1837 aged 48 years. In memory of their children, Thomas born 28th Decr 1811, died 22nd April 1834 after finishing his Medical Studies. James F. born 20th Decr 1814 died 26 Sepr 1815. John - M.C. Surgeon, Newton Stewart died at sea 19 April 1844 aged 26. Martha born 14 Augt 1819, died 15th Augt 1831. James born 22 March and died 4 Septr 1830.
42(Broken stone on wall)
JUN 22
43Erected in memory of Thomas McMillian who died at Gatehouse 17th Jany 1882 aged 72 years. Also Elizabeth Solley his wife who died at Gatehouse 18th April 1894 aged 83 years. Also Mary, their daughter, who died at Gatehouse 19th March 1912 aged 71 years.
44Sacred to the memory of Jane McClure, wife of John Armstrong, Schoolmaster, who died 5 March 1844 aged 54 years; And of their children; Alexander, died in June 1839, aged 22 years. Robert, died on board H.M.S. Winchester, in 1846, aged 35 years. Jane died 28 May 1858 aged 38 years. Harriet died 29th May 1873, aged 46 years. Erected by their daughter Janet.
45Unmarked stone.
46Within this tomb lies the corps of Robert Lennox some time in Irelandtoun, who was shot to death by Grier of Lagg in the Paroch of Toungland for his adherence to Scotlands Reformation Covenants National and Solemn League 1685.
47In memory of George Thompson, who died 4 August 1812 aged 55 years. Mary Thompson his spouse, died 1 November 1848, aged 88 years. And of their children; viz.
Grace died 15 Dec 1835, aged 35 years. James died 24 Sep 1819 aged 18 years. Ann died at Douglas, Isle of Mann, 11 May 1831 aged 26 years. Mary died 25 March 1860 aged 56 years. Maryann died 5 April 1893 aged 56 years. Jessie died 26 December 1912 aged 76 years. Erected by M & J Thompson.
48----------------- Hugh Neil --------- this life Aprile 29th 1819 aged 19 years. Also of Helen and John Neil, the former died February 25th 1813 aged 4 years. The latter died March 11th 1814, aged 2 months. Also Alexander Neil who died 16 Jany 1828, aged 22 years. And James Neil, Senior, 7 July 1831 aged 65 years. Also Janet Tait his spouse who died 4th April 1853, aged 82 years.
49Erected by James & Margaret Credie, in Gatehouse, as an affectionate memorial of their deceased children. William, who died 7th June 1796, aged 2 years. James, who died 3rd March 1807, aged 16 years. Margaret, who died 2nd June 1808, aged 20 years. Ann, who died 26th February 1816, aged 18 years. Here also rests the remains of James Credie, erector of this stone who died at Gatehouse, the 24th March 1825, aged 74 years. And of Margaret Ronaldson, his spouse, who died at Gatehouse, upon the 21st March 1832, aged 70 years. Ann, sister of the above Margaret Ronaldson, who died at Gatehouse, upon the 5th June 182[9], aged 78 years.
Hyslop W.haven ------
Here lies the body of David Fisher Wright, at Girthon Kirk, who died April 26th 1776, aged 40 years. And of Margaret, his daughter, aged 8 years. Erected by Mary Fisher, his spouse. Also the said Mary Fisher, his spouse, who died 15th Febr’y. 1805, aged 69 years. Also Nicholas, their daughter, wife of James McGowan, who died at Gatehouse, 2nd Jan. 1838, aged 67. Also Magdalene, her sister, who died 4th May 1843, aged 69 years. Also Grace McGowan, daughter of James McGowan, late school mistress at Doon Cottage, Twynholm, who died 13th Dec. 1843, aged 45 years. Her latter end was peace.
51Erected by Andrew Kirk in Gatehouse, in memory of his wife Janet McNae, who died 14th June 1827 aged 63 years. John their son died 27th February 1818 aged 17 years. Thomas their son, surgeon in the East India Company Service who died in the Province of Madras 3d May 1820 aged 23 years. Janet their daughter died 11th May 1831 aged 32 years. Also Andrew Kirk erector of this stone who died at Gatehouse the 15th June 1842, aged 80 years. Also in memory of Andrew son of the above who died at Gatehouse on the 9th of June 1865 in the 59th year of his age. Also in memory of Grace daughter of the above and widow of James Grierson who died at Birkenhead on the 30th of June 1874 in the 83rd year of her age.
52In memory of John McGowan her father who died at Dalmalin 1735 aged 60. Also Margret McFadden his spouse who died 1765 aged 50. Also Anna and Euphemia their daughters.
55Erected by John Hunter in memory of John Hunter his son who died Feb.9, 1788 aged 6 years. Also their lies the corpse of Catherine Hunter his daughter who died Jan.10, 1799 aged one year.
56Erected by Alexander Connel in memory of his sister Margaret who died 10 July 1835 aged 66 years.
57Erected by Grizzel McMillan. To the memory of George Walker her husband who died at Cairn the 11th of January 1829 in the 87 year of his age, and of Marion their daughter who died 24th May 1815 aged 17 years. Agnes their daughter who died at Cairn 24th Decr 1840 aged 63 years. Also the erector who died at Cairn 18th February 1841 aged 89 years. Samuel Walker their son, died at Sillodoch, 14 Jany 1869 aged 77 years. Also James Walker, their son, who died at Sillodoch, 28 May 1872, aged 85 years.
58To the memory of William MacMillan, late tenant in Sillodoch who died June 4th 1791 aged 66 years.
59In loving memory of Robert Caig, who died at Fleet Street, Gatehouse, 7th July 1892, aged 81 years. Elizabeth Oliphant, his wife, who also died there on 18th January 1872, aged 60 years.
Margaret Carson, his first wife who died at Drumwall 7th Dec. 1840, aged 25 years.
60Erected by David Kelvie in Gatehouse in memory of his children viz:- John his son died 24th April 1833 aged 6 years. Elizabeth his daughter died 25th Feb’y. 1837 aged 2 years. David M. Kelvie his son died 8th Septr. 1837 aged 6 years. Elizabeth his daughter died 9th June 1849 aged 7 years. Agnes his daughter died 20th July 1850 aged 3 years.
61Sacred to the memory of James Montgomery who died 20 Dec. 1857 aged 92 years. Samuel Carter his grandson died 23 May 1861 aged 27 years and is interred in Kirkpatrick Churchyard. Elizabeth Montgomery his wife died 14 Jan’r. 1866 aged 92 years.
62(Flat stone)
------ corpse of Marion ------ Neual, who died Febr. 21st 1761 aged 69 years, she was spouse to Thom’s Tait.
63William Gerrond who died 1 Feb. 1847 aged 64 years. James son of the above who died 8 Dec. 1816 aged 1 years and 5 months. Adam who died in Liverpool 28th March 1835 aged 17 years. Elizabeth who died 7th Nov’r. 1850 aged 27 years.
64Erected by John and James Burbie in grateful remembrance of their father James Burbie who departed this life at the Old Kirk of Girthon 28th March 1848 aged 80 years. Mary his daughter who died 4th Feb’y. 1813, in infancy. William his son who is supposed to have died at St. Louis, United States about the year 1837 aged about 22 years. Hugh his son who died at Liverpool 28th March 1847 aged 28 years. John his eldest son who died at Liverpool 28 Dec.1851 aged 51 years. Agness his daughter died at Creetown 20 April 1855 aged 48 years. Also Christina Broadfoot relict of the above James Burbie died 2 March 1856 aged 77 years.

Also James Burbie who died at Liverpool 31 December 1861, aged 52 years. Also Elizabeth Grieve sister of the erectors who died 15 Dec. 1876 aged 74 years.
65Erected by Mary Munro in loving memory of her parents, William Munro, Blue Bell Inn, Gatehouse-of-Fleet , born 7th July 1796, died 29th August 1846, and his wife Jane Thompson, born 7th January 1799, died 11th April 1852.
66Erected by William Rogers, in memory of Edward Rogers, his father who died in Gatehouse, 14th Decr 1840 aged 59 years. Also Agnes McConchie, spouse of the above who died 28th May 1863 aged 79 years.
67Erected by David Milligan and Jean Walker Enrick in memory of their children, John died 28 March 1812, aged five months. George died 16 June 1841 aged 23 years. Margaret died 17 Aug’t. 1841 aged 19 years. ------------------ (part of stone illegible) -------David Milligan ----------Agness Milligan daughter died Boatgreen Gatehouse in 1883 aged 65 years.
68In memory of James Irving Esq. of Jamaica who died at Gatehouse 25th Octr 1821 aged 47 years. This stone was erected by his widow in token of respect for him. And of Samuel James Irving, their younger son who died 12th Jan’y. 1832 aged 15 years. And of their son in law James Bennet Esqr Surgeon who died 25th May 1838 aged 34 years. Catherine Sinclair relict of the above Dr James Irving died at Wrexham 31st October 1862 aged 74.
69Erected by James Fergusson in memory of David Fergusson, his son who died at Cally 13th Octr 1845 aged 22 years. Also Susan Fergusson, his daughter who died 10th July 1851 aged 17 years. James his son died 19 April 1858 aged 29 years, and is interred in Greenwood Cemetery, New York, U.S.America. Agnes Forfar his wife who died at Cally 26 March 1859 aged 64 years. James Fergusson the erector died 25 November 1859 aged 64 years. Janet his daughter, wife of John Rankin, Liverpool who died 22 April 1860, aged 33 years.
70(Flat stone)
George Nish died in his son’s house in Manchester in 1850 aged 70 years. His mother Barbara Gordon died in Gatehouse 21st Sept 18-5 aged 87. (Not verbatim)
In Memory of the Rev. Robert Jeffrey ordained Minister of Girthon in August 1818. In May 1843 he left the Establishment and continued his faithful labours in the Free Protesting Church of Scotland in Girthon and Anwoth till the 9th day of March 1844, when he died aged 57 years.

The following is not verbatim.
(north side) Third daughter, Janet Thomson died 19th November 1845 aged 17. First daughter, Dorothea died in Edinburgh 5th July 1847 aged 23 years and is interred at Western Cemetery. Second daughter, Mary died in Edinburgh 4th January 1848 aged 21 years is interred at Western Cemetery.

(south side) Fifth daughter, Isabella died in Edinburgh January 1850 aged 11 years 8 months. Last survivor, Jessie died London 3rd June 1882. His widow Jessie Thomson died 6th July 1884 aged 88 years and is interred here.
72(Flat stone)
In memory of Alexander Brown Esq., of Drumshangan, who died at Gatehouse, 1st March 1821, aged 57 years. (rest of stone illegible)

(the following is not verbatim)
[daughter Anna died 30th Sept. 18— aged 5 years, daughter Elizabeth died 19 March 18--, daughter Jannet died 5th Jan. 1819 aged 2 years, wife Anna McWhae died in Gatehouse 28th Feb. 1844 aged (7)7 ]
73Erected to the memory of Jane Nisbet, wife of Joseph Gibson, who died at Drumwall on the 9th of December 1845 aged 73 years. Also of their son John, who died on the 21st May 1845 aged 35 years. Also Joseph Gibson who died at Drumwall 13 June 1858 aged 82 years. Mary Reauselle Gibson, grandaughter of the above, and wife of Alexr. Reid, died 15th Oct. 1878, aged 25 years and is interred in Craigton Cemetery. Also Dickson Gibson, her father, who died at the Post Office, Gatehouse, on the 28 Feb. 1885, aged 80 years. ‘His end was peace,’ Mary Tait, spouse of the above Dickson Gibson, died at the Post Office, Gatehouse, on the 7th January 1895, aged 87 years. ‘Her end was peace.’

Also in memory of Margaret Tait, spouse to James Falconer, late of Meadow House Inn, Rerwick, who died 3rd March 1883, aged 83 years. Also John Gjbson, son of Dickson Gibson, who was for 42 years Postmaster in Gatehouse, and died there on the 4th May 1903, aged 66 years.
‘At home with God.’
74(Stone on wall)
Erected by James Halliday in memory of his daughter Elizabeth who died at Cally Lodge 19 July 1851 aged 18 years. John Halliday his grand-son 18 Nov. 1851 aged 5 months. Margaret his daughter who died 21 July 1861 aged 32 years. William hi(s son) died 24 April 1863 aged 27 years. ‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord’. Samuel Rae his grand-son died 11 June 1867 aged 12 years. The erector died at Cally Lodge 24th Jan 1878 aged 77 years.
75Erected in memory of John McGill, who died 3rd April 1843, aged 72 years. Ann Black, his wife, died 22nd June 1849, aged 74 years. Agness, their daughter died 27th April 1867, aged 35 years. Isabella died 4th August 1869, aged 44 years.
76Sacred to the memory of Henry Long, Manufacturer, Gatehouse, who died 21st Feb. 1849, aged 93 years. Joanna Long, his wife, died 15th April 1838, aged 65 years. Janet, their daughter, relict of W. Dunwiddie, Painter, Dumfries, died there 31st Oct. 1824, aged 31 years. Joanna, their daughter, died at Gatehouse, 2nd January 1833, aged 23 years. John, their son, died at Gatehouse, 11th Dec. 1835, aged 31 years. Elizabeth, their daughter, spouse of J. Gardiner, Liverpool, died there 24th Jany. 1848, aged 48 years. David Henry Dunwiddie, their grandson, died at Liverpool 11th Sept. 1847, aged 24 years. Agnes Long, second daughter of the above, died at Breaknel, Berkshire 24th Nov. 1866, aged 70 years. Robert A. Long, youngest son of the above, died 27th January 1880, aged 61 years.
77(Flat stone)
Erected by John Nish in memory of his wife Margaret Armstrong who died in Murray’s Arms Inn, 30th September 1835 aged 52 years. Also the erector died 6th December 1838 aged 57 years. ‘A true philanthropist.’
78(Flat stone) Inaccessible, covered by moss.
79Sacred to the memory of Jennet Guthrie, who died at Girthon Kirk Smithy, 25th Jan. 1850, aged 78 years. Also John Campbell, her husband, who died at Gatehouse, 4th April 1870, aged 93 years.
(rest of stone illegible)
80Erected by James & John Miller, to the memory of their father Archibald Miller, who died 15th June 1836, aged 58 years. He was Pastor over the Congregational Church, Gatehouse for 29 years, bearing a most exemplary character, beloved and esteemed by all who knew him. Also Helen Dinniston, his partner in life, who died October 29th 1843, aged 70 years. ‘Her latter end was peace.’ Also Mary Miller, their sister who died 12th October 1815, aged 13 months.
81Erected by Anne Bryden, in memory of George Graham her husband, who died at Gatehouse 24 April 1847 aged 75 years.
82Erected in memory of William McCartney who died at Deerpark of Cally 29 Jan’y. 1839 aged 61 years. Also his grandson Robert Gordon who died at Townhead aged 13 months. And Jennet Moffat his spouse, who died at Compstone 28th July 1853, aged 82 years.
83Here lyes the corps of Jean Black, spouse of James Carnochan who died Jan’y. 26 1762 aged 25 years. Also Rachel Carnochan their daughter who died Sep’r. 3 1761 aged 1 year.
84Erected by Alxr McClure in memory of his mother Margt Cleave, who died in Flerog, in 1800 aged 74 years. His father John McClure who also died at Flerog, in 1813, aged 91 years, but who was formerly Farmer in Laigh Creoch, where his forefathers lived for centuries. His half sister Jannet Dowall who died at Gatehouse in 1820 aged 72 years. His sister Mary McClure who died in Gatehouse in 1822 aged 64 years. His sister Elizabeth who also died at Gatehouse in 1823 aged 56 years. Also the Erector who died 27 Jan. 1845 aged 80 years. John McMillan nephew to the Erector who died at Gatehouse 10th Nov. 1857 aged 77.
85By Alexander, Thomas & Louis Campbell, in memory of their father Thomas Campbell who died at Little Borland 29 April 1861 aged 52 years. Mary Jane their sister who died in infancy. Also James Louis youngest son who died at Brooklyn, U.S.A. April 1883 aged 37. Also Jane McKean, their mother who died at Gatehouse 13 September 1894 aged 94 years.
86Sacred to the memory of Robert Harper who died at Bush, the 16th April 1803 aged 62 years. Christiana Kirkpatrick his wife who died at Bush, the 19th October 1812 aged 57 years. Also James Harper their son who died at Bush, the 28th September 1810 aged 18 years. Also the erector who died at Gatehouse, the 10th November 1828 in the 25th year of his age. Erected by Alexander Harper, their affectionate son.

Adam Comelin died 8 Sep. 1854 aged 80 years.
87Gatehouse 23 January 1867 aged 72 years. And Mary their daughter who died 19 July 1861 aged 30 years. Also Jane their daughter who died 12 June 1879 aged 53 years. Also Janet their daughter who died at St. Mary’s Cottage, Gatehouse 5th February 1911 aged 82 years.
88Erected by William Loudon in memory of Samuel Loudon who died at Gatehouse 28 August 1834 aged 60 years. Isabella Grierson his wife died at Gatehouse 23 August 1855 aged 81 years. And of their children: Jane died in infancy at Gatehouse 11 June 1815. Thomas died at Havannah Island of Cuba, West Indies 4 March 1820 aged 17 years. John was lost at sea 23 April 1833 aged 22 years. Alexander was lost at sea 15 October 1836 aged 27 years. James died at Newport 29 March 1848 aged 41 years. William Rennie their son-in-law died at Deerpark 30 August 1860 aged 65 years. Mary Loudon died 6 March 1882 aged 82 years. Agnes Rennie widow of William McQuie died at Gatehouse 29th Nov. 1912 aged 85 years.
89Sacred to the memory of Samuel Telfer who died 17th August 1868 aged 74 years. And of his children John died 20th August 1836 aged 18 years. James died at Dalkeith 18th January 1867, aged 35 years. Sarah Scott wife of the above Samuel Telfer died 20th Dec. 1870 aged 76 years. Jane died at Dumfries 12th April 1894 aged 71 years.
90James Murdoch died 17 Oct. 1832 aged 82. Penelope Tait his wife died 9 April 1824 aged 64. Also their children John died Oct. 1834 aged 32. Robert died 8 Feb. 1838 aged 49. Elizabeth died Oct. 1843 aged 46. Jane, wife of Adam Laidlaw died Nov. 1843 aged 43 who both are interred in Edinburgh.
91Sacred to the memory of William Murdoch who died in Gatehouse 29th January 1818 aged 37 years. Also his wife Jean Mitchel who died 6th May 1814 aged 36 years. Jean their daughter who died in Liverpool 6th Feb’y. 1838 aged 23 years. Also Mary Christie, wife of Rob’t. Murdoch (one of the erectors) who died 30 Jan. 1839 aged 35 years. This stone was erected by Rob’t. his son and Elizabeth his daughter.
92Erected by Hugh Haining in memory of Christian Armstrong his wife who died 18 Feb’y. 1826 aged 29 years. And John their son who died 3 April 1824 aged 5 weeks. James [Hanning] his son who died 20 April 1860 aged 35 years.
93(Broken stone) Illegible.
94Sacred to the memory of Robert Hanning who died 25th May 1786 aged 65 years. Also Jean Gordon his spouse who died November 12th 1796 aged 81 years. Also Margaret Halliday who died May 1816 aged 64 years. Adam Hanning the erector died Aug. 1825 aged 75 years.

Erected by John and Adam Hanning their sons. [N.B. Hanning could be Haining]
95In memory of Mary Connel who died 15 Feb’y. 1813 aged 64 years. Hugh Henry her husband who died in Lagg 30 Oct’r. 1825 aged 76 years. James Henry their son who died 12th Febr’y. 1826 aged 43 years. Samuel Henry is son who died 14th March 1827 aged 3 years. Jean Henry his daughter who died 17th March 1827 aged 5 years. Mary Henry his daughter who died 25th March 1827 aged 7 years. Elizabeth Henry his wife and mother of the said children who died 10th Feb. 1828 aged 36 years.
96In memory of Jean and John Birkett children of Thomas Birkett and Henrietta McNish in Gatehouse, Jean died 3d February 1815 aged three years and one month. John died 9th March 1816 aged one year and seven months. Also in memory of the said Henrietta McNish who died on the 10th day of April 1816 aged 31 years. And of the said Thomas Birkett who died on the 24th day of March 1835 aged 63 years. Also Thomas the son of Thomas and Agnes Birkett, died 1st May 1837, aged 3years. John their son died 11th May 1837, aged 5 years. Also in loving memory of Agnes Campbell relict of Thomas Birkett who died at Creetown 15 November 1880 aged 79 years.
97In memory of Anthony McNish merchant in Gatehouse who died on the 5th of March 1807 aged 58 years. Jean Clogstoun his spouse who died in the 16th April 1806 aged 62 years and 5 months. William McNish their son who died in the Island of St. Salvador on the 13th of July 1802 aged 21 years and 11 months. John McNish their son who died on the 21st of September 1791 aged 2 years and 5 months. Jean McNish their daughter who died on the 22d of January 1794 aged 1 year and 2 months. Henrietta McNish their daughter, spouse of Thomas Birkett who departed this life the 10th of April 1816 aged 31 years. Robert McNish their son, merchant in Gatehouse who died 13th Sept. 1827 aged 40 years.
98In memory of James Faed, who died 18 November 1843, aged 66. Also his wife Mary McGeoch who died 15 November 1866 aged 76. Also their third son William who died in Melbourne 1888.
99This stone is erected by Gilbert, James & George Livingstones in memory of George Livingstone their father who died Febr. 24th 1767 aged 62 years.

(Reverse) Angels head with wings over skull and crossbones.
100In memory of Alexander McClure my father who died in Gatehouse 23d Jan’y. 1814 aged 82 years. Ann Livingston my mother who died 20 Oct. same year; age and place. William my brother who died ------ John, Alexander and Johnny sons who all died young. John McClure the erector died 26 May 1847 aged 85 years. Margaret Brown his wife died 11 June 1850 aged 64.
101Erected by John, James, Robert & Alexander Gardiner, to the memory of Robert Gardiner their father, who died at Murrayton, 2d October 1818, aged 55 years. And of Janet Kirkpatrick his first wife, who died at same place, 3rd May 1807, aged 35 years. Also of William, their eldest son, who died 29th April 1825, aged 21 years. And of Thomas, fifth son, who died 6th March 1827, aged 11 years. James Gardner, one of the erectors, died at Waitaki, Otago, New Zealand, on the 17 May 1867, aged 56 years. Janet Hutchison, his second wife died at Killeron, 16 May 1870, aged 86 years.
102Erected by John Gardiner, in Murraytown in memory of Mary Galloway, his wife who died there 20 Aprile 1846, aged 39 years. Also their children, Elizabeth, John and William, who died in infancy. John Gardiner, the erector, born at Murrayton, 15 September 1805 and died there on the 18 December 1874. Also at Horatio Square, Gatehouse of Fleet, Mary, elder daughter of the above John Gardiner, born 6th Sept 1833, died 4th Feby 1910. Also at Castle Douglas Jessie, 2nd daughter of the above John Gardiner, and widow of James Gibson, Torrs of Kelton, born 6th Oct. 1835, died 13th May 1909.
103Erected by Robert Gardiner, Murrayton, in memory of Jane Foster, his wife, who died there 19th January 1876, aged 27 years. Robert Gardiner, the erector, who was born at Murrayton, 27th April 1839, and died at Ayr 2nd July 1891. Margaret Murphie, widow of Robert Gardiner, who died at Horatio Square, Gatehouse, 22nd December 1923, aged 85 years. Mary Waugh, his daughter, died 10th May 1941, aged 65 years.
104Erected by Alexander Rorison, commander of the brig James Rae of Liverpool. In memory of his father James Rorison who died 16th of July 1839 aged 48 years. Also of his two sisters, Mary and Jane who died in infancy.
105Here lyes the corps of Richard Murray late in Disdow who died May 10th 1759 aged 59 years. Also here lyes the corps of Margrett Murray his daughter who died May 16th 1760 aged 25 years. Erected by John Murray.

(Reverse) Two skulls and crossbones and two head of angels above.
106In memory of John Main who died May 25th 1770 aged 43 years. Also Elizabeth Martin his spouse who died June 6th 1790 aged 73 years. Also of John Joseph & Thos their sons. John died May 27th 1770 aged 9 years. Joseph died May 29th 1770 aged 9 months. Thos died March lst 1787 aged 27 years.

(Reverse) Erected by Rob’t & David Mains.
107In memory of Menzies Galloway, born at Lagg, 24 February 1818, died at Gatehouse, 28 July 1880.
108In memory of John Hainning who died at Barharrow, May 15th 1727 aged 36 years. Also Ann Michel, spouse of John Hainning. Grandson to the above who died in Gatehouse November 15th 1829 aged 57 years. Erected by Margret Carson his spouse and John Haining their son.
109Erected by Robert Bell, Merchant in Gatehouse in memory of George Bell who died in Dalmalin lst Jan’y 1770 aged 76 years. Also Mary Bell, his spouse who died 19th Jan’y 1809, aged 89 years. George Bell who died April 1 1791, aged 24. Also Margaret McKie his spouse, who died August 26th 1815 aged 54 years. John their son who died July 25 1819 aged 31 years. Also Jean Bell, sister to Robert Bell the erector, who died 2nd May 1830, aged 67 years. And, of the said Robert Bell who died [in Flerag] 9th February 1837 aged 85 years.

The erector William Bell died in Gatehouse 16 Dec’r 1825 aged 35 years. Elizabeth Bell his daughter died 11th July 1824 aged 2 years.
110To the memory of Jane Hanning wife of William Black, Farmer in Goatend, who died 12 August 1831. William Black her husband died 25 November 1849. Also of their children Elizabeth died July 1804. William died in infancy 1805. Robert died July 1808. William died in Jamaica 1827. Adam died in Canada in August 1852. Alexander died in Australia in July 1856. Jane died at Barlay, March 1892. John died at Barlay, June 1892.

Also in memory of the children of William Black and Janet Campbell, Jessie died 7 August 1851, Mary died 16 January 1852.
111Erected by Robert McG[aw] in memory of Mary McGaw his daughter who died 5th April 1863 aged 20 years. Robert his son died in infancy. Robert McGaw the erector who died 21st May 1891 aged 74 years. Elizabeth McDonald his wife who died 16 Nov. 1892 aged 75 years.

Also Peter McGaw, his father, who died 14th March 1849, aged 80 years. Jean Henry, his mother, died June 1850, aged 73 years. Ann McGaw, his sister, died 17th March 1862, aged 47 years.
112Sacred to the memory of Agnes Murphy, relict of Thomas Fowler, Merchant, Gatehouse, who died 23rd March 1870, aged 70 years. David, fifth son of the above, died at Glasgow 9th Oct.1874, aged 40 years. Ebenezer youngest son of the above, died 26th August 1878, aged 36 years. Robert McIntyre, born 24th Aug. 1889, died 22nd December 1893. Hugh George McIntyre born 15th Nov. 1891, died 28th December 1893. Louisa Agnes Fowler, born 4th Oct. 1861, died 26th October 1942. Group Capt. David Fowler McIntyre, A.F.C., killed in Libya, on 7th Dec. 1957, aged 52 years. Louisa Donaldson Fowler McIntyre, born 13th April 1887, died 23rd May 1983.
113Erected by John Fouler, in memory of Jean McHarg, and Mary Donnalson, his spouses, the former died March 14th 1789, aged 30 years. The latter died Sept’r 23rd 1822, aged 69 years. Also the said John Fouler, who died April 14th 1829, aged 84 years. Mary, only daughter to Thomas Fouler Merchant, Gatehouse, who died 5th Dec’r 1850, aged 14 years. Also the said Thomas Fouler, who died 15th March 1856, aged 62 years. James, second son of Thomas Fowler, died 21st February 1867, aged 40 years. John, third son, died at Leeds, 24th April 1867, aged 38 years. At Point Nepean, Australia, on the 7th Jan. 1869, Robert, aged 44, eldest son of the above Thomas Fouler.
114Sacred to the memory of Jane, the infant daughter of John & Jane McCartney, who departed this life 22nd of February 1820, aged 11 months.
Sacred to the memory of William McNish, in Lagg, who departed this life the 20th day of August 1792, aged 54 years. And Mary Minzies, his spouse, who died the 14th day of April 1811, aged 63 years. Also Minnie NcNish, their daughter who died February 2nd 1830, aged 37 years. Erected by their children.
This monument is erected by James Minzies, Esq., in memory of Elizabeth Gardiner, his grandmother, who died in the year 1792, aged 98 years. And of Elizabeth Sharp, his mother, who died 1st June 1790, aged 78 years.
Alexander Thomson, Inspector of Hospitals, died at Castramont, 12th day of May 1820. -------------.
118(Flat stone)
Sacred to the memory of John Thomson ---------- who departed this life 8th March 1810, aged 47 years. ---------------------------------
(rest of stone illegible)
119(Small stone) Illegible.
120In memory of Thomas Dalrymple, who died at Gatehouse, 3rd July 1877, aged 70 years. Also Janet McKinnel, his wife, who died 3rd March 1879, aged 69 years. Also James & Grace, their children, who died in infancy. Thomas Dalrymple, died 24th June 1893, aged 50 years. Janet Dalrymple, their daughter, died 18th Dec, 1922, aged 71 years.
121Sacred to the memory of John McTaggart who died at Boat-of-Rhone, 2nd April 1872, aged 90 years & 8 months. Also of John McTaggart his son who died at Boat-of-Rhone, 3d April 1852, aged 29 years. Also of Ann McMillan, his wife who died at Cardoness, 1st March 1881, aged 88 years and 10 months.
122Erected by Mary McConachie in memory of Michaiel McTaggart her husband who died in Geathouse March 1st 1778 aged 63 years. And also the corpse of Mary McTaggart their daughter who died August 25th 1790 aged 50 years. Also here lies the corpse of Mary McConchie his spouse who died the 15th of April 1799 aged 89 years. Also Michael McTaggart who died at Gatehouse 12th Nov. 1802 aged 51 years. Also Margaret Pollock wife of Michael McTaggart who died at Boat-of-Rhone 10th Aug. 1851 aged 92 years.

Also Elizabeth McTaggart wife of John Knowles who died 16th Sept. 1848 aged 69 years. Also John Knowles who died 13th Jan’r. 1849.
123Erected by James McMiken in High Croach in memory of Susan Douglass his daughter who died in 1813. Gordon his son died in 1814. Also his son Gordon in 1821 all in infancy. And of his son John McMiken Surgeon who died of yellow fever at Bonny, Western Africa 12th April 1837 aged 23 years. Also of his son James McMiken who died at Fort Hyderabad India 28th Dec. 1844 aged 30 years. Also of Mary Bell wife of the erector who died at High Croach 8th Jan 1845 aged 62 years. James McMiken the erector died at High Croach 21 March 1862 aged 79 years. Robert Jeffrey McMiken his son died at High Croach 23 April 1877 aged 57 years. Thomas McMiken his son who died at Gatehouse 31 October 1888 aged 72 years. Also William McMiken who died at Gatehouse on 7th July 1895 aged 75 years.
124Erected by Samuel and John Coltart in Tennessee, America, and Andrew Coltart, Antigua, in memory of their brothers. Thomas who died 9th Nov 1804, aged 1 year. Charles, who died 5th Feb 1818, aged 9 months. William, who died 19th Sept 1818, aged 17 years. Gordon, who died 12th July 1825, aged 17 years. Janet Carter their mother who died the 1st March 1830, aged 59 years. Emma Coltart, daughter of Andrew Coltart who died at Gatehouse 10th November 1838, aged 4 years. James their brother who died at Matagorda, Texas 3rd Sep 1839, aged 28 years. John Coltart their father, who died 16th March 1844, aged 78 years. Andrew, one of the erectors, who died in Antigua, 17th May 1855, aged 56 years. John, one of the erectors, died in Haywood County, Tennesse 15 March 1859, aged 63 years. Serg’t. J.G. Coltart Moffat 1871 — 1945.
Also Robert Coltart, Merchant, Gatehouse, brother of the erectors who died 24 Nov 1858, aged 53 years. Margaret Douglas his relict died at Kirkcudbright 2nd Aug 1873, aged 71 years, and is interred here. Samuel Coltart one of the erectors died at Huntsville, Alabama 16 June 1873, aged 79 years. Jannet, daughter of Robert Coltart, wife of William Moffat, who died 3rd Oct’r 1907 aged 68 years, and is interred at Bebington, Cheshire. Emma, second daughter of Robert Coltart who died at Kirkcudbright 5th Oct’r 1907, aged 67 years, and is interred here. John, son of Robert Coltart, died at Kirkcudbright on 4th June 1909, aged 61 years and is interred here. Georgina Douglas, third daughter and last survivor of the family of Robert Coltart, died 19th Feb’y 1910 aged 68 and is interred at Morningside, Edinburgh. William Robert, infant son of William Moffat died at Gatehouse 21st August 1830 and is interred here.
125Erected by Margret Clinton in Gatehouse in memory of John Clinton hir husband who died April 17th 1814 aged 42 years. And their children, viz:- Jane Clinton who died May 27th 1814, aged 3 years. Andrew Clinton who died May 30th 1814, aged 6 months. Janet Clinton who died June 11th 1814, aged 5 years. Margaret Clinton the erector departed this life 4th March 1843, aged 70 years.
126Erected by John McMiken in memory of Catherine McMiken daughter to John McMiken in High Croach who died Nov’r the 22d 1808, aged 14 years. Also William McMiken his son who died at the Parish of Newlands, Peebleshire 30th April 1811, aged 29 years. Also Jannet Smeall his spouse who died at Highcroach the 9th Jan’y 1812, aged 36 years. Also Gordon Maxwell McMiken his daughter who died in Highcroach the 11th Sept’r 1811 aged 23 years. Also John McMiken, his son who died there the 16th Nov’r 1811 aged 19 years. Also Margaret McMiken his daughter who died there the 2d of March 1812, aged 25 years.

Also Thomas McMiken son of the erector who died 28th May 1814, aged 25 years. Mary his daughter who died 25th December 1815, aged 18 years. Samuel his son who died 23d April 1824, aged 23 years. Jean his daughter who died 14th May 1824, aged 27 years. Jessie his daughter & wife of William Halliday who died at Kirkland of Kelton 27th December 1830 aged 27 years. Margaret McMichan wife of the erector who died at Highcroach 13th March 1833, aged 73 years Also the erector who died 27th October 1841 aged 96 years.
127Erected by John Clark in Drummuckloch in memory of his wife, Margaret Gordon, who died Feb’y 25th 1793, aged 55 years. Also his daughter, Margaret Clark, who died April 7th 1781, aged 6 years. And Nicholas Clark, who died Feb’y 24th 1787, aged 15 years. Also the said John Clark, who died 3rd August 1815, aged 76 years. Elizabeth Clark, his daughter, who died in Gatehouse, 12th March 1835, aged 67 years. Janet Clark, his daughter, who died in Gatehouse, 26th Jan’y 1847, aged 77 years.

Also lies here the body of Gordon Clark (son of James Clark) who died at Gatehouse on the 8th day of February 1814, aged 4 years. Also James Clark son of the erector and father of the above Gordon Clark, who died in Woodend of Anwoth, 3d of February 1839, aged 60 years. Also Marion Crosbie, spouse of James Clark, who died at Gatehouse, 22d December 1855, aged 71 years.
128In memory of William Hornsby who died 17 March 1868 aged 17 years. Martha McLean wife of the erector who died 3rd March 1887 aged 81 years. Robert Hornsby third son of the erector who died in Victoria Hospital, Glasgow 14th May 1894, aged 49 years, and is interred in Cathcart Cemetery there. James Hornsby, the erector died 27th Jan’y 1895, aged 83 years. Mary Hornsby wife of Alexander Tait, who died at High Street, Gatehouse 7th June 1927 aged 78 years. Erected by James Hornsby his father.
129Erected by John Anderson in memory of his wife Elizabeth McMurray, who died at Cally Lodge, 27 January 1865, aged 80 years. Also Margaret his daughter who died in June 1832, aged 25 years. Also Mary who died in infancy. John Anderson the erector died 14th Feb 1870 aged 89 years.
130Erected by Samuel McKean, Joiner, Gatehouse, in memory of Samuel McKean his son, who died in Gatehouse 3 March 1847, aged seventeen months. Robert McKean his son, who died in Gatehouse 21 Jan’y 1848 aged seventeen weeks. Samuel McKean the erector, who died at Gatehouse 13 Aug 1887, aged 70 years. Anne McKean his wife who died at Gatehouse 17 July 1896, aged 81 years.
131Erected by John McKean, Pul-cree, in memory of James McKean, his father, who died at Largies, 30th June 1829, aged 60 years. Jean Wilson, his mother, who died at Holm-Mill, Balmaclellan, 16th August 1844, aged 69 years. Jean McKean, his sister, who died at Largies, 22nd Jan’y 1838, aged 26 years. James McKean, his son, died 8th Dec’r 1837, aged four months. James McKean, his son, aged 11 years, who was drowned July 10th 1850 and is interred in Anwoth Churchyard in the same grave with his companion and sharer in the same sad fate. II Samuel 1.23 Also John McKean, who died at Drummuckloch 30th October 1874, aged 66 years.
132Erected by Alex’r. McKean, in memory of his father Alex’r. McKean, who died Gatehouse 2nd Nov’r. 1817, aged 50 years. And of his mother Janet Lewis, who died 22nd Dec’r. 1836, aged 73 years. Sacred to the memory the Erector, Captain Alexander McKean, who together with the whole of his crew was lost on the Coast of Newfoundland in the beginning of April 1837, aged 37 years.
133This stone is erected by Margaret Bell his spouse -------- and James Bell his son ------ of their father David Bell, who died at Gatehouse of Fleet April the 27th 1786, aged 58 years.

Anthony Sheunan who died 8th March 1807, aged 65 years. Also Jean & Mary his children.
134Sacred to the memory of James Kirkpatrick, Joiner, Gatehouse, who departed this life IV May MDCCCXXV aged LXXII years. Also Janet Gordon, his wife who died III January MDCCCXXIII aged LXIX years. And of their children, Elizabeth, who died VII September MDCCLXXXIV, aged II years. Mary who died XV June MDCCCV aged VIII years. William, who died X October MDCCCVII, aged XIX years. And Thomas who died at Port Maria, Jamaica, XXIII August MDCCCXX, aged XLVIII years.

In memory of Mary Bowerbank, wife of.James Kirkpatrick, Merchant, Gatehouse, who died XVIII March MDCCCXXIX, aged XLII years. Also of David James Kirkpatrick, Merchant, Gatehouse, who died II September MDCCCXLVI, aged LXI years. And of their family, Robert youngest son a youth of great promise, who died XV August MDCCCXXXIV, aged XV years. James Rae, their third son, who died at Castle Douglas, VII October MDCCCXLVIII, aged XXX years. Mary, their eldest daughter, who died at Gatehouse, XXIV January MDCCCXLIX, aged XXXVI years. Eliza, youngest daughter and wife of Malcolm C. Thomson, Merchant, Glasgow, died at No. XIV South Apsley Place, Glasgow, on II February MDCCCLIV, aged XXIV years. Isabella Bain, wife of Thomas.Kirkpatrick, Draper and grandson of the erector, died at Gatehouse,
XI May MDCCCLXIX, aged XLII years. Eliza, third daughter of Thomas Kirkpatrick Draper, died on the 29th July 1874, aged 17 years. The said Thomas Kirkpatrick died 22d Nov. 1885, aged 72 years.
135In memory of James Ramage Kirkpatrick who died 25th April 1920. Agnes Kirkpatrick his sister died 31st March 1929. Isabel Kirkpatrick died 24th July 1932. Mary Kirkpatrick died at Gatehouse 12 March 1945, daughter of Thomas Kirkpatrick & Isabella Rain.

[Thomas Kirkpatrick, Draper, husband of Isabella Rain, died 22 November 1885 aged 72 years.]
136Erected by Margaret & Jane Porter, in memory of Mary Cormick, their mother, spouse to William Porter, who died 7th Feb’y. 1829, aged 29 years. Also of the said William Porter, their father, who died 18th Nov. 1850, aged 61 years. Also their brother & sisters, John, Jane.& Mary who died in infancy. Also Ann, sister of the above William Porter, who died 9th Sept. 1864, aged 82 years. Also James, his brother, who died 21st Nov. 1871, aged 81 years.
137Sacred to the memory of Jane McConochie wife of John Murray, who died at Barhill, 3rd February 1857, aged 88 years. Also Susannah Murray, wife of Alexander McWilliam, who died at New South Wales, 15th April 1852, aged 41 years. Jane, youngest daughter of the above John Murray, who died in Millburn Street, Kirkcudbright, 22d January 1892, aged 80 years. Also Mary, his eldest daughter, who died in Kensington, London, 30th Dec. 1892, aged 88 years.
138Here lyes the bodies of James McMillan, tenant in Grobdel, who died Aug. 4th 1756, aged 62. And of Janet McMillan, his first spouse, who died Feb. 5th 1733, aged thirty, and also here lyes the corpse of Nicolas McNish, his second spouse, who died June 1778, aged 67 years. Also the corpse of Joan McMilln their dau’r. who died 1763, aged 23 years. Also Nicholas McConchie, their grandchild who died 176-. Also George her brother. Also here lyes the corpse of John McConchie, who died at Deerpark, Jan 1791, aged 56. Also [Mary McMillan, daughter of James and Janet McMillan, and wife of] the said John McConchie, died 6th Feb’y. 1810, aged 78 years.

Sacred to the memory of Grace Houston, wife of Hugh McConchie, Barhill who died 2 July 1817 aged 58 years. And of their children Alexander, died at sea near St. Helena 10 Jan. 1846 aged 29 years, John, died at Joliet, Illinois, U.S. 11 August 1853, aged 36 years. Also Hugh McConchie who died [in Glasgow 8 March 1860 aged 86 years].
139Here lies the corpse of Andrew Heron, who died in Hillhead, Jan. 26th 1783, aged 68 years. And also the corpse of James Heron his son, who died 17th June 1792, aged 39 years. Also here lies the corpse of Robert Heron, his son, who died the 4th of August 1793, aged 36 years.
140Erected by Alexander and Thomas Livingstone, in memory of Heugh Livingstone their father who died Dec. 5th 1770, aged 88 years.
141Erected by David and William Bells to the memory of Elizabeth Bell and Jannet Bodden their mother and Mary Goffog who died 1784 all spouses to David Bell their father in Highcreoch and also the corps of David Bell senior who died May 17 1790 aged 76 years. Also here lies the corpse of William Bell his son who died Agust 23 1793 aged 44 yrs.
142This stone is erected to the memory of the Reverend and Worthy Mr Robert Cooper late Minister of the Gospel in Girthon who died Nov.7th 1776, aged 52 years.
143(Flat stone) Illegible
144Here lyes the corpse of Samuel Gordon who died March 20 1762 aged 92 years also of Sarah Bell his spouse who died Nov. 8 1756 aged 60 years & also of Samuel Gordon their son who died Nov’r. 11 1744 aged 21 years. Also here lies the corpse of James Gordon son to Robert Gordon who died the 2 August 1780, aged 27 years. Also here lies the corps of David Gordon his son who died 1780 aged 15 months.
[Here lyes the corps of Robert Gordon in Gatehouse who died the 23 Oct. 1780 aged 64 years.]
145Inaccessible holly bush against stone.
146[Elizabeth Davitts wife of James Davitts died 23 October 1776 aged 40. James Davitts, husband of Elizabeth, died in Gatehouse on 8 January 1806 aged 72. Captain John Davitts, 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, and son of James Davitts, died 5 July 1805 aged 34 years. Mary Davitts daughter of James Davitts and wife of John MacWilliam, died in Belfast 8 April 1808 aged 41 years. Mary MacWilliam, daughter of John MacWilliam died 27 May 1817 aged 31 years. Thomas James MacWilliam son of John MacWilliam died 29 January 1809 aged 8 months.]
147Erected by James Rain in Townhead of Enrick and Margaret Christal his spouse in memory of their children viz, David Rain, their son who died in infancy at Barhill of Cally on the 2nd December 1808. And Jean Rain their daughter who died at Townhead of Enrick on the 24th July 1814, aged 16 years. And Alison Rain who died at Townhead of Enrick on the 6th March l8l6 aged 19 years. And Elizabeth Rain who died at Townhead of Enrick on the 20th August 1816, aged 11 years. Also Margaret Rain who died at Townhead of Enrick on the 4th May 1820, aged 17 years. The said Margaret Christal who died Cally Mains, 17 May 1817, aged 70 years. And the said James Rain, died at Townhead of Enrick, on the 23rd Feb’y. 1818, aged 71 years.
148Erected in memory of James McKenzie, who died in January 1835, aged 62 years. And of Barbra Credie, his spouse, who died in 1809, aged 35 years. Also Alexander McKenzie, their son, who died at Rochdale, Lancashire, 21st March 1833, aged 34 years. And of Elizabeth McKenzie, their daughter, who died March 1835, aged 36 years. Also of Charles McKenzie, their son, who died at Liverpool, 1857. And Alexander C. McKenzie, their grandson, who died at New Orleans, 18th September 1851, aged 32 years. Also James McKenzie their son, who died at Castledouglas, 25th January 1878, aged 75 years.
149Here lies the corpse of William Burney, who died at Cally [9th Aug] 1773, aged 69 years.
150This stone is erected by Mary Richardson, as the last tribute of respect, to the memory of her husband Joseph McNish, late provost of Gatehouse, who died April 11th 1828, aged 67 years.
151In memory of Alex’r McNish, who died June 15 1783, aged 65 years. Jane Romin, his wife who died Dec 9 1778, aged 65 years. Mary their daughter who died in hir infancy. Also Mary their daughter wife of William Hood in Gatehouse who died 27 January 1818 aged 65.
152Here lies the remains of Mary Burnie spouse to William McNish in Littletown, who died March 26th 1770, aged 70 years. William Nish the erector died at Littletown, A.D. 1775. John McGuffog, son-in-law to the erector died 1st May 1803. Jane Nish his wife died 5 May 1813. David Dryburgh son-in-law to John McGuffog died 27 Oct 1827 aged 43 years. Mary McGuffog his wife died 17 March 1858 aged 77 years. John Dryburgh son of the above who died in Liverpool 16th May 1872 aged 66 years. Charles Dryburgh also son of the above died 10th March 1878, aged 68 years. Agnes Naylor daughter of the above named David Dryburgh died in Liverpool 4 December l889 aged 82 years. Interred here. Mary Henry Dryburgh also daughter of David Dryburgh died 18 December 1891 aged 67 years.
153(Plaque on wall)
Memento Mori
Angels head with double skull and crossbones.
To the memory of the Revd Robert Gordon who was admitted Minister of the Parish of Carsphairn 28th Aug 1798 and was translated to the Parish of Girthon 24th Dec 1801. He died on the 23rd Dec 1817, in the 47th year of his age.

[ "Beneath this stone oh, Death too early thine, The Christian Sleeps, the Scholar Divine, His was the wisdom, pure and from above, Hope that exalts and Faith which works by love, Mild Social friendly generous and sincere, But ah too feeling for the world of care, Whose life whose Preaching even whose failings showed, Smiling of death, by long affliction tried, Amid his weeping flock their Shepherd died." ]
This stone is sacred to the memory of the Rev. Mr Robert Thomson late minister of the Gospel at Girthon who [was called to Girthon 14 March and ordained 11 May 1737, died unmarried] the 14th March 1758 in the 21st year of his ministry aged 48 years.
“He lived esteemed and died lamented by all who knew him. The pious Saint the Faithfull Friend the truely Honest Man in him all Join’d. “
Erected by Miss Mary Thomson his sister.
Beneath this stone are laid the bones of her who erected it.
156Erected by Isabella Carter in memory of her parents James Carter her father who died at Gatehouse of Fleet 16th April 1849 aged 54 years. Also Sarah Watson her mother died Bridge of Fleet, Gatehouse the 7th of October 1863, aged 64 years. [The erector] Isabella Carter wife of Robert Charnock died 13 December 1877 aged 38 years.
157Here lyes the body of David Wright who died the 11th of March 1798 aged 68 years.
158(Small unmarked stone).
159In memory of James Douglas late Provost of Gatehouse who died the 30th of October 1808 aged 70 years. Also Marion Lockart, his spouse who died the 20th of April 1810 aged 73 years. Also John Douglas their son who died [in the Island of Jamaica] the 12th of February 1815 aged 50 years. Also William Douglas their son who died in the Island of Jamaica 14 December 1815 aged 48 years. And James third son to William Sloan, bricklayer and grandson to the above who died in the Island of Jamaica the 21st January 1807 aged 20 years. Also Marion Jean his daughter who died the 20th Feb. 1814 aged 16 years. Also William John his son who died the 12th of January 1796 aged 3 years. Also John D. Sloan who died on his passage from Jamaica to London on the 4th August 1825 aged 32. Also the said William Sloan who died April the 9th 1829 aged 79 years. [Also Anne Douglas, relict of William Sloan who died 22 November 1830 aged 75.
160Here lyes Hugh McGhie husband of Jean NcKeown who died 20 July 1758 aged 32 years.
161Erected by William C. Walker, in affectionate remembrance of his sisters Mary, who died 17th October 1883. And Grace, who died 29th September 1893. Also William C. Walker, who died at Balmaghie, 19th December 1896 aged 63 years. Also Margaret Moore, wife of William C. Walker, who died at Castle Douglas, 4th October 1907, aged 76 years. Also Jemima Kain, wife of John Walker, who died at Netherthird, 20th Octr 1920, aged 59 years. Also Helen their daughter, who died at Dumfries Infirmary, 23rd July 1930, aged 36 years. Also John Walker, High Newton, died 11th Sept 1933, aged 75 years.
162Erected by Jean McMillan, in memory of hir husband John Carnochan late in Barley who died 1st April 1822, aged 78 years. Also Grizzle their daughter who died 4th Oct 1788 aged 3 months. Also Grizzle their daughter who died 13 January 1798 aged 8 years. Also Jean their daughter, wife of John Christie died 13th Novr 1822 aged 37 years. John their son died in Gatehouse 19 March 1824 aged 29. [Agness their daughter died 1 March 1828 aged 39. Jean McMillan the erector of this stone died 2nd May 1831 aged 77 years.]
163(Small stone)
In memory of John McAdam, late in Disdow who died March 28th 1761 aged 81. Also Mary McNae his spouse who died Oct. 30th 1760 aged 79 years. [Mary McAdam their grandchild] who died October 30th 1759, aged 18 years.
[Erected by Margaret McAdam in memory of her husband] John McAdam, late in Disdow, who died 16th Dec. 1792 aged 78years. [Margaret McAdam the erector died June 1812 aged 84 years.]

[William McAdam, son of William McAdam, died 8th December 1830 aged 20. His spouse Emma Griffin, died 21 May 1828 aged 20.]
[John McAdam, their son died in infancy. John their son died 15 March 1818 aged 26 years.. Margaret their daughter died 8 November 1821 aged 19 years. Martin their son died 25 October 1822 aged 28 years. Andrew their son died 5 March 1824 aged 19 years. William their son died 8 December 1830 aged 20 years. Alexander their son died May 1846 aged 33 years.]

[Martin McAdam in Disdow, husband of Jean Grearson and Barbara ----- died in Gatehouse 28(?) April 1831 aged 71 (?) years.]
165Small stone. (Illegible).
166Erected by George Turnbull, Forester, Cally and Barbara Ralston, his wife. In memory of their children, Hugh Lochart, born XI Oct.MDCCCXXX died XXIII May MDCCCLIII. Barbara Ralston born – April died ------ -------. John Turnbull, born IV Feb. MDCCCXXVI, died in New York, 111 May MDCCCLVIII. Thomas Turnbull, born III April MDCCCXXVII, died in
Devonshire XXIII Jan. MDCCCIXI. William Turnbull, born 8th July 1834, died at Northwood, Shropshire, 2 June 1861. Agness Turnbull, born 11 March 1824, died at Scarborough, Yorkshire, 1st June 1861. Margaret Turnbull, born 5th Dec. 1823, died at Scarborough 23rd April 1865.
167Here lies the corpse of Margaret McKil-ck spouse to William Dickson in Margray, who died April 5th 1764, aged 45 years.
168(Small stone against wall). Unmarked stone.
169(Stone against wall). Unmarked stone.
170Here lies the corpse of Alexander Gordon, late in Bushyard, died Jan. 29 1760 aged 58 years. And also George and James Gordon [his sons. George died July 20 1753 aged 21 years. James died March 22 1755 aged 24 years.]

Angel with skull and crossbones below writing.
171Erected by John Hyslop, Gatehouse, in memory of Mary McTaggart, his spouse, who died 13th May 1839, aged 35 years. Also James Hyslop, his son who died 22nd August 1831, aged 15 months. John Hyslop, the erector, who died 12 January 1854, aged 52 years.
172Sacred to the memory of Thomas Dalrymple, late surgeon in Gatehouse of Fleet, who died 1st November 1792 aged 36 years.
173Sacred to the memory of Samuel McMillan, merchant, Gatehouse, who departed this life 11 October 1835 aged 87 years. Elizabeth Brown, his wife, who died 22nd March 1812 aged 43 years. Their daughter Isabella who died 8th June 1796 aged 3 years. Isabella who died 30th August 1863 aged 66 years. Also William D. McMillan their son who died 26 Jan. 1877 aged 77 years.
174Sacred to the memory of George McMurdo late in Enrick who died 18 Nov. 1799 aged 81 years.
175Here lies the body of James McConchie late in Enrick who died July 1782 aged 63 years. Margaret Logan spouse of the above named James McConoche died at Gatehouse Feb. 18-- aged 84 years.
176Erected by John & William Biggam in memory of their father Peter Biggam who died at Gatehouse 1 February 1853 aged 4- years. ------ Biggam his son, died 6 August 18-- aged 11 years. Jane Kennedy his wife died 10 July 1873 aged 65 years.
‘They are gone and the Grave hath received them, It was Jesus that called them away. They have gone to the Lord who redeemed them, From night to the splendour of the day.’
177Erected by Margaret McClure in memory of William McClure her husband who died 13th June 1797 aged 54 years.
178Erected by John Garraway in memory of William Garroway his father who died 15 February 1849, aged 88 years. Mary Coupland his mother who died 20 March 1849 aged 80 years. His 6 brothers and 2 sisters who all died in infancy. Also Robert Garraway his cousin who died 16th October 1835 aged 52 years. Robert his brother who died 17th March 1847 aged 46 years. Also the erector who died at Annan on the 21st of May 1875 aged 65 years.
179Erected by Thomas T.Clark in memory of Anna Maria Wood his wife who died at Clauchan August 27th 1910 aged 70 years. Also their children James, William and Edward who died in infancy. Maria Helen, wife of Frederick Bryan who died at Staffordshire, January 26th 1892 aged 23 years. James Allardyce their son-in-law who died at Girthon Kirk, February 25th 1899 aged 29 years. Thomas T. Clark, the erector who died 16th May 1917 aged 79 years.
180In memory of William Stodhart who died 29th March 1826 aged 55 years. And Mary Dickson his spouse who died 13th April 1831, aged 60 years. Also their grand-daughter Mary Jane Stodhart, spouse of Peter Dunn, died 5th Oct. 1874, aged 48 years. Also the said Peter Dunn who died 9th April 1886 aged 60 years.
181Erected by William Stodart to the memory of his mother who died 21 day of March 1792 aged 49 years. And also his daughter who died in infancy.
183This stone was erected by Janet Neilson as a tribute of respect to the memory of Charles McKeand her husband late postmaster and Chief Magistrate in Gatehouse of Fleet, who died 16th March 1831, aged 62 years. Also the said Janet Neilson who died 1st November 1853 aged 79 years.
“Highly respected by all who knew her”.
Also Isabella Palmer niece of the above who died at Gatehouse 13th April 1886 aged 87 years.
184This stone was erected by Saml & Willm Menzies. In memory of their father William Menzies, Merchant, Gatehouse who died 27th August 1818 aged 62 years. Also William and Robert his sons who died young. And Jean Thomson their mother who died 13th February 1844 aged 79 years. William Menzies one of the erectors died 24th Oct. 1875 aged 85 years. Mary Menzies their sister died 4th February 1881 aged 80? years.
185In loving memory of Samuel Walker who died at Gatehouse 18th Sept. 1878 aged 73 years. Also Elizabeth Booker his wife who died at Gatehouse 23rd Feb 1902 aged 88 years. Also William their son who died at Gatehouse 16th Feb 1900 aged 60 years. Thomas their son died 11th Oct. 1901 aged 70 years. Robert his son died 9th Decr 1903. John his son died 18th June 1904. Mary Stewart his youngest daughter died at Gatehouse 27th March 1932.
186Erected to the memory of James Blain late in Gatehouse who departed this life 23 May 1785 aged 72 years. Also to four of his children who were buried here prior to his decease.
187Here lyes the corps of John McGour late in Mill of Enrick who died June 11th 1741 aged 66 years. Also the corps of Margaret Carnachon his spouse who died March 1st 1747 aged 63 years.

(Reverse) Winged angel.
188Erected by his sons to the memory of James Dunbar their father died 28th April 1848 aged 75 years. Also Agnes Dunbar his wife and their mother died 19th May 1850 aged 64 years. Also John Purdie their grandfather died 13th Octr. 1836 aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth his wife died in August 1786 aged 27 years. Also Margaret Reilly granddaughter of the said John Purdie died 13th March 1840 aged 22 years. Also John Dunbar died at Carlisle, 15 June 1846, aged 36 years.
189Erected by Jean Stodhart, in memory of her husband, Robert Purdy who died May 22nd 1802, aged 53 years. Also their children viz:- Robert who died May 7th 1794, aged 3 years. Margaret. who died June 6th 1799 aged 1 year. Mary who died April 9th 1818 aged 24 years. Jean Hannah, spouse to Alexr Purdy who died Decr 26th 1819 aged 23 years.
190(Broken stone against wall)
[Erected by John and Robert Purdy] In memory of Elizabeth Purdy their sister who died Jan’y 5th 1794, aged 17 years. Also Robert Purdy [son of the above Robert Purdy] who died [July 17th 1796 aged 2 years and 9 months. Also Elizabeth Rowan wife of the above John Purdy who died 24th August 1795.]
191Erected to the memory of John Moor, Merchant, Gatehouse of Fleet who died 11th December 1831, aged 86 years.
“Respected for industry and integrity during many years commerce with his fellow citizens. The poet may be truly quoted here, An honest man’s the noblest work of God.”
192Erected by Hugh McKend late in Drumcleuch in memory of Janet McLachlan, his spouse who died on the 17th June 1825, aged 53 years. Also of Andrew and John their sons, who died 1817 and 1820. Also of Hugh their son who died the 23rd of Dec 1832, aged 26 years. Also of Alexander their son who died on the 4th of March 1835, aged 33 years. Also the above Hugh McKeand who died at Hoghill, Crossmichael, 15th May 1842 aged 78 years. Also Mary McKeand who died at Townhead, Crossmichael 28th Nov. 1893, aged 82 years.
193Erected by Mary McFarlane in memory of Margaret Carson, her mother who died at Hillhead 7th July 1854 aged 70 years.
194In memoriam. Thomas Kinna who was drowned in the Fleet 6 January 1849 aged 12 years. Also John Kinna who died at Swingbridge 21st Jan 1872, aged 22 years. Also Thomas Kinna their father who died at Gatehouse, 9th May 1877, aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth Dunbar his wife who died at Gatehouse 21st June 1885 aged 75 years.